What Is The Meaning Of Life? What Is The Meaning Of Your Life?

living a life being thrown aboutPeople need leaders. Need leadership.

“Most people spend their lives walking around with their umbilical cords in their hands, looking for someplace to plug in.”

Life for a human needs to make sense. It needs to have a coherent story to make sense. Life without a coherent story has no meaning, and a life without meaning is unbearable, intolerable.

People (you?) are in a continual search for meaning.

Meaning that changes with what’s happening is maddening, and confusing, and cause you to shrink. Instinctively and predictably. So REAL meaning cannot come from the outside…

frameSo, what is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of YOUR life?

I walked around for 60+ years without feeling that I had a home… I heard myself saying to myself: I want to go home… but most of the time when I said that I was in my apartment, so it wasn’t a place, it was a state of mind.

I didn’t actually know what it felt like, because I never felt at home anywhere… including my own skin. But once I connected to Source, I knew that was what I was looking for.

So, what does connecting to Source does? Is Source like a god? I Source out there?

Well, that I cannot answer, because I don’t know. I can only say, with authority, with certainty, what connecting to Source does.

57fa676620b2f709052787ebde794694Connect to Source connect your two halves, your inner and your outer, so you can become one, whole, complete.

When you are one, whole and complete, then you don’t need any outside guidance to know what is the meaning of Life, or what is the meaning of YOUR life.

Nothing outside of you can give your life meaning that is satisfying, that is fulfilling, that is nurturing, that feels like home.

This whole article came about because what I observe in a novel I am reading. One of the characters is an Islamic Jihad terrorist. He was addicted to drugs when an Islamic Jihadist converted him to Islam and enrolled him in the idea that the way to please Allah is to kill everyone who is not Muslim. Simple… and it gave meaning to his life. Looking at it from the butchered point of view… what kind of a life… right? But he ran with it, and he wakes up knowing what his life is about.

People, especially people who are miserable, or lost, addicts, and such are especially vulnerable to be given a purpose, to be given a meaning… they “need” it more than a regular person.

In rare moments though, even in the book, you can get a glimpse, a rare glimpse of the internal dissonance: Life and your Self doesn’t agree to this “given” purpose, to this “given” Meaning… so from time to time he is troubled…

It is not possible that a whole, unified person would consider killing another for principle… it is against the principle of Life…

iStock_000007286355XSmallConnecting to Source, thinking that it’s outside of you, that it is above you, that it is commanding you, is the wrong mindset to connect with: the purpose of connecting is so that you can connect to your Self…

The principle of Life in you…

No one with an agenda to enslave you, or to turn you into an adherent of them, a cult, a religion, a guru, is qualified to guide you to really find yourself.

One of my students: it took her about a 100 connections to get clear what the meaning of her life was: all your prior conditioning, all your Tree of Knowledge stuff, society, family, will be in the way.

Because between the two halves is the mind… entrenched, delusional, demanding… but it’s possible.

purpose-meaningIf you haven’t connected, learn how to do it from the videos. You’ll know when you are connected: there is a click, a satisfying click when your two halves meet up.

It is possible to also get the energy of connection in a remedy form. The energy infused in water is called Unification. It is not necessary if you regularly connect, whether you are doing it on your own, or while you are on one of those recordings… it works. You connect. And slowly the buffer between you and you goes away. Unless you perpetuate it by consistently denying your chance to change your reality.

Denying your chance to go home.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “What Is The Meaning Of Life? What Is The Meaning Of Your Life?”

  1. Hi Sophie –
    Is the Unification remedy made and available for purchase? If “no”, if I infuse water with the Unification downloads you’ve done in the group coaching sessions, would that create the remedy?
    Thank you –

  2. Touché! Thanks to your coaching, I actually am spending time practicing being with reality and practicing connecting. But your remedies are a great help, so if there’s a Unification remedy I definitely want to use it as reinforcement.

  3. Are you asking how I am connected to another person who is in a different apartment? read the article on being an empath… energies are not stopped by walls or ceilings. Or distance, for that matter.

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