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How you do anything is how you do everything

Today I had the insight of the century… It’s a potential breakthrough in creating Expanding Human Beings.

The source of the insight was a quote from Jim Rohn, “America’s foremost business philosopher.”

“Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you’ve got.” he said

inspirational-quote-change-jim-rohnNow, I am different from most people in that I didn’t just nod. I actually started to look what that quote meant about me. I looked how I have been being, so I have what I have always got, or worse.

I found that I was afraid. I found that I was hoping. I found that I was waiting.

Then I looked for what was missing. A way of being… a new way of being that I could invent, learn to be, and subsequently move my life in directions that were more in the direction I’d like my life to go.

After several trials, like nimble, etc. I settled on courageous.

That lead to an insight: I have, for the past six weeks, avoided putting myself in the position to be afraid. Even in my thoughts. Pure avoidance.

It is time to shake up my life, it is time to take steps that create massive fear so I can summon massive courage.

I need to make an outrageous promise, and then deal with the fear, deal with what I have to deal with to deliver on my promise.

In all the successful businesses that I’ve had, I used this technique, but I forgot about it… I went back to see how I was in times when I was successful and courageous.

I decided to sell a course I haven’t written yet. Then the promise to the people that buy it will make me actually do it… providing a counter balance to procrastination and fear: I have been procrastinating, and avoiding writing it.

Brilliant, I thought. It may work for my friend, maybe for everybody!

I tried to teach the method to a friend who needs something powerful to get him off his arse, to get the ball rolling.

Turned out he had no capacity to make a commitment. He habitually leaves the back door open, and all his initial enthusiasm leaks through there… fast and irreversibly.

The capacities of an Expanding Human Being

I have found that for an Expanding Human Being the capacity

  • to declare a commitment,
  • to stay with it no matter what,
  • to be able to lock the back door, and
  • to invent “So help me god” is mandatory.

It is also mandatory

  • to have self-discipline.
  • To manage your time effectively.
  • To be able to keep your attention on a topic long enough so it brings results.
  • To be good at restoring integrity

And it is very important

  • to love yourself more than you love others, than you love comfort, than you love having excuses or explanations.

But capacity is not enough. You have the capacity to exercise every day but you don’t. You have the capacity to read every day, but you don’t. You have the capacity to learn a foreign language but you don’t.

inspirational-quote-being-better-jim-rohnSo an Expanding Human Being needs to practice those above capacities and be good at it.

But how do you train these traits, these disciplines that make all the difference?

The way you forge steel from iron. Heat and pressure.

It takes time, and it takes staying with it. It takes a hard-ass to teach it, like me.

What should be the topic?

It could be anything, but it needs to be something that we can all share.

It could be eating, it could be exercise, it could be a lifestyle alteration that makes you smarter, sharper, easier to focus, have more energy, and sleep better.

I am going to choose teaching sleep mechanics or the mechanics of sleep… not because you want to learn it, but because it is an excellent area to practice, to learn.

I am not quite ready yet, I need to write a sales presentation. But the idea is ready… and once I am clear about something, I rarely stop… my middle name is “pitbull” because I don’t let go.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Expanding Human Being”

  1. Very helpful article. . These are some things I’ve been working on. To stay with something I started until I see results, prioritize things, manage my time, catching myself multitasking and so on… Thank you Sophie.

  2. I love the things you share with us and often times I understand, but this post made my heart sad because it really hits home. I am just like your friend and I can’t seem to change. I fear I will never have the courage, the capacity to be an expanding human being. I just can’t make myself do the work. I too get all excited about things and have all this positive energy to move forward and then one thing happens, I don’t get any noticeable results and I give up. It’s so depressing to watch myself repeat this same scenario over and over. The very definition of failure.
    Wow, sorry, that got a little too “woe is me”.

  3. Deneen, it takes energy to push through. You need to get your vibration to at least 150. That is the level where there is access to energy. Life force. What are you doing to raise your vibration to at least 150?

    Anger, rage would be really good.

    When you are in a “stable” relationship, a relationship you want to hold onto, you compromise, you give up, and it weakens you to the point where you live life like an anemic sick puppy… panting because life is too much struggle.

    Pull back your energies, don’t leak it through anything, texting, facebook, chatting, watching tv, sex… and start building yourself back up.

    You can do it. you have done it before.

  4. Thanks for the boost of confidence. I have done it before, but I don’t know what I did to get there. I feel so bored all of the time, but I don’t have the desire to do anything about it. I think I’m just plain lazy. I’m fulfilling what my parents always said. Why does it have to be so difficult? I mean I’m 50 years old, I should have figured it out by now. You said not to let it leak out through those things but what should I be doing? The only thing I truly enjoy doing is watching movies, tv. As for what I’m doing to raise my vibration, well nothing right now because I’ve been away from your sight for awhile, because I was busy with a new job. Job is slow right now so I have read a few more posts lately.

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