Vibrational Review: Caroline Cory, Updated

Originally published December 12, 2011. I looked at it again, because Caroline Cory is presenting a multimedia event tonight… in NYC of all places. Reading her article on how to raise your vibration by connecting to Source made me puke…

So I retested her… and here is the original article, I only changed the vibrational numbers.

caroline cory and omnium universe Raise your Vibration by Connecting to Source Video

Raise your Vibration by Connecting to Source Video – Connecting To Source Meditation with Caroline Cory, This unique “Connection To Source” allows you to spontaneously raise your vibration, merge with yours

Quoting from here site: The OMnium Method, developed by Caroline Cory, is a revolutionary healing technique that allows the spontaneous alignment of the physical cells and the human energy field with the Universal-Source Frequency (beyond planetary and galactic) and provides an instant and permanent cellular reprogramming. This method essentially recalibrates your entire physical being to the Universal (Source) Frequency and allows you to return organically to your original vibrational blueprint that is healthy, whole, connected and properly aligned.

My vibrational review:  Caroline Cory’s personal vibration:  200 130.  Meditation: 245 190. Why so low? Remember that the number 1-1000 signifies to what degree you accommodate the soul to fulfill on its divine purpose. Soul’s purpose is to go from pure receiver to pure giver. Each soul is at a different stage of its development. Each soul picks a life-situation that is most challenging for it to perform this incredible feat of soul-correction.

It does the soul correction through you.

My vibration is at 930, because I have been working with my soul, hand in hand, for about 29 years, consciously, knowing the soul’s purpose, for 24, and knowing what the soul’s main correction is, for 10 years.

I listened to the meditation. It sounds soothing, but it comes from a place of wishful thinking. If and when you are NOT connected to Source and its energy, your requests in the meditation will remain unfulfilled. But guided meditation does serve you. Does it raise your vibration? Does it fulfill your purpose and the soul’s purpose? No.

The wording she uses at the end also belies that she has done no work on herself, or not much.

All in all, not recommended. But for comparison I want you to check it out… honestly.

PS: I just listened to Caroline Cory’s best viewed videos, “REMEMBERING WHO YOU REALLY ARE ” on

Utter disappointment to me (and to Source) is to know that people want and enjoy a meditation like that. Her picture, her knowledge of how it is is so minimal and so confused that she and her meditations do you more damage than not doing anything, staying with your current world view. Divine essence your a-s-s! Bah humbug.

A little knowledge is dangerous.

I think now I really need to create a video/webinar to set the record straight: who you really are. So you know. So your starting point is the truth, not some garden variety garbage.

Thank you Caroline Cory: I needed this push. grrrr

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  1. “Soul’s purpose is to go from pure receiver to pure giver.” I can see it more and more clearly. Actually, I said the words “I want to give” to myself for the first time earlier today and this sentence hit the spot.

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