You are delusional, or maybe just a liar? Updated

liar3I observe people, I observe you. I observe your behavior, I observe your emotional state. Here is what I see with most of you:

You don’t trust anyone. You don’t trust me.

You also think that you don’t need a teacher, you have been so disappointed.

You are going to try it on your own.

You read my articles… sorry, precisely said: you misread my articles. Your actions therefore will be misdirected.



You_LiarYou sign up to my videos to learn to connect to Source. Thousands of you. Not one of you managed to follow instructions and connect and connect frequently thereafter.

You think there is nothing anyone can teach you, because you are… I don’t know… smart? You can tie your shoelaces without any help, and now you can do everything?

What I teach is harder than fixing a TV. It is harder than programming a VCR. It is harder maybe even than brain surgery.

But you are going to teach yourself, because it must be easy.

In checking in with my coaching students, I have found that each and every one of them misunderstands the instructions, and we need to correct and correct and correct… because your brain is not very willing to do the things you need to do, and your mind refuses to understand the instructions that would relegate it to a tool, instead of boss.

You are pretty dumb, if you ask me.

Just continue doing what you are doing, and it will get you exactly what it has gotten.

After all you didn’t mean to become a real Human Being, you didn’t mean to become happy… you were just saying it because it is in vogue… you just wanted to be hip.

Facebook is your home. It is a perfect fit. Pretentious, superficial, like you.

Congratulations. You found your home. It was a mistake that you came to my site.


Update: Are you a liar or “just” delusional when you make bombastic commitment statements that will lead to no action? Are you a liar when you promise to do a certain practice every day and the moment you get off the call your forget?

It takes energy to live a committed life. It takes energy to control your attention. It takes energy to observe (because observation means noticing, and you can’t notice if your attention is not there.)

It takes energy to do the work…

The reason I am putting up the “Happiness” program first, because that is the fastest and easiest way to release energy that is now trapped in resistance, pretense, judgment, and unhappiness.

If I find that the energy released is not enough to do the “Reclaim your Life” program, I’ll dream up another tier… It takes a lot of energy to reclaim your life.

If you want to find out if you have enough energy to “reclaim your life”, ask for the evaluation… one of the measures is whether you have enough energy to do the work.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “You are delusional, or maybe just a liar? Updated”

  1. Sophie, this post really fits me. My Soul Correction, Finish What You Started, is right in my face these days. I have not given up on my music or on my path with you, but I am not making meaningful progress. It’s a never-ending struggle to stay present and awake and not fall into bad habits or unconsciousness. I need more structure. I have not been connecting to Source, but I started again yesterday to meditate and (try to) connect. I would rather struggle and keep failing than to just be a professional loser. (That is, to just be stuck in my complaint and dissatisfaction and sell my complaints to other stuck people.)

  2. turn THIS (or any) complaint into a committed complaint… meaning that the source of the complaint is that there is a commitment in the background… i.e. a context. The moment you do that, you will experience an opportunity to recommit, and start over again.

  3. Yes, I will. I heard a radio interview with a man who overcame some major health issues with yoga and meditation. What I got was his determination to work through pain and to be present. My context is waking up and being healthy and having a real human experience. That’s all. Everything else is a scheme and an “in order to.” I know there is something beyond what is in my mind. That’s what I want to find.

  4. the more “and” I find in someone’s context the more I know they don’t mean it. You need energy to make a commitment and stick with it. The happiness program is designed to release trapped energies, trapped in make-wrong, trapped in resistance.

    In your case I would use the duct-tape method though: I think you leak energy through your mouth.

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