Your brain is broken… How long before you realize?


Ostriches Don’t Hide Their Heads in the Sand, humans do

One of the problems I see with any of the things that I teach is: they all require you to look. To get your head out of your arse, and look.

Get out of your mind and look. Look at your body, your feelings, your emotions, then look if that is true for you.

Ask yourself what you think… you’ll be surprised how different answer you get from that question than the dazed nodding machine that did the reading…

You’ll be surprised that you don’t know what to think. You are so much in receiver mode, that there is no brain activity at all… you put yourself into theta mode: no thinking, no filter, nobody home.

How you do anything is how you do everything.

Happy_Ostrich_is_HappyWith your head up your arse, meaning you are not looking at anything, you are hiding, your life is miserable.

Why? Because you are separated from life, you are separated from reality.

None of your actions have anything to do with what’s real. You are not using any of your higher faculties.

Here are a few examples I experienced this morning, pulling MY head out of MY arse:

  1. I have been “struggling” with finding a way to let you know that you can reclaim your life. Yesterday’s article produced a grand total of three people that were interested enough in finding out where they are to ask for their evaluation.

    Hm… Obviously I didn’t strike a cord with the rest of you.

    Now, one of the skills anyone in any business needs to have is to find out what resonates with people, what would make them interested in buying.

    I woke up this morning, down in the dumps… I can’t do it… the mind was crowing.

    OK, it’s time to head-removal-from-arse surgery, I said. and asked myself: Do I know what to do to find out what people resonate with?

    Once asked, I sprang into action. Instead of babbling about it, like a teacher, I sprang into action, and started to explore the field.

    Once you look, the stupor disappears. You can make yourself look by asking questions. Asking good questions takes skill and intelligence, but at this point you can probably ask any questions… and it will shift you.

  2. Also from today: I have little globs of desperation, little gulps of devastation jump into my throat. I am watching them like one watches the weather: I don’t have to get involved, I can continue what I am doing, and watch at the same time… you probably can too. I don’t think I have special skills…

    I ask the question (look, a question again, can you see some line of thought here?): Do I have a reason to be devastated?

    I look at my finances, I look at my body, I look around me, and I don’t see any reason for devastation.

    It must be coming from someone else. Who, I wonder. Anyone I know? I muscle test, and it is not anyone I know. Is it Dark Side transmission? Yes. Oh, how interesting! Is it personal, just for me? I ask. The answer is No… it is not geographical, it is for people who have a certain level of vibration, myself included.

    Why is it not geographical? A few more muscle tests: it is because they are already depressed… Hm. Am I depressed? No. This is my first official day of not being depressed.

I started the process 11 days ago. I just came out of depression. I still feel like I have jet lag, but at least not depressed, not dull, not spending most of my time in a stupor.

Excellent. My vibration is still lower than it was before the Amazon incident, by about a hundred points lower, but it will come up as I continue the practices.

These two practices I’ve been using reset my brain, reboot it, and remove depression at the root…

I am willing to teach it to a select group, as I said in my last article.

Removing depression, removing that blah feeling, removing hopelessness, removing that causeless dread, removing the inaction, indecisiveness, and doing the same old same old, in spite of the unhappiness.

Until you get that your brain is broken, until you get that your experience, your behavior are coming from an infected, malfunctioning brain, you will never get well.

It won’t matter how much Heaven on Earth you guzzle, how many positive affirmations you repeat, how many inspiring and uplifting sermons you listen to: your brain is broken and you need help.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Your brain is broken… How long before you realize?”

  1. Sophie, this morning as I was going about my day I was asking myself what is it that I am doing that doesn’t produce much results? I thought about looking and asking question, but to look I need to stop what I am doing and look, and feel it in my body and notice the change. One part of me was screaming you already don’t have any time to stop and the other part of me saying if I don’t stop and look nothing will change and that is what is missing. So today every time I felt like getting upset or felt an emotion chocking me I stopped and went to be alone to feel where it is, to ask questions and deal with it. I used your method of moving energy starting from the tangerine spot and moving it down and up the front through top of the head and the other one keeping attention at the spot where tale bone is and feel the energy going up through the chest. It definitely works. Especially asking questions that I’ve never asked myself before. Thank you.

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