From my correspondence: How does the unconditional love activator work? Do I need to connect to Source? Side effects?

when we connect to Source, you are like diamonds in my crown: I know if you are there!

Hi Sofie,

I was not able to make it to the Saturday evening Connect To Source webinar at 6:00pm last week either. I will get up early on this Saturday to be in on the 6:00am webinar on 12/17/11. I feel I really need some direction and I do understand it is part of the program. I have been reading the books, reports, and articles on your website, They are very enlightening.

I have been listening to the Unconditional Love Activator tape. Today is my 4th day and I usually listen at least 2 times a day. Today, I am so depressed and have been crying all day at everything. I do not understand. Is this depressions and crying related to your recording? I am not normally this deeply depressed about anything. Most of the depressions does seem to revolve around a problem or issue I personally have. That is why I thought they might be related.

I would like to know if this is a common occurrence when you start listening to the Unconditional Love Activator? If yes, then I won’t worry and hopefully it will get better the more and longer I continue to listen. I do know that I have many issues with loving myself. I am hoping they are being worked on.

I look forward to being on the Connect To Source webinar of Saturday morning and completing the process.

Thank you in advance. I really appreciate your gift.


Hi Cindy, congratulations.

The “stuff” that you are experiencing is grief, suppressed. Not just yours personally, but centuries old. Grief over lost time, grief over all the hopes and wanting to be loved and not getting what you needed. Grief over not loving yourself. Grief over how life could have been, had you gotten the love you so badly needed.

When I got my own Unconditional Love Activator, at the beginning of the summer, if I remember correctly, I cried for weeks, and it was a healing cry.

So, please, allow the sadness to come up. If you really look, it is old hopelessness, not present. It is not new sadness, it’s old, and it is supposed to come out. You can’t start building something new on shaky and crumbly foundation. So celebrate.

After Maria had those elated experience, she also went into this releasing- old-grief-phase… Please forgive me for not telling you upfront: it is just hard to “sell a medicine” talking about the pain that you must re-experience.

Your cells releases toxins suppressed. Your soul’s grieving for all those years. It is a detoxification. Please drink a lot of pure water, and get enough sleep. It will blow through faster and with much less discomfort.

You are going to be a shiny new you… I am very very excited.

I do recommend that you come to the “Check your connection” Saturday meditation, because it is best to learn how to connect in a group. You’ll be sure, and you’ll feel the support of the group. And if you can experience the energy, the group amplifies the experience.

my crown of beautiful people connecting to Source I was teaching Andrea 1-on-1, because she can’t come to the group… but I am sure she will come to the class as soon as she can. The energy is stronger when “2 or more people gather in my name” than when you are doing it alone. And especially when you have me on the line where I can tell you, in real time, if you are connected by simply feeling you in my tangerine spot “crown” lol.

I am grateful to you. xoxo. Welcome to the thousand years of peace.

Thank you,

PS: Cindy did come to this morning’s Connect To Source webinar. If you would like to come, register here Connect to Source

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