When you are not growing, you are shrinking

bringWhen you are not growing, you are shrinking… and unless you feel you are growing, you are not happy… The most powerful mood-remedy is growth.

Do you ever wonder what I do when I don’t write articles? I often wonder about you! What do you do when you are not scanning my articles?

Every action you take can perform three functions from MY point of view:

1. It makes you grow: constructive action
2. It makes you shrink: destructive action
3. It allows you to coast, to stay the same

I ask the question: ‘is this action making me grow?’ About 10 times a day, especially when I suspect that I am either coasting or going backwards.

This includes conversations. Complaining, gossiping, blaming, arguing, chatting, complimenting, etc.

Or waking the dog, feeding the cat, worrying about them.

Or worrying about your daughter who drinks herself to death… or your best friend, or yourself.

The CONTEXT of the above inquiry is: growth.

But you could look at your actions in many contexts, for example “Is this about me?” or “Am I doing what I am doing from a place that is familiar, that I already know?” or “Am I tolerating what I do, and I do it in order to get something, or am I loving what I do?”

I have been in serious inquiry about what could make a difference in altering the course of human devolution… I am starting to get clear about how it happened, and how it is maintained by the Powers That Be.

I must have gotten really close, because the DS attacks on my body are getting really painful again. I feel that if they knew how they are giving me feedback they would probably stop attacking me… lol.

Until I am crystal clear, I am very hesitant to write down what I have found. But the inquiry is going well… every conversation reveals a little more of the pieces of the puzzle… It is a puzzle that no one has solved yet, and it’s been plaguing humanity for about six thousand years… when humans stopped evolving… and haven’t reached Human Being… aka Man…

Until the exact mechanism that takes humans off the path is clear to me, I cannot reverse the process that started 5-6 thousand years ago and has been maintained by DS ever since.

I am also testing my anti-depression methodology on myself… it is going very promisingly: I have gotten back my amusement, I am sleeping better, and I am breathing deeper.

So, to answer that question that you didn’t ask: I am doing a lot of work when I don’t write articles…

What do YOU do? Please share below…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “When you are not growing, you are shrinking”

  1. When I’m “on”, I’m pumped, enthusiastic. I feel growth. I feel excitement in participating, reading articles, making connections.

    Feeling great keeps my wheels spinning.

    When I lose the “walking on sunshine” feeling of growth, I experience withdrawal. Fear takes over. The feeling of failure is overwhelming. My mind dominates and hijacks my body. I completely shut down.

    I’m stuck in this “I failed mode”. I redirect my attention to focus on other things to feed my mind. I begin looking for apps to download, write long ranting emails to coworkers, sit in the dark with TV on while read articles online (that appeal to what I already know).

    This is a common pattern that emerges over and over in my life. Usually I run for the hills and never return. I constantly think about the articles, the coaching sessions, and Sophie.

    Just because I fail or shrink from time to time, the truth (especially in this process with Sophie) the notion that growth is still possible has struck a chord in me.

    Nothing is static.

    So, when I’m not doing the activities that facilitate growth, I’m shrinking for the moment (until I begin to grow again). It’s a process worth embracing when growth is awaiting. (context: growing)

  2. Great comment, I wish I have said it…

    I remember when I was a serial course junky: I was afraid to take my eyes of the course, because I was afraid that I would stop growing… But growing always means a cycle: intense effort, let-down, consolidation, gather strength, go for it again…

    Expecting things to stay or feel the same is silly, childish, and I lived in that most of my life. I am now able to see my “down” time with different eyes.

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