How To Muscle Test Yourself: Getting To The Truth

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muscle testing yourselfMuscle Testing Yourself accurately… the truth method of applied kinesiology

OK, I’ll tell the truth: muscle testing on yourself is easy, but muscle testing about yourself is not so much.

I teach the art and science of muscle testing in the muscle testing course, because this is the best tool ever to know things to do and not to do, to pick supplements, to do the right thing, for you.

But it is not easy, and I have never known anyone who does it right, or can teach it to others. Without the proper guidance you have a gun that fires all at the wrong time… misleading you.

In addition to the difficulty of getting out of your head and into your body, when you want to test yourself through muscle testing, you have the difficulty and awkwardness of the technicalities.

Let’s examine how to do muscle testing on yourself to get to the truth, for different type of questions.

Testing for a remedy, or anything that you need to touch or hold while muscle testing

Most people can’t connect to something through their mind. It is possible, in fact it is a built-in capability that you are born with. But just like empathy, acculturation, indoctrination into the culture of society has probably killed it. I don’t mean killed it dead… killed it like you would kill an application on your computer: you can restart it.

This article is not about how to re-activate an innate ability. This article is about how to go around the “dead” abilities and use the ones you are accustomed to use.

If you want to test a remedy, a supplement, a food, a garment, or anything you can readily touch, your challenge is to touch it and muscle test yourself at the same time.

I often resort to

  • holding the bottle under my arm and then muscle test myself
  • holding the bottle in my mouth
  • touching my elbow to the bottle while I muscle test myself
  • dipping my pinky while I muscle test myself

how to muscle test yourselfThe muscle test needs to be done without thinking.

You must be mindful that thinking activates the subconscious mind and then your results will be the opinion of the ego, instead of the feedback of the body.

For most people, especially if you are a man, this is not possible. You live in your head, and you can only get out of your head if you put yourself into an altered state.

The most effective altered state is the Tangerine State, and I teach that through online courses, videos, and I am available to test if you are indeed getting into that state.

I use a two-handed testing method. Chiropractors use a one-handed: I have tried it and I haven’t been able to tell the difference between a yes and a no, so it is not useful for me.

I need to get a clear yes and a clear no. If I get a weak yes or a weak no, I want to know they are weak, so I can ask another, more precise question: in nature most things are an obvious yes or an obvious no.

The other reason I may get a limp, inconclusive answer is because I am not supposed to know the answer.

Why would that be?

The reasons that I have so far distinguished are

  • the question violates privacy
  • the question conflicts with free will. Such are the questions about
  • outcomes of actions, prognosis for healing, death date, other people’s actions, etc. divination is not allowed in muscle testing
  • the question is the wrong question: it is ego based.

When I get an answer like that, then I dig deeper.

does X have cancer? limp answer
does X have cancerous cells? yes
is it possible to change that with diet? yes
is it possible to change that with supplements? yes
is it possible to change that with behavior modification? yes
is stopping smoking an effective method to stop the cancer? limp answer
is it a good thing for X to stop smoking? no
is it a good thing for X to start exercising? no
is it a good thing for X to go to a doctor? no
is it a good thing for X to take MMS? yes
is it a good thing for X to take 6 drops a day? no
is it a good thing for X to take less than 6 drops a day? no
is it a good thing for X to take more than 6 drops a day? yes
here you test for the number of drops until you get a yes answer…

Are you starting to get the hang of it?

Here are the criteria I have so far identified for getting accurate answers:

  • 1. Do the muscle testing in an altered state, preferably in the Tangerine State
  • 2. Empty your mind of all fear, all hope, all excitement, and become emotionless regardless of the answer. All emotions come from the ego. Our job is to disengage the ego.
  • 3. If possible, touch the item you are asking about while you are asking the questions
  • 4. Develop the skill to ask questions that clarify the answers so you don’t delude yourself.
  • 5. Refrain asking questions that are entirely ego-based, like your vibrational frequency, or any comparison. You will not get an accurate answer. The question comes from the ego.

In the second part of this article I will deal with the emotional states that you can ask about… and how to muscle test yourself about effective actions in that circumstance. OK?

In the meantime check out my method of doing the “mechanics” of muscle testing yourself at

PS: there are gadgets that are one-handed, like the original and the electronic trutester. You can try them. But the results still will depend on you and the questions you ask.

Keywords: Description:
muscle testing yourself muscle testing on yourself means: you pit one muscle against the same muscle on the other hand… they are the same strength if the answer is yes, and one is stronger than the other if the answer is no.
how to muscle test yourself correctly  the most important parts of muscle testing correctly are the mindset and the questions… not the technique. the technique is easy to learn
muscle testing course  in my muscle testing course, about six hours of instruction, I teach you everything I know. I also test if you are doing it right… even though the course is recorded. But I don’t let you be confused and be on your own…

and until you learn how to muscle test yourself, ask me to do it for you.

Ask me to measure your vibration

or just buy the muscletesting course

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