Updated: Reclaim your life. When your desire is low your Life Force is Low

reclaim your selfSummary: you don’t know who you are, you don’t have access your real desires because of a sinister scheme perpetuated… But it is time you reclaim your Self, it is time to reclaim you Life.

When you ask people to locate themselves, point at themselves, most point at their chest. Why? Because they feel themselves there: most feelings you feel, most emotions you feel are in the chest. Your breathing is in the chest. So it makes sense.

Others hesitate between their head and their chest.

As an empath I can see the discrepancy between what they show, where they point, and where the energy goes.

It always goes to the head, mostly into the forehead, but often to the space under the nose.

About a year and a half ago (Christmas of 2012), in a connection meditation session, I asked the participants to first locate their “Self” and then move it, at will into their hand, belly, and then the Seat of the Soul.

It lead to an amazing insight, an amazing meditation experience, the Avatar State audios, and then something that no one expected, the Self actually coming alive.

One of the participants had lived her life counter to her Self’s, her Soul’s desire: she lived a life of brainy, mental activities. She was unfulfilled, and frankly, not good at it.

She practiced that meditation as often as she could, and slowly, imperceptibly, her sense of Self shifted to where the Self shines, outside of the mind.

She started to use her hands as her tool for creation, and found joy, a sense of success, eager ambition, and fulfillment. When asked what produced the result, she clumsily said: Self. It’s taken me weeks to decipher what she meant: she meant that her actions are now feed by and coming from Self.

Something similar happened to me…

The key is this: move the Self… don’t imagine moving it, move it. Is it easy? I say yes, but unless your hand lights up when the Self reaches it: you didn’t do it.


What’s the problem with imagining it?

Imagination is a Mind activity. The Mind is a tiny fraction of the Brain, the computational machine. The Mind is trained, by the Dark Side, to think that it has all the answers, that it knows what’s good for you, and that it can do everything it imagines.

It takes credit for everything you do. It pretends that it’s the peak of creation.

It wasn’t always that way. In humans the mind has a very limited function: it is a storage and retrieval device, much like your computer’s hard drive. It doesn’t do any other computation: it stores, and compares.

It can’t tell if the information fed to it is true: it has no brain. It is a slave… who, with your help, became the slave-driver.

You are the slave. You carry out everything the Mind tells you to do… and live a meaningless, impoverished, life, that lacks energy, lacks imagination, lacks meaning, lacks joy.

The shifting the command from the Self to the Mind, created a world, where your joylessness, your quiet resignation, quiet desperation is just the tip of the iceberg, the part that shows.

It is just one of the side-effects of the takeover… that crept onto you like a slow disease sucking the life out of you.

This Mind-Centered Living is supported by the media, by gurus, by religion…

Why did it happen? Because a group of people desired to create a portal into you that can be directed as surely as a remote control… you’ll do that group, we’ll call Dark Side’s bidding.

Who they are? Does it matter? If you consider yourself a remote controlled vehicle, would you blame the hand that holds the remote, would you try to find the hand and cut it off, or would you change the channel so you can finally take control of your direction?

Most people that read this will opt to “kill them!” because it is hopeless. At your present state you wouldn’t get as far as your driveway… you have NO CONTROL, they do.

Horrible? I agree. Hopeless? I dare to differ.

If the handful of students that participated in that meditation could do it, then with enough practice you can do it too.

Or alternatively you can start to raise your energy with which you can claim your birthright…

Your energy is low… it needs to be raised. Systematically, consciously, and ongoingly.


Your Life Force needs to be kindled, awakened.

Those of you that has still a glimpse of who they could be, I am testing two methodologies that work best in combination.

Doing those methods restore your lost self-esteem, your energy, your connection to Life, your connection to Self.

Both methods are wicked hard. They are not for the quitters, complainers, weaklings. They are even hard for me, but not so hard that I would not do them… although for a year or two I could not do either…

It works faster than just the meditation alone, so if you want fast… I recommend the “Reclaim your Self – Reclaim your Life” program. This is a temporary title…

The program will start in about 5 weeks, and will go as long as it takes.

To qualify for the program, please send $7

To qualify for the program, please send $7

I will measure your vibration, I will measure your energy level, and I will measure how much, to what degree you live out of your mind… And I’ll also will tell you if muscle test says that you have what it takes to lift yourself up by your bootstraps… with the help of my energies, meditations, and this program.

This is a $70 value…

After you pay, please wait long enough that paypal has a chance to redirect you to the membership site I’ll use to communicate with you.

You need to register, and you need to confirm your registration, so watch your email, watch your spam folder.

This is to screen out the ones that can’t or don’t follow instructions… How you do anything is how you do everything: if you can’t handle this, obviously you can’t handle this program.

OK, go and get started. Find out what’s the truth about you…
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how-ready-are-youready-in-a-minuteI-am-not-eadyI will email you your results, and will sort you into one of three categories:
1. Ready… meaning ready to start tomorrow. I may pick some of you to do some test-runs to refine the methods… if you are willing.
2. Not quite ready, needs some energies before ready, but able. Whether you get those or not is entirely up to you. My job is to point out what you need… and your job is to make your own decision.

OK, go and get started. Find out what’s the truth about you…

This is a link to paypal… hope it works for mobile users, like ipad

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “Updated: Reclaim your life. When your desire is low your Life Force is Low”

  1. This sentence is not clear to me, does anyone else understand it? ‘In the sea of horror that this shifting the command from the Self to the Mind, your joylessness, your quiet resignation, quiet desperation is just the tip of the iceberg, the part that shows.’

  2. let’s add some rewrite:

    ‘This shifting the command from the Self to the Mind, created a world, where your joylessness, your quiet resignation, quiet desperation is just the tip of the iceberg, the part that shows.’

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