Your vibration and your world view… are you expecting to raise your vibration without changing your world view?


I watched an episode of House 1 last night. One of the characters says to Dr. House: “But you are not curious!” The bells went off in my head. That’s it! That moment suddenly made it clear to my why all my work has been ineffective with you, why you haven’t become an Expanding Human Being, in spite of your good intentions, in spite of all my articles, activators, courses… Your fundamental view of reality hasn’t changed, hasn’t changed at all.

You live in a world where you consider yourself a thing among other things. Where you and others have the characteristics of things: fixed, permanent, unchangeable and unchanged.

That is your world view.

You may not see it that way, you may not consider yourself a thing, but your speaking, your attitude, and your actions gives you away.

Because it is not so, because it is so off base from how it is, your vibration is very low.

Your vibration is a composite picture of you, your behavior, your command in life.

Your actions are consistent with your view: you see yourself as a thing, you act one way. You consider yourself a “conversation”, a “narrative” of a vibrational phenomenon: that is another thing.

You consider your future an unbroken continuation of your past… one thing. You consider every moment the beginning of the future… that is another thing.

You consider that what you know is true… that is one thing. You consider that knowledge is not a fixed thing, and the world is largely unknowable. That knowing anything renders you a thing… that is another thing.

Stupid gurus teach you that it is a belief system, but it isn’t

You try to change the belief you have about yourself, so you can change… that is so far from how it works, it is not even funny.

If you consider high vibration as the circle of what is true, what is so… everything you are being taught is miles from it.

You are told that your mood, your emotions are the essence of high vibration. Famous people like Dr. David Hawkins, Scientology, and everyone and their brother teach you that. So you work on your mood, you work on your beliefs, you cleanse your aura, you cleanse you chakras, you detoxify, you do this and that… you go to therapists, meditate, and you stay the same.

Why? Why didn’t all the work, all that effort, all that money manage to change you?

Because you behave like a farmer who bought a pear tree because it was cheap, but who really wanted a cherry tree… so every spring he pins cherries up on his pear tree…

Your emotions, your actions, your beliefs are the pears. You want cherries? You need to graft cherry stock into your tree (if this is botanically stupid, forgive me).

walk-through-wall-1A tiny change in your basic world view dramatically alters your mood, your emotions, your actions, your results, your beliefs, all the things you have been trying to change.

The activators are like enzymes: they make the change possible, but they don’t make the change.

YOU make the change.

Some of my students manage to see that if they continue speaking the way they have been, their life, their actions will be the same.

But is the new speaking coming from a new world-view? No. It is now cherries pinned on pear tree… the tree doesn’t sustain cherries, it only sustains pears.

People who are incredibly successful, the billionaires, see the world differently from you

They consider every moment the first moment of a future that is DISCONTINUOUS, that is created then and there.

They consider other people waves, not solid, not fixed, not obstacles.

They consider everything that is visible a mirage.
They consider everything that they know questionably useful in the moment.
They don’t care what other people think about them.
They are not here to look good, they are here to live with gusto, to be creators.

They had the exact same starting point as you. They just didn’t honor it as a thing… They didn’t spend their life wanting to be loved. They didn’t get pets so someone will at least consider them valuable.

They proved, with their actions, what they saw

Your action is always consistent with what you see. Always.

can-t-walk-through-wallsAnd rarely, some bold person runs through the wall proving that it’s not solid.

When you start questioning reality with your actions, your vibration starts to rise.

I know it’s not easy. But it’s the only way.

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  1. An American TV show featuring a doctor, called Dr. House. The character’s vibration is 300… I am not talking about the actor, the character, his behavior, his view of life…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Your vibration and your world view… are you expecting to raise your vibration without changing your world view?”

  1. Sophie, I had to read it several times. I see it. The whole reason i get upset and emotional is because I see life as things instead of seeing people as waves and looking at everything as a mirage. Really cool. Basically the way I see it is if I work with my own hands, create, innovate and focus on becoming a human being the rest “things” become as mirage.

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