Financial Freedom: Why Context is decisive, or why your gurus are fake, why they are miserable, and why what they teach is crap

Busting Loose of the Money Game

The Money Game 1

One can get caught up in the “money game” on any levels of income. You can even get hooked in its tangles before you make any decision about what to do with your life… as in inherited from your parents, or getting hooked on the perks money gave you through stuff your parents bought you.

No matter when and how you got hooked, you can unhook yourself and be financially free.

What does “financially free” mean?

Most people would make it mean that you have enough money to retire and live another 20-30 years without having to work. Others mean that you have enough passive income, where your money works for you and makes money for you, so you don’t have to have a gainful employment.

Financial-Success-quoteYour understanding of “financially free” is probably in the neighborhood of “I don’t have to change, I don’t have to change what I do, but I don’t have to work…” Oh yeah… how you do anything is how you do everything… You think the same about raising your vibration, right?

The first time I contemplated “financially free” at my very first exposure to “The Millionaire Mind Intensive” of Peak Potentials and T. Harv Eker.

Harv invited to the stage his marketing manager to share her story. She shared that when she did the course, she didn’t have two pennies to rub together, and she was in debt.

Instead of working more hours, trying to change her job, dreaming about schemes to make money, she chose to reduce her living expenses: she moved in with her married sister who lived walking distance from her job. She sold her car and used a bicycle instead. She gradually reduced her expenses, instead she paid off her debt.

At this point she had no debt, and her income was more than her expenses. She started to invest her surplus money (instead of buying stuff) and after a time her earnings from her investments covered her meager living expenses… She became financially free, she could choose to leave her job or continue working…

She chose to pursue a position doing a job she would kill to do, free or paid… with Peak Potentials…



woman-cutting-puppet-stringsShe got to a place where she would not do anything for money, unless it was the kind of thing that she would be willing to do for free.

She was financially free… and now all she needed to do is not to get hooked again by the allure of money, by the tangle of how it should be, how she should be.

Having to, needing to, wanting to, should… the elements, the ties that the Unconditional Love activator severs, so you can be free.

How companies or gurus get corrupted by the money game?

My first glimpse at corruption was inside Landmark Education.

Back in 1998 (I think) I participated in an event where they were publicly testing the company’s core declarations, the contexts inside which everything will happen for the next 7 years.

The part of one of the sentences: “… company here to stay” immediately filled my heart with grief. It sounds so uplifting, so inspiring to the money-trapped mind, but it is a sentence that was the context of Landmark giving up its edge, giving up speaking from a certain height of vibration, certain height of thinking, and started to cater to the masses, started to avoid controversy, they settled in for survival… that is what “here to stay” means.

They got rid of me, not once but several times, under that context. I am a trouble-maker, and they don’t want troubles, even when it is cutting their nose in spite of their face.

You cannot be free and a slave at the same time, they are mutually exclusive.



freedom-of-speech-freedom-of-speechYour guru who started her gurudom in hopes of dollar signs, or got hooked is doing now everything in the context of “here to stay”. Marketing gimmicks, hypnotic stories, tons of testimonials, manufactured results are all the sign of financial dependence, the having to, needing to, wanting to, and should make money…

And the ones that aren’t making money, or not as much as they would like to are worried, fretting… because the having to, the needing to, wanting to, the should are mighty slave drivers.

Are you ready to break for freedom?

The newest version of the Unconditional Love Activator doesn’t need you to be connected, and it can be infused in water so even if your vibration low, you can get it internally.

If you already have it, start bringing into your awareness, that it is all about cutting the ties to “needing to, having to, wanting to, and should” in every area of your life. Relationships, yourself, money, popularity, fame, being well-thought-of, and also what others should… or shouldn’t.

Without you holding the context, the activator has to work through the noise of your default context… and it may not even work through that filter.

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  1. the book, Busting Loose of the Money Game vibrates around 195… so it is not “the truth” but it may start you on the path easier than reading my “lay person” articles only.

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