Your Internal Guidance System: How To Interpret Your Gut Reaction To Stuff?

gut-feelingWe all want certainty, we all want reliable guidance, so that we make less mistakes.

Muscle testing while connected to Source is the best, but too few of you knows how to connect reliably.

About 50% of the population gets a gut reaction to things… 40% in their heart, and about 10% of the population just knows.

But what do the feelings of the gut mean? This article is about the gut reaction… and how to interpret it.



whatisyourgutfeelingaboutitI just watched a sales video about a video making software, and my gut reacted really strongly. Then I compared what I felt in my gut to what muscle-test says…

One would expect a warm fuzzy feeling when the thing is right for you… wouldn’t you say? After all that is the feeling we associate with “yes.”

But surprise, when it comes to your gut feeling, it is exactly the opposite is true: your gut feeling is going to be “illogical”.

I have so far distinguished two gut feelings that can be trusted. Gut feelings, just like muscle test, can only do yes/no answers… answer a question… that is the type of guidance the gut can give you.

  1. Strong aversion, almost as tightening as if you had to throw up. The undertone is disgust. I use that when I do my shopping, it is less public than muscle testing. If that strong disgust feeling comes up, it means NO. When shopping for groceries, I have found no indication of yes, only NO.
  2. When it comes to buying something for my business, or doing an action that is risky, or causes my growth, the situation is quite different.

    The feeling now mostly like fear, anxiety. But to my surprise, that gut feeling is yes.

So why would I have a bad feeling signaling yes?

Because in issues of growth, the whole past is in my eyes. All the times when I promised and didn’t do it. All the products I bought and didn’t use. All the plans I had and didn’t fulfill on them. All the failures of the past are there…

The other aspect, the energy that made me break my promises, sabotage myself in the past, is fear of the unknown. Even if the future is beautiful, you are afraid of it. Even I am afraid of it.

I have found that it takes more courage to take a leap towards a positive outcome that is brand new, that is life altering, that I haven’t experienced, than taking no step, or even self-sabotage.

It takes more courage to take a leap towards a positive outcome than to step downward

Why would that be? After all we pretend that we want to grow, we want to experience happiness… wouldn’t you think so?

I think that the reason is that we avoid growing, avoid any action that could make us happy, is that we don’t trust that we are going to be a match to the new circumstance.

Why? Because all the past mistakes, all the past failures, all the past fears “prove” it to us that we are no good, not good enough, less than a match to Life.

So, what would you need to DO to HAVE a past, instead of BEING your past?

It is simple, but it takes work, and expert guidance. You need to complete your past.

Completing the past is tricky, especially because we are trained by society, we are trained by religion to suppress, to lie, to pretend, to sweep stuff under the rug.

Also, the same society, with its promises of instant relief, instant healing, and other b.s. have created an unrealistic expectation for us to get it right the first time.

Life is not anything instant… Life is a progression, life is a learning experience, life is a lot of small steps, some good, some bad, but it is always self-correcting.

In my coaching programs, people come with the unrealistic expectation to already know everything… and I have to “disabuse” them of the notion. The ones that can suspend the cultural imperative to be right all the time, start growing.

The ones that can’t allow their results to be their guidance, will drop out.

In the happiness coaching program we’ll also allow the past to be the past, so it doesn’t define your future.

One-on-one… There is nothing to learn. It is a program to free you of your chains, free you of your unrealistic expectations of yourself and others, so you can be free, in the flow, happy, and innocent again.

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