How To Activate Gratitude and Appreciation

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let's save little Sophie and her parentsGratitude and Appreciation

Most people are not able to be grateful for no reason. Or have appreciation for no reason.

Just test yourself: is there a because after you say a thank you, or I appreciate you/this?

There is nothing wrong, under a vibrational frequency of 299 it’s impossible, at or above it is still hard.

Just like loving for no reason is impossible under 540 (love or above) and hard above 540… just ask me!

So what does a savvy person do who knows that gratitude and appreciation is the key to the mindset of being attractive to wealth, health, and love? I will repeat that with different words: A person who knows that gratitude activates good stuff to come to them… how do they get into the vibration of gratitude and appreciation?

Simple and it works.

Example: real life story: 4-year old Sophie in San Diego, California, beautiful blonde girl, is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

How is THAT going to make a difference for you?

Peace of cake. You go and watch the youtube video. Short. You need it to be able to get the starting point right. No drama, no flashy tear-jerker, and yet.
Once you watch that video you can’t help but be in the position to give thanks for being alive, for not having to go through the agony of having such a beautiful girl and then have to bury her, for not having to pay for medical expenses, and whatever else you have that you would not have if you were the parent of that little girl. At least not for long…

We are doing an auction to help Sophie’s parents to keep her alive and maybe heal her. I am donating all my products, including coaching to help out.

If you have anything of value that you are willing to part of: please go to and let them know what you have.

Spread the word.

Make sure you put yourself into the vibration of gratitude.

There is not a better way to love that love someone who you don’t even know.

I am not kidding. The Universe will pay you back. It’s how it works. But don’t do it for that. Just do it.

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