Want to be happy? here are the steps

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Happiness is a function of accepting what is. Life is like this weird rose… doesn’t look the way it should… orderly, smooth, safe, winning, beautiful, etc… Hard to accept, hard to even tolerate… Right?

What is accepting what is?

Accepting is saying yes to. You could also say: when you are accepting something, you give it permission to be exactly the way it is, and not be what it isn’t.

There is no “it should be different”, and there is no “it should not be” or “should not be the way it is.”

The first reality elements that you want to give permission to be are

  1. Give yourself a blanket permission to be the way you are, the way you look, the weight you are, the level of smart you are, the level of education you are, the gender you are, etc.permission-slipUntil you allow yourself to be who you are, what you are, how you are, you cannot be happy. But even worse than that: you cannot grow, you cannot change.When you try to change something that is “wrong” you are interacting with a phantom, not something that is real, but something that is not real.In real reality nothing is wrong. In reality things are what they are. When you can say that, with no anxiety, no emotional content, but simply and flatly: it is what it is… then you put down a brick to the path of happiness.
  2. Give yourself, in the moment, permission to feel what you feel… good, bad, painful… feel what you feel.Accept-Your-FeelingsWhen you feel angry, fearful, jealous, envious, greedy, spiteful, belligerent, give yourself permission to feel that way.The nature of emotion is to move and change. If a feeling doesn’t change, that is a dead giveaway that you are resisting it.What is resistance? Resistance is the physical manifestation of you having said “it shouldn’t be”.

    Another type of resistance is forcing. Forcing yourself (or others) to be in a certain way. It is as harmful as resistance, because underneath forceful or forcing is another should: “It should be in a particular way”

    Ineffective and blocks life, blocks energy, blocks the flow.

Blanket acceptance, for the most part, is what people try to teach, people try to practice.

But happiness comes from the moment to moment acceptance of reality: yourself, your feelings, your actions, your behavior, your attitude, whatever is “occurring” in the moment.

The delusion behind the resistance, the delusion behind pretending to be different, the delusion behind forcing is that if you resist something you are a better person.

I don’t know where it first came from this delusion, but it had to be taught to you it is so stupid that no intelligent person would come to that conclusion.

My hunch is that it was taught by Christianity, but I could be wrong.

yokeChristianity, based entirely on fabrication, the first invented religion, manufactured religion, 3 has had one goal in mind, to extend the yoke 4 of the Church on more and more people.

Yoke is control. You cannot control people who are intelligent. You cannot control people who believe in spirits or even gods. Spirits and gods can be friendly, change, be appiesed, even individually, but definitely as a small group… it isn’t a yoke that a bememot organization, like the Catholic Church would be able to control.

Happy people don’t go to church. Happy people don’t need a church. Happy people don’t go to confession, holy communion, etc. Happy people take responsibility for what they do and what they feel by giving themselves the permission to do or feel or think that way.

Criminals seem to give themselves permission, but if you were an empath like me, you would know how perturbed, how unhappy they are, like a pressure cooker… so no, people who give themselves to do, be, think the way they do, be, think, are continually adjusting their acts, their thinking to do or feel things that they don’t have to get conscious to allow themselves to do and feel.

Another area that if you accept it, moment to moment, is the environment, what happens, other people.

give-yourself-permissionYou cannot and should not attempt this area before you become masterful at giving yourself permission to be, before you can be with yourself and your actions without trying to change them, forcing or resisting any of it.

One of the ways the “church” makes you unhappy is by declaring that all your feelings are sins… thus not differentiating between thoughts and actions. And never allowing even a hint that you could take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, AND actions and reclaim your power.

The church isn’t interested in you having ANY power. Oh no, that is dangerous: a person who is powerful, self-possessed, self-directed isn’t going to live under any yoke.

So, if you are interested in getting on the path to become happy, what are your first steps?

I recommend that you start with your feelings. It is so elementary, that without getting good at it, all the following steps are going to be missteps.

Do you think it would be helpful to you if you could be in a group coaching environment, where it is all about the steps to become happy?

Where it’s all about giving yourself permission?

Let me know.

If there are enough people interested, I’ll put a happiness group together

If you are new, start with asking for your vibrational measurement. If your number is under 150, you need to start with energies: under 150 you don’t have enough energy to even do this simple task. https://www.yourvibration.com/happiness-base

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I’ll respond within a day, depending on my schedule.

Path Elite Circle members don’t need to apply: I will automatically enroll you in the program if I decide to run it.

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  1. all the previous religions were based on group beliefs that were innocent interpretations of phenomena people could not deal with, could not figure out what it was, could not figure out how to change, so they called them gods or spirits
  2. yoke is a tool to help you carry more burden than you are built for.
  3. all the previous religions were based on group beliefs that were innocent interpretations of phenomena people could not deal with, could not figure out what it was, could not figure out how to change, so they called them gods or spirits
  4. yoke is a tool to help you carry more burden than you are built for.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Want to be happy? here are the steps”

  1. Sophie, it’s unbelievable how much lightness and internal happiness I have by applying the principles you teach. Life didn’t change in the way of work, children, chores but yet internal life did. It’s just flows because I am not concerned with other peoples lives, their stuff, their emotions, pleasing them, giving them… It’s more of growing my self and being in control of my own life. I see results. This permission thing really hit home for me.

    Also, you are right on about Christianity. That’s all I remember growing up in a church – Control. They teach you that everything that’s in the world is wrong and the church is right. It’s wrong to go to a movie theater, it’s wrong to dance, it’s wrong to listen to their music, it’s wrong to read certain books and blah, blah…. Then I went to a Christian college to be even more brainwashed but all that time in my heart I felt that it’s all messed up and my heart always fought with my mind. I haven’t gone to church in long time and not planning to go back. Thank you for opening doors that I didn’t know existed.

  2. I was very thirsty all day after the Happiness coaching call, despite drinking lots of water during the call … I wonder, is this some sort of physical processing?

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