What is your life about?

what-is-your-life-aboutAs I am getting closer and closer to see clearly what it is about my life that makes it enjoyable and what it is that makes it hell, I am getting more and more ready to train people to do what I do: turn their lives around on a dime… meaning fast and without much fuss.

The ultimate question I ask myself when my life seems to turn into crap: What is my life about?

Now, when someone asks YOU that question, you have no idea what to answer, so let me give you a few examples:

Your life could be about the LOVE of something
Your life could be about the HATE of something
Your life could be about avoiding something
Your life could be about achieving something

Depending on which category you put yourself, it is a happy life or an unhappy one.

Your life could also be about fixing something
Your life could be about surviving something
Your life could be about being right about something
Your life could be about comparing yourself with others

These are DEFINITELY categories that will keep you miserable.

Your life could be about your growth and development
Your life could be about other people getting better
Your life could be helping other people
Your life could be about how good and noble you are

defending your life movieDepending on what you choose, your life will be fulfilled or filled with c.r.a.p.

I need to choose and re-choose what my life is about, on average once a day. I do it on Sundays: I lucked out, I have a conversation partner who allows me to have my call about me and my life.

The exercise is not about what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s about what will make you impervious to misery.

And it is about choosing it, authentically, in your actions, frequently enough so you can stay impervious.

There is no high vibration without the right context.

What your life is about is context. Everything will show up inside that context, however small and however big.

Your current context, if you are reading this, is probably keeping you less than happy, less than you could be.

Your job is to understand the questions enough so you can look… and then look. Look, but not in your mind, but in your life, in your actions, in your emotions, in your reactions, in your pain and in your pleasure.

Look at least for one whole week.

Everything you’d say inside of one week is ONLY your mind talking.

What is your life about?

We’ll see who you are by whether you can hold onto a thought for a whole week… What’s predictable is that your attention span equals that of a fly.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What is your life about?”

  1. To judge by my actions, my life is about being a pretty good doorman, staying reasonably healthy both mentally and physically, writing poems and songs and performing them, and giving some attention to what my mind is up to as part of my spiritual practice.

    The context is being a responsible human being, using my writing and performing to deepen my human experience, and trying to become an expanding human being by working with Sophie Benshitta Maven’s methods and teachings.

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