When something isn’t working, doing more of it is not the answer


Summary: In my search for finding transformational methods, I have come to the startling realization that everyone I know in the business of transformation is doing the wrong thing, teaching the wrong thing, and thus helping the Dark Side.

In one of the episodes of the House MD TV series, Dr. House has a patient who is dying. After a lot of tests they find out that the patient’s father gave his son a graduation gift from his scrap metal yard.

The son honored the loving father by keeping the gift on his person all the time.

The gift, a highly radioactive piece of metal, kills him, and maims his friend who was exposed to the radioactivity on a long flight when he sit next to him.

Why am I telling you this story?

Because it illustrates one of the Dark Side’s favorite moves… (just think back to the Trojan Horse, where the gift contained the soldiers hidden in its belly…) You get your killing agent wrapped in gift-wrap…

So, what is the Dark Side’s favorite Trojan Horse?

It is: Telling you that the mind: understanding,  (that word, spoken or thought,) can make a difference in your life.

The power of your mind, positive thinking, think and grow rich, law of attraction, and other Trojan horses have set the future of humanity.

When I look at transformational programs, I see a move toward more and more intellectual, less and less transformational. And I see that people that participate in transformational programs, like Landmark Education, like Scientology and such have a lower vibration than the population in general.

It is not true, yet, for my programs, but only because I also use energies. But it is heading that way. Some of my oldest participants have gone downhill.

Why do all the program you take cause you to go downhill?

Whatever the course/program leader says, is going to be processed by the mind. The mind is interested in understanding. And the mind also consider that the ONLY purpose.

I got lucky: my development along the “normal” lines was interrupted and disturbed by me being learning disabled, and by me having to jump through hoops that a “normal” participant didn’t have to go through.

In 1987 I wanted to do the 6-day Course in Landmark. At the time it was called Werner Erhard and Associates.

My application was refused. I heard from someone, I can’t remember who, that if I am persistent enough, I’ll be accepted. I worked in New York City at the time. Every lunch break I called the 6-Day office and repeated my request. I called exactly 40 times, I tracked it. From Father’s Day till the end of September.

I must have been a real pain in the rear end, but I didn’t mind. In each call I got a tiny bit more of what was missing. I got words. I was to be able to tell the difference between thoughts and actions. I really thought that was obvious, so it wasn’t easy to pretend that I got it… They were listening for something I had no idea about.

vertical-rapelAt the 40th call I got lucky: there was a new person answering the call, and she didn’t know anything about me: she just filled out the application, took my payment, and that was that. Ten days later I was on the bus to Kingston NY to do my course.

An hour into the course the s-h-i-t hit the fan: the course leader called me into his office. He read my form, and I wasn’t supposed to be there. But instead of sending me home, he made a deal with me: I was to report to him every 2-3 hours, or I would be sent home.

Now, I have an admission to make: I just got the difference between thought and action this morning. Almost 30 years later. I mean I got it… all of it, all in a sudden.

Am I going to explain it to you? No, probably not.

You see, I got it because I have been living it: until something is action, no “getting it” is valid, all “getting it” is really an “I understand it” and is completely void of any value for your life.

I have been getting ready for this insight for a week or so:

Unless you learn through doing, you didn’t learn anything, you just made your mind more cluttered.

Learning is not “learning about”.

4fa568fbc0973ecc2ae5d758Learning is life altering. Before and after pictures show a whole different person. Before driving, after driving, before swimming, after swimming. Life alters through real learning, but doesn’t change a bit through mind learning, learning about.

I have learned and forgotten more languages you have ever known. I have learned and forgotten more professions you have ever known.

I like learning to do different things. I have my life organized around creating opportunities to do so.

That is the crux of being an Expanding Human Being… the next evolution of Human.

My programs, from now on, won’t be mind candy… they will be real learning.

To prime yourself for it, please read my article about observation, and volunteer to actually do the exercise in the article.

The next program will be around depression and sleeping. Ground breaking and probably excruciating… if I am any example: I have been doing it, and it is a killer… I love it.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “When something isn’t working, doing more of it is not the answer”

  1. Sophie, lately I’ve been recognizing when I am in my mind and when I am not. I couldn’t see it for a long time but now I catch my self in my mind all the time which I wasn’t able to do before. The hardest part is to recognize it and stop it or observe it and not to react to mind stuff. I see how creating a new context is so important but at the same time coming up with one sometimes is not that easy…it takes thought and action. Thank you.

  2. A, creating context doesn’t happen on the fly. Creating context is a design job. The best is to create one context for all of life… it is not easy, but it works. therefore you just return to the context of your life and that’s that.

    By the way, being in your mind is not a big deal, especially if you can see that you are.

    From there it is only one step to be in the observer while your mind is doing what the mind is doing, shuffling through stuff.

  3. Re: “To prime yourself for it, please read my article about observation, and volunteer to actually do the exercise in the article.”
    Do you mean the article from a couple of days ago (observe all your whining and complaints for a minimum of one week)?

  4. Hi Sophie, thanks I love reading “My Healing Articles” corner. . I am type 2 diabetic and I learned a lot reading your Articles.

    I would appreciate if you can reply to this question? Does Healing Code by Dr. Alex Lloyd really works?

    I learned it first from you many years ago (your online demo) and I have the book now but didn’t work for me? Thank you!

  5. Thank you Thelma.

    In my experience, just doing the codes doesn’t work. What may make it work is doing the inquiry and the observation that no one is willing to do… do you know what I am talking about? finding the incident, and releasing it?

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