REALMeditation: why should you meditate, and how to meditate to become powerful and raise your vibration?

concentrate-the-mind-on-theThe purpose of meditation is to be able to live in the present, powerfully. That is to say: not an experience, some some mystical “meditation experience” like you thought it would be. Meditation experience, if any, is the booby prize… and many fall into that trap… Clear indication that they went into some la-la-land, half-asleep, all mind-induced. I have students like this, they are miserable in their lives.

The purpose of meditation is to be able to live in the present, powerfully… and be happy, joyful, fulfilled… and all that lovely stuff you say you want.

What does it mean living in the present? 1

“Living in the present moment” is a buzz-phrase. It is easy for animals, because animals have no concept of past or future, but for a human that would mean, verbatim, to let go of the use of their higher faculties and be totally and 100% outward driven, completely and 100% living on the horizontal plane… which is the plane of the world, unsuitable for a human being to grow, or even know about their Self.

So given the current interpretation of what meditation should be about, what could be the true use of meditation?

We are dealing with world view questions, so buckle up, it is not going to be a simple how-to article, instead something deep and philosophical, and of course I’ll teach you how to do it as well.

Have I been able to scare you off yet? No? Then let’s continue

REAL Meditating, simply said: bringing awareness to something. Bringing the inner faculties to an issue or phenomenon. Awareness is an inner phenomenon. During calls, when I ask people to bring awareness, they try to accomplish that with their mind (I can feel it). The mind is not the organ of awareness, and can’t do it! The mind is a 100% outward tool. Like a shovel…

tree-rootsWhen you sit cross-legged, trying to empty your mind, clear your mind, blah blah blah, you are only using your outward faculties: shutting down the mind from the mind… how stupid is that? And that is what most people try to do under the guise of meditation… oh my.

Or alternatively you are putting your attention on something meaningless, like the mantra in TM, 2 but ultimately what you try to do is get rid of the mind’s activities. Why? Because you said, you say it’s wrong.

It is the wrong attitude to do anything from “it’s wrong how it is”

The attitude is resistance, it makes you tense, puts you in “should” and makes you stupid.

What holds the strings of the puppet-you is what’s wrong… not YOU.

In my opinion, in my experience, REALMeditation is your only tool to reclaim your power from the horizontal, from the world.

The world doesn’t want you to have power, and that world includes everyone, including your guru, your church, your society, your family.

A powerful person cannot be manipulated, coerced, forced to do other people’s bidding: they are their own person

So, as you see, the purpose of meditation is to become your own person.

So how do you do that?

Introducing REALMeditation…

First off, lay off the desire to empty your mind. To stop the thoughts. To change your feelings.

All that is manipulation, coercing and forcing.

You cannot use the tools of the world to manage your inner world. The inner world cannot be manage with tools that don’t belong there. The inner world has its own tools.

What are the tools of the inner world?

gentle love

None of those is common in the outside world. The pretense of them yes, but the actuality: no.

Distinguish Yourself

The first step is to distinguish yourself as not your body, not your mind, not your thoughts, not your feelings, not your future, not your present, not your past, not your history, not anything fixed, not anything fixable.

distinguishingDistinguishing is telling apart.

What you are telling yourself apart from is all the limited aspects of being, doing, feeling of the physical universe.

What we are going to call “yourself” are the unlimited parts of you. Not limited in time, not limited in space.

Distinguishing is not how we normally look at anything.

Distinguishing is concerned with the space around, and the boundaries of something. Distinguishing is the space between things, not the things themselves.

the understanding you lack is in between the things you knowIn the vase/faces well-known analogy, distinguishing is concerned with the space in between, the vase.

In the area of thoughts: it concerns itself with the space between thoughts, not the thoughts.

In the area of feelings: it is interested in the space in between the feelings.

The “worldly” look at things makes them fixed and permanent. It fixates the thoughts, it fixates the feelings.

It removes the most important element of reality: movement and therefore change.

This needs regular and patient practice.

In the beginning you’ll be able to distinguish the space around one or two things… eventually you’ll be able to have the whole world as space… when you have your eyes closed.

Then, from time to time you’ll be able to bring it to your life, even with your eyes open, even when you speak, even when you read, even when you fret, feel bad, afraid, angry, what have you.

You’ll be able to bilocate in your inner and outer world.

Zander Olsen_Tree, Line_002

The view from there is totally different: everything that happens while you are able to bilocate 3 is beautiful. I promise: I live there 99% of the time.

I move there when I stopped using the forceful tools of the outside world to the inner world.

This is why my anger dissipates in seconds, my fear dissipates in seconds, my anxiety, my worry, any feeling, including pain, dissipates or moves in seconds.

When anything stays longer than a few minutes, I don’t even have to muscle test it: I can be 100% certain that it is not mine: it is someone else’s feeling, someone who is making it permanent by their resistance.

gentle love

from the inside is the key. Trying to “do” any of those moves with your outside faculties, like your mind, results in pretense. That is the kind of pretense that lowers the vibration of all the gurus that I have observed.

That is the pretense that people are lead to bring about on rallies like the 2 million strong “meditation” session in Mexico City, the sermons by African gurus… everything to keep you out of your inside…

Meditation is your tool to start activating your inner and outer, so they can work together, and make you a whole and complete Human Being.

Although I love the new energy, Unification, it will not do much for you if you are not able to look at the world with the tools of the inner world.

This is what I am finding out in my test downloads: it is sowing my seeds on pavement: there is no fertile ground unless you are a meditator.

How long should you meditate? I don’t know. If I were new to it, I would start with my eyes open, so I can play with the space in between, the space bordering things.

I would definitely start with that.

Then I would start with about 30 seconds with my eyes closed attempting to distinguish the space between thoughts, attempting to distinguish the space between feelings, between organs, between emotions.

You wouldn’t throw your little child into the deep end of the pool without first teaching them the moves, would you?

Well, then don’t do it to yourself either!

Meditation can be just like swimming…

Will I ever have classes to teach this method, REALMeditation? I don’t know yet. Sign up to my list and I’ll let you know.

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  1. We don’t know what the Buddha meant, we only know that using the documented meditation techniques and other teachings of the Buddha, there wasn’t a person, for 500 years, who came even close to the Buddha in their power of living. So, I assert, what was written down, what is being taught is NOT what the Buddha did, or any powerful person who meditates. It is want you understood, or all the people understood.

    We live in a world where almost all the people that meditate escape into meditation because they are not powerful in life.

    The REALMeditation I teach in this article, I am not coming from any tradition: this is what I do, this is what works, so you can trust that if it doesn’t work for you, you misunderstood something, and then look for that: what did I misunderstand… it is part of this technique, by the way. Look for what’s missing…

  2. Transcendental Meditation vibration: 170, at least the level that most people are sold for thousands of dollars
  3. Bilocation is not what “psychics” say it is. Bilocation is being able to use your inner faculties while you live in the world at the same time. The two halves of the YOU are active at the same time, so you can be at your full power.

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2 thoughts on “REALMeditation: why should you meditate, and how to meditate to become powerful and raise your vibration?”

  1. Could curiosity be a tool of the inner world? I’ve been noticing that when I’m in the “reality nothing/everything” you coached me on, I tend to have a gentle curiosity about things.

  2. Yes, Kathryn, that is a good catch. I didn’t think of it because it is so normal to be curious, but at the same time, if you ask me to, I can see that most of humanity is resigned, complacent, and the first thing to go is curiosity. Good sign that the mind has taken over.

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