I don’t have time to think… it is easier and faster to just accept what others say

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you_don_t_have_enough_time_to_pay_attentionYou complain that you don’t have time, but you are lying. I am not saying you mean to lie, but you are lying nevertheless. You think if you had more time, you would do your work, but the truth about you is that you would fill that extra time with meaningless busy-ness, just like you are doing with what you already have.

If I observed you for a day, I would find that

  • you do a lot of things that you don’t need to do, that contribute nothing of significance to your life, or
  • you do things that take a lot of time to bring any return on your time investment or
  • you do things slowly, with no energy, half-assed, belligerently, ineffectively or bored, never considering doing them better, faster, well

boycottTEDxYou buy stuff, do stuff, choose stuff without any amount of real thinking… because you don’t have time to think… but if you don’t have time to think you also don’t have time to do the things you do right.

I had an interesting interaction today: a woman sent me a donation to muscle-test her vibration. It was 120, so my email said:

“your vibration is 120. too much fear — resisted”

Her answer was: Hi Sophie!
I’m not sure what “resisted” means but I completely agree with the fear thing. Can you help me with this?

I answered: You resist the fear, so it becomes permanent, that is what I meant.

Fear is natural, but it is a flash of fear, not the gut-wrenching fear you feel. What you fear is your “resisted fear”… takes over your entire body.

I can assist you with it, but you need to learn to let go, allow the fear.

You can start with the Heaven on Earth… I have a version of that on ebay, where I just started to sell, and therefore it has an introductory price, much cheaper than on my site. It is called there Sleep Rescue, it is identical to Heaven on Earth, just marketed differently.

https://www.yourvibration.com/sr-ebay or https://www.yourvibration.com/heavenonearth

it will weaken your resistance to any negative emotion

Her response was: I’m confused about what all this means. I’m new to this “energy” thing but isn’t our body naturally intuitive? Did my body reject what you were doing (or become afraid) for a good reason?

Recognizing what was happening I answered thus: When the body says no, it says it with disgust, not with fear

Please don’t buy anything from my site, I don’t want you.

Like her, you send off money to people to answer a question that you have never researched. You don’t know what it means. Then, still not doing the work, you talk offensive things at people…

manage-your-attentionIf you don’t have time to do it again… do it right the first time. If you don’t have time to have an email interaction for hours, holding the whole world up because you were lazy, careless, stupid, or just plain abusive.

I don’t mean to make an example of this poor woman who is crucified by her fear: I feel for her. But do you want to be her? That is where you are heading.

People order the Water Energizer, and have no idea what they bought.
People buy something but don’t wait for paypal to redirect them to where they can get what they bought.

Instead they complain… it must be MY fault that they didn’t do what they would be doing if they were qualified to be in this game of raising your vibration.

If you considered it your job to have a great life, your best approach is to take responsibility for your side of the story…

Here is a video clip to say something about responsibility, the way I mean it.

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