Will The Geniuxole System help you to get smarter? Do you need a better brain?

get-smarter-wiredWhat is the difference between you and someone who makes good decisions, understands the questions and issues, and responds in a way that the response produces the desired result?

That is what smart is, right?

When I talk to people, or observe them interacting, what I always find is that some can keep their mind open, some can listen till the end of the question or communication, and some can’t.



get-smart-1The reason I use the word “can” instead of do, because they don’t seem to have any control over their machine. They are like a click-whirr automaton, springing into talking… no listening, no looking, instead: leaping.

If I interviewed them, and some of them I can interview, and I do, what is underneath that is a desperate desire to be thought of as someone who knows, someone who is smart, someone who is valuable.

The behavior of talking instead of listening and looking, makes sense to them. After all they need to fix that they are probably not smart enough.

It is a behavior that becomes a self-perpetuating, self-sustaining machine: you never learn, you never listen, you never change.

Your experience of yourself and your life is that you need to get smarter.

What is smart, really? You don’t know, but you hope that if you did something to your brain, or maybe even to your brain waves, then you would get more out of life, you would be called stupid (by yourself or others) less, and you could enjoy life more.

As much as I’d like that for you, the path and method you have chosen doesn’t work.

There is nothing wrong with your brain.

Your bad habits of not listening, not responding, not trusting, don’t come from the brain. Your brain, in matters of conscious, volitional actions, is under your control.

Although you never quite get rid of your machine (the Soul Correction could also be called your machine!) you can learn to choose, instead of going into automatic.

Anything that you do fast is probably coming from your machine.

Talking instead of listening, talking instead of being interested in what someone else has to say, is a fear based machine… and it keeps you acting stupid, saying stupid things, underachieve, even though your brain is fine, thank you very much.

So why are you still searching for and buying “brain improvement” devices, like Geniuxole System, like Lumosity, and any other mind-numbing, misdirected systems that are only interested to take financial interest in your misdirected desire to be smart.

Consider that the only stupid thing about you is how you behave!


dreamingspouse2I searched google for the phrase: “how to get smarter.” I found 371 million pages talking about that. It is an epidemic of feeling less than what life is posing as a challenge.

You brain is a perfect match to life, it is your world view, it is your view of yourself, it is your machine, it is your behavior that is preventing you from performing your best.

In my programs you have a chance to slow down and catch yourself.

Only when you catch yourself, and learn how to catch yourself faster and faster, that you will have smarter results.

There is nearly nothing that you can’t learn, can’t understand, with a clear mind, when you remove the distractions of the inner chatter, the outside chatter, and the business you have created around you.

Slow down. Give yourself time to take it all in. Give your brilliant brain to engage. Give yourself a moment or two pause to arrest the machine.

And then practice, practice, practice.

Instead of voodoo, like the Geniuxole System (Roadmap to Genius) you’ll use your perfectly good brain to take you to genius. You’ll be, at minimum, the one eyed king in the world of blind people.

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