Baby Steps To Big Dreams

Baby steps to big dreamsNote: I adapted this post using a salesy email I got this morning… I liked the questions… not the product… If it sounds a little bit salesy… I apologize. That was not my intention.

It is time to be brutally honest with yourself… just like spring cleaning, Passover cleaning, etc. You need to do a cleaning of your house at least once a year…

  • If life has lost its taste.
  • If life has gone hum-drum.
  • If you stopped really enjoying what is supposed to be enjoyable.
  • If the people in your life lost their beauty.
  • If food is only there to be eaten… but really who cares.
  • If you have become dutiful, duty-bound. If it is an effort.
  • If blessed sleep is valued more than your awake hours.
  • If being with yourself has become something to run away from.

tough-questionsWhen you wake up in the morning, there is no excitement. No joy. When the sense of adventure is something you read about, but you don’t have it.

I don’t mean that in the past few days, but you don’t really remember when it was last that you bound out of bed excited about life!

If someone asks you how you are doing, you may say: today was a good day… Allow an alarm go off in your head: you have been living in hopelessness, grasping on straws, living in hope that it will get better.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is it really worth it?
  • What do ‘I’ really want?
  • What is it that I have given up on but haven’t allowed myself to know it?
  • Am I in action for what’s important to me?
  • Are my actions taking me closer to what I want or further away?
  • If I had an extra 3-4 hours a day… every day, would I know what to do with it?

These questions may be quite painful to answer honestly, but when you do, after maybe crying for an hour or two, you will have some choice.

We, you, get so busy in life, doing stuff that we have to, doing stuff to pass the time, doing stuff for others, that we lose sight of what our life is about… and get depressed, rudderless, wasting our lives, wasting our life force on the mundane, on the irrelevant, on the escape.

When you are willing to ask such deep questions, when you are willing to sit down, get centered, and ask yourself

  • If what you’re doing in life is what you really want to be doing…
  • If you continued doing it till you die, you would die happy?

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself,

  • “Do I enjoy my life – day in and day out?”
  • “Am I happy with my job/career?”
  • “Does my life make a difference?”

Asking deep questions is powerful, life changing, and scary.

I have observed many thousands of people over the past 30 years in the context of considering a transformational program… in Landmark Education, and in my own programs.

  1. Statistically, most people that say yes, are in a transition period of sorts: recently separated, changing jobs, lost their job, children left the home, new marriage, etc.
  2. The second group, much smaller than the first, are people who are willing to shake it up, and cause a transition period.

Much like my favorite self-transformational tool: hitting bottom. Some wait until they actually hit bottom, others invent that this is the bottom.

Much like the man who is thirsty: some start to dig a well when they are already thirsty, while others have the foresight and dig a well way ahead of time.

One group reacts, the other group acts

The speed with which someone transform their life depends, obviously, on the attitude when you start: reacting or acting.

My coaching program has both groups very unevenly distributed, just like Landmark’s programs.

It is one-on-one coaching in front of an audience. And you can listen in as I coach other people. Totally NOT group coaching. Not teaching. No. Instead $200/hour coaching for pennies…

You need to be accepted. You need to buy my foundational tools and use them for a while before you can be coached. You have to have a minimum vibration

Many people, actually half of all that pay for it, never, let me repeat that NEVER come to the coaching calls. Boggles my mind until I visit them and find that they really prefer to stay the same, and act only when they are in trouble.

You may be different, one in a million. If you are, then the Elite Circle (Path) Coaching Program may be a perfect fit for you.

Getting brutally honest with yourself isn’t easy — but it can lead to self-discovery and maybe pushing yourself to higher levels.

This is a good thing 🙂 This is what allows you to grow. This is what brings positive change to your life and the spring back into your steps.

If you ask yourself these questions and you’re not happy with the answers, then consider…

That it’s time to make a change?

That probably something better waiting for you (right around the corner)?

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  1. Just to say Thank you that I am now able to read your articles on my mobile. I am so happy that I can access your guiding light and wisdom where ever I am. Just like this morning, I woke and can’t go back to sleep and the best thing I could think of spending my time is to read your articles and I am now able to do that… xo

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