Fear is an opportunity to summon courage

Most of us treat fear as a valid indication, a valid guidance of what we should avoid.

Others never consciously experience fear.

I have done the “what’s missing” exercise this morning, while still in bed, in my head. I saw that what was missing that would make a difference in my life, right now, is courage.

Then I proceeded doing my day the way I have been doing it for the past month or so: No fear.

Then I had the thought that the fear we are talking about in the title only comes when we attempt something that is new, that has an uncertain outcome, where there is some choice.

In the past month or so, I have avoided putting myself into a situation where I would be afraid. All because I felt beaten up in the Amazon incident. Hah, gotcha! lol.

So, the missing being is courage, but the missing action is “challenge yourself!”

I have been pretending to work on a book on the mechanics of sleep. Finally a story-free, comprehensive manual to restore good sleep, restore creativity, mental sharpness, and making it worth living again for millions of people… potentially.

But I have been really avoiding taking it to a place of completeness, where I would have to put myself out there, and risk failing, again… lol. When I am looking at this, this way, it is actually funny… as in ha-ha funny.

Now, I have done that exercise with hundreds of people. None of them ever thought of looking deeper than “is the missing thing there or not?” skin deep.

I just took it one step further, and I got to some meaty stuff, that I could sink my teeth into.

In the distinguishing/Realmeditation article I am introducing a method, a meditation method, a method of differential diagnosis for laypeople, that I use all the time to be able to get to the heart of the matter.

To find the “stuff”, a behavior, an attitude, a habit.

In this case what I found that I have now habitually do stuff to fill my day that makes no difference, that is easy for me to do, and that comes with no fear.

Most people experience moments of brilliance, but are unable to cause them: they seem to be caused by outside forces: something happened, an insight they had as a result of something, someone said something…

Most people live their lives like the woman in my story of “Pray for rain” that I often tell in my webinars.

So, what is the “technology” of repeatable breakthroughs, repeatable moments of brilliance, and thus a successful life. Because, after all, a successful life contains a million moments of brilliance, not just a few notable ones.

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