David Hawkins Muscle Testing Vs. Muscle Testing While Connected To Source

david hawkins muscle testing unreliable David Hawkins Muscle Testing Vs. Muscle Testing While Connected To Source

I am getting a lot of questions about muscle testing. Most questions are about how reliable the test is.

Unfortunately, the way David R. Hawkins teaches muscle testing, the test is not reliable.

For years, I could ask one question and ask the same question two minutes later, and the answer would be the opposite. I would say that is not reliable.

When I started to work with Theta Healing, I found the same level of unreliability. Same question, different answers. Bummer.

I observed my chiropractor always come up with the same remedy to recommend: the one he got the most commission on. hm.

Then when I really connected to Source, the situation changed. Now I have complete certainty… except certain areas, the future, and other spying-like inquiries are not permitted me to access.

Today I claim that David Hawkins’ muscle testing works as long as you are connected to Source while you are testing, but doesn’t work reliably if you are not.

You see, most things you do come from the ego, or the name it is better known by, the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind, the 99% of the mind that is the iceberg below the water level. You only have access to the subconscious mind’s content when you watch your actions, and when, accidentally, you catch some evil thoughts.

Although your body is wise, although your body knows what is good for it, and what isn’t, in the split second that passes after the question, your subconscious mind overrides the body’s answer.

In muscle testing you really only have a split second window where the body actually speaks, and not longer. Time the muscle test to catch that split second is not easy.

What happens after that split second? the subconscious mind speaks.

If this weren’t the case, you wouldn’t reach for the chocolate, you wouldn’t stay up too late, you wouldn’t do the things that are bad for your body. You would be able to say no to the things that are bad for you.

But unfortunately, you won’t be able to get an accurate reading, unless you find a way to disengage the subconscious mind. 1

Muscle testing while in conscious, beta brain wave mode, 2 is very unreliable.

So the task is to disengage the subconscious, and the Tangerine Method of Connecting is perfect for that.

There are three levels of connecting, and the first level is already disengaging the ego.

It takes practice

  1. to be able to “multitask” while connected
  2. to be able to notice when the ego re-engages
  3. disengage the ego again to get a correct reading.

When you do the David Hawkins muscle testing, i.e. there are two people involved, the questioner needs to be in the Tangerine State, and the person muscle tested should not know the question their body is answering.

In the case of the David Hawkins muscle testing we are dealing with two subconscious minds, and it is important that both are disengaged.

The questioner disengages their mind with the Tangerine Method of Connecting, level 1, and they then ask the question in their head, without saying it out loud. The person tested then doesn’t know what the question is, so their body is free to express the truth.

The one-person way of testing, the way I teach it, requires only you to be in the Tangerine State.

In that state, if you are truly connected for about 30-60 seconds before you ask any questions, the fact that you are connected to Source, also means that you are connected to All-of-It, i.e. to another person.

To be truly connected to All-of-It, you need to be connected on Level Two.

It is understandable why. You are going to access the “database” of the most intimate details of another person. You can’t just barge in there, with your ego freely reigning… it would be a deadly world where you can do that, wouldn’t it.

You could cause death, destruction, and Source would never agree to that, never land you a hand.

So that addresses the last question: your intention.

This is not automatic magic, as David Hawkins muscle testing claims. This is a serious moral issue.

Unless your state of mind is “desire-for-the-sake-of-sharing” your results will be unreliable. 3

Remember, fundamental law number one is never take away from one to give it to another. Not stuff, not honor, dignity, freedom, love, etc. Not anything.

If the muscle testing is to decide a bet, there is a winner and there is a loser. If the muscle testing is to make someone wrong, look bad, then the muscle testing is not serving a higher purpose, and it will give you faulty and untrue results.

Now, how can you learn and master being connected to Source? The Saturday connection classes are perfect for that. I make you do different challenges while connected, which will prepare you to do muscle testing and get reliable results.

If you want to learn more about how to stay in the “desire-for-the-sake-of-sharing” mindset, please comment below. If I get more than 10 people requesting, I’ll create a webinar to teach specifically that, so you don’t have to wait weeks to get it.

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  1. Being drunk, being under hypnosis are such states, where the subconscious mind is disengaged, but “costly” both in terms of money and time.
  2. the brain states are distinguished by the number of cycles in the brain wave per second. When you are alert, your brain waves are fast. above 40 cycles a second. The next, slower, brain state is alpha, and you can do some good stuff it that. Theta brain state is where you are in the Tangerine Method of Connecting, it is a very slow brain wave, that you naturally are just as you fall asleep, or just as you wake up. It’s a kind of reverie, half conscious, half asleep. This is the brain state where your dreams are prophetic, and you are most in tune with the Universe.
  3. The opposite of the desire for the sake of sharing is desire-for-the-self-alone.

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