From My Correspondence: Empathy and Invasion of Privacy

 From My Correspondence: Empathy and Invasion of Privacy

Dear Sophie,

Thanks for following up with the book sale. However, I am very much confused with your statement ‘When I went to visit their bodies empathically to get clues, I found a mix of resentment and envy.’

Not sure what you are doing here. This is making me think now in different direction that you are capable of invading someone’s body without their knowledge!!! Correct me if I am wrong.

Love & Regards

Hi Bharati, great question.

From my language it does sound that what I do is intentional and invasive.

The truth is that it’s neither.

There are all kinds of ‘healers’.

Most of them see stuff. They need to go to your body and look either from the inside or the outside, and look what’s there.

Whether their intent is to heal or to interfere, isn’t important at this juncture. They need to initiate the ‘going there’ or entering.

And empath is different. I don’t have a choice. I don’t have control.

At any moment in time there are many people that invade my space, that live out their lives in my body, disturbing my peace, my concentration, my sense of self, my clarity of thinking, my transformation.

If it sounds like a complaint: it is.

All my life I knew the hidden agendas of people, the real intention, the deceit, the tricks, I didn’t know how. I always wished they told me something other than what I felt they were about, it was mostly so ugly.

It was driving me crazy, going from happy to sad to anxious to depressed to elated to literally giddy without any apparent reason.

Until about a year ago I thought of suicide about a hundred times a day, also for no apparent reason.

When I was asked about what I wanted I had conflicting ideas. I didn’t know who I was, what I wanted, what’s good for me.

As an unaware Empath, Other people’s feelings were running my life

Unless I was really busy, I wasn’t well. Unless I slept less than 5 hours a day, I wasn’t well.

Then someone told me that I was a clair-sensar. He made up the word: he meant empath. I investigated, and I found more and more proof that I could tell other people’s sensations better than they could. Their emotions, their frustrations. It was useful in coaching, but I was still miserable.

Until about six months ago, it never occurred to me that what I was going through, what I called the roller coaster, being jerked around, wasn’t my feelings: it was other people’s feelings felt like my own.

I started to pay attention and if a feeling had no reason, I muscle tested if it was mine. If it wasn’t, I started to look whose it might be. I always found the people I was closest to, the people with whom I energetically connected.

Once I knew the feeling wasn’t mine, I was ok. It stopped feeling like an urgent warning to do something.

I found out that I feel their feelings 100 times stronger than they themselves feel them.

The art for me is to be able to tell who is me and who is not.

Feelings are a guidance system, there for a reason. I want to travel my own path, and I want you to travel your own.

Many coaches coach from their own feelings, and send you down the wrong rabbit hole, where there is nothing in it for you.

Matryoshka and an empath: what do they have in common? Now, to the question you asked: I am always connected with you: you are one of my students. I don’t need to go out of my way to ask about your feeling, I just have to single it out from the 30-40 people’s that live in me, like a nested doll… Matryoshka, babushka and all. 2

If I asked how you feel about me, this question, about my book, did I violate your privacy? Maybe.

But you came to me to learn from me, because as an empath I can access an aspect of the truth only an empath could, and did…

I may not be pretty. I may not be nice. I may not be smart. I may not be all you ever wanted. But you wanted me to be an empath, because only an empath could get access to this method of connecting. And without that humanity didn’t have a chance.

Also, if I weren’t an empath, I would not be able to witness what the Light is doing in your body in a Healing Meditation.

Matryoshka and an empath: what do they have in common? Remember: anything not witnessed did not happen.

At this juncture, your and my other students’ capacity to truly witness is just above zero on a scale of zero to 100.

And if you can’t witness your healing then you won’t keep it up, you won’t learn to witness, and you will stay the same.

There is nothing sadder than a human being that stays the same.

You decide. If you consider me being able to feel your feeling a violation, then please disconnect, and I’ll do my best to ignore the feelings I get from you. So I don’t violate your privacy.

I also won’t be able to help you directly. You need an empath for that.

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  1. babushka is grandmother in Russian, and the painted wooden nested dolls start with the babushka on the outside, and in addition they wear a kerchief, which is babushka in English? something like that... lol
  2. babushka is grandmother in Russian, and the painted wooden nested dolls start with the babushka on the outside, and in addition they wear a kerchief, which is babushka in English? something like that… lol

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “From My Correspondence: Empathy and Invasion of Privacy”

  1. Dear Sophie,
    I am an empath and want to work with you.
    I want ot raise my bio-frequency by activators.
    The patterns of ethology gets connected and i am getting conclusions for many issues. I planned to write a book Self.Spouse and soceity.

    Best Regards,

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