Emotional Healing… Emotions and Vibration

Emotional-HealingThis morning I was browsing the internet for sites that deal with the vibration of emotions.

I found a few, and dug deeper on one.

The website I found had a really good, high vibration piece of content, that I even felt worthy to put into a pdf, so it is easier to read on your mobile device. And if I am lucky, I can have the computer read it into an mp3, so you can drive while you listen.

The vibration of the document, which means its truth value is 600.

The person’s vibration is 170.

WTF, right?

So what must have happened that this is so? That a person with a low vibration of 170 published a piece of information that has a truth value of 600?

The issue, I believe, is that Mary Kurus (I have retested Mary Kurus, and her vibration, today, 12/22/2014 is 100 and the complaints against her are now many on the internet)

  1. Stopped growing herself.
  2. She is doing something that doesn’t work, i.e. she has a fraudulent practice
  3. Preaches something that she doesn’t practice.

This is the case with most gurus, by the way.

If you ever wondered why I write my articles from my personal work on myself, this is the reason. I don’t want to end up where most gurus are: low vibration, miserable, feeling like a fraud, waiting to be found out.

So I do the work. The work of self-awareness, of feeling my feelings, of catching myself, of digging deeper, of taking responsibility, or testing, testing, testing. Mostly on myself. Then on my bravest students. And only then I release a practice, an energy, a method for “public” consumption.

I don’t do anything, I don’t take anything that is not part of what I teach, except some probiotics, and going to a chiropractor who only does basic things. So I am the first to know if something stops working, or doesn’t work the way I say it should.

Ok, about the pdf: It is a comprehensive long article, the length of 7-8 of my articles, on Emotions. It is good, it has a 10% truth value…. It’s the best I could find.

It didn’t have anything I didn’t already know, but it saved me from writing for 6-7 hours.

It has b.s. in it as well… like angels, etc. But if you can take those as an imaginary entities, and if you can take prayer as asking your better self to come to assist you (the Unification Energy will make it easier, by the way. The testing is almost done, but still I need more proof that the results actually is noticeable for participants.)

download pdf

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