Do your own thinking… but how?

stampede_african_cape_buffalo_herdYou need to do your own thinking. Why? 1 Because that is what it means to be human. Don’t know how? You are not alone. Schools don’t teach thinking, because it cannot be standardized, and because a thinker cannot be controlled as sheep.

Here are some methods of thinking, in bold strokes:

  1. One would think that if you sit by yourself and use the mind to reshuffle all the information you have consciously or unconsciously gathered, then you can do effective thinking, an maybe some people can, although the methods of doing this kind of thinking require a lot of writing.

    digging-for-goldYou have millions of pieces of information stored away, and to create combinations of them to find the solution to a thinking puzzle are impossible to do, unless you have someone or something holding the dirt… using the analogy of digging for diamonds. 2

    Another analogy we could use is the analogy of finding the match of a single sock. Before you can do that, you need to pair up most of the socks to eliminate the overabundance of irrelevant information. Time consuming, but it works.

  2. The second method is to use everything, what you read, what you watch, what other people say, what you blurt out in a conversation as potential triggers for the solution.Don't trap yourself the most courageous thing you can do is think for yourselfThis is a more advanced method, because you need to be able to hold the question as a context for all the activities that could trigger a solution.

    Not on the surface, like the dogged questioning of others… that is, in a way, giving up thinking, and dropping the job to other people’s laps.

    Dogged questioning doesn’t work anyway… the force of this method is like a tornado: it wreaks havoc, but it doesn’t go deep enough.

    The missing piece is mostly below the obvious layer, which is about 10%.

    Most people use 10% of their vocabulary, eat 10% of the foods they know, do 10% of what they can do at work, in sex, everywhere.

    This way of living gives you a 10% life. Not satisfying, not a profound experience… so they are looking for embellishments, something to put on top of that 10%, like decoration.

    My methods go deep, stir up the deep waters, and if you can stay with it, cause a more involved, more profound life to live.

  3. The third method is called inquiry. It is used to drive up the deep sea creatures closer to the surface so you can see them.Inquiry is a method that strives for seeing a picture instead of having a picture and finding the missing piece of the puzzle.

    I use inquiry… even the questions are not “top of the mind” questions. An inquiry can take hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades.

    You see a piece here and there, a glimpse, a whisper, a quickly disappearing hunch.

think-for-yourselfThe inquiry Buckminster Fuller engaged in for about 60 years: how to live on this planet in such a way that plenty is available to all.

My inquiry is more like the inquiry of an archeologist: what happened, when it happened, what was the delivery mechanism if any, that distorted human’s perception of the world, and brought “mine” and words as such to dominate and make people kill each other…

Animals, if I am not mistaken, don’t do it. They kill to eat, or fight to mate… but don’t kill for righteousness, don’t enslave each other.

So it must have been words… when, what words, and who said them.

Who and what perpetuates them is clear… but just like you can’t build a castle that will stand the ravages of the times, you can’t build a culture on the rotten, virus infested foundation of another culture… that is why in all revolutions against despots created a new class of despots: the leaders of the revolution…

All reforms left the foundation untouched… and made absolutely no difference.

This is true for groups, societies, and it is true on the personal level.

We need each, to dig down to the foundations and dig them out, so we can build a life based on real values, the values of a human being.

Just a little piece of the rotten foundation left, and your life and consciousness returns to the rotten place again real fast. I see it in the students that elevated their consciousness only to return to deep despair and low vibration fast.

Will I succeed in a lifetime? Probably not. Will I have success stories? Probably. Am I OK with that? Yes… Not resigned, not complacent, just accept reality as reality.

In every discipline there are a few people that have the ambition to become poster kids for what is being taught. I am looking for people that aspire to be poster kids… not just a little bit happier, a little bit more in tune… the whole enchilada.


  1. Don’t be a buffalo.

    When buffalo were still common in North America, Native American hunters learned a trick to hunt the herd animals. Buffalo don’t look up when moving as a group. In fact, if a few buffalo in a herd were startled into running, the entire herd would charge, even if most of the buffalo had no idea what they were running from.

    The Native American hunters learned that if they encouraged a few buffalo to start running towards a cliff, the entire herd would run off the edge. The buffalo followed the group thinking, and couldn’t stop themselves–even when it meant their own deaths.

    Although you’re probably not gullible enough to run off a cliff, it’s easy to stop thinking for yourself. It’s easy, because you don’t realize when you’re doing it. Thinking for yourself takes effort, and it’s easy to be tricked into going over the edge. quoted from

  2. When you dig for diamond, you dig a hole in the ground. After a while it is more work than makes sense to climb back to the surface to dispose of the moved soil… so you will just shift the soil around, and will never get to the diamonds. If you want to be able to dig down to the diamonds you need something or someone to remove the dirt from the hole. In coaching the coach is supposed to hold the dirt for you so you can continue digging… if you are willing to do your own thinking. Most people don’t. You dig for the truth the same way you dig for diamonds. More people get seduced by half-truths, making “an answer” “the answer” than you would think. Then they go out and sell it as the truth. And the ones that are too lazy to do their own digging, buy it and then they ask me to do a vibrational review on it… lol, not funny.

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