Without integrity nothing works…

integrity-scoliosisI know you can’t feel anything, you have told me enough times. But if you considered that it isn’t true, that you feel, but aren’t conscious of it, that you suppress your feelings because they are unpleasant, then you could glean powerful guidance by your unpleasant feelings, if you could make yourself start to feel them.

Today I’d like to talk about the feelings that are like a ding, diiing, diiiing or a squeeze, squeeeeze, sqeeeeeeeeze. Don’t laugh, it is really difficult to create written symbols for feelings, music would be much better… but this should do. The feeling comes on sharply, and then it becomes dull, and duller…

You either feel it in your heart (that is where I feel it) or in your stomach. And yet other people feel it in the tightening of their throat. These are the three categories that I have distinguished, but it could be that you actually physically trip, feel weakness, or nausea.

We are going to hunt for feelings, but first we need to recognize them, so we’ll do an experiment first.

Find something that you started, intended to do to the end, and then you didn’t do it.

Make the “project” something that can be found in physical space, like you started to clean up the garage, you started to organize your book shelf, you started to organize your closet.

huge_eggNow, walk by the physical place, and feel what you feel.

You’ll notice that the idea of unfinished task is “haunting” you.

When you have a project in mind, the mind considers it a promise, and when you don’t finish it, or don’t complete it (finish and complete are not the same, as you will see later in this article!) it is a broken promise, a lie of yours hanging in the Universe, and until you finish or complete the project, it will haunt you.

If you have many broken promises, then your natural state is probably miserable.

Analogy: when I lived an unhealthy lifestyle (for about 45 years!) it was near impossible to find what is causing me to feel bad all the time, there were so many reasons.

Then I cleaned up my diet a little bit… and promptly I felt worse. Then I cleaned up my diet a little more, and I felt even worse. Then I cleaned up my work-schedule, so I had some time to live outside work, and I felt even worse.

Finally I got drastic, and changed my diet for the “real” caveman’s diet, started to add lots of oxygen to my body by doing oxygenating exercises, I started to clean up my emotional world, my integrity, 1 my relationships, and lots of other steps I now don’t even remember, and now I feel miserable only for seconds at a time.

You can start where you want, but given the state of “Tree of Knowledge” in the world, all advice about diet, all advice about exercise, all advice about relationships is bound to be wrong, so I recommend that you start with your integrity.

Two months ago I bought a bottle filling machine expecting my Amazon business to grow to justify the expense… two days later Amazon kicked out my remedy products. Then they returned to me about 300 bottles of remedies… I don’t need the machine. But this morning I fired it up because I am getting more orders on the Effortless Abundance Activator Remedy, most of them repeat orders, so it seemed a good idea to fill a bunch of bottles up: I didn’t sell the Effortless Abundance through Amazon, so I didn’t have them ready.

I filled four bottles, then I went and started to do something else.

Now, every time I pass by the machine, my heart jumps, not of joy, but of pain.

Until I finish or complete the project I started, I will feel the pain (guidance) or avoid it… not a chance. The bottle filling machine is next to my tea machine… and I am a tea addict… lol… thank god.

Now, as I promised, I’ll teach you a little bit about completing something you don’t have time or desire to finish:

  1. Completing starts with stating the fact that you promised and didn’t deliver on your promise. No guilt, no excuses, just the facts: I promised and I didn’t do it. Keep on saying it, reword it, until there are no emotions in YOUR guidance organ. Complete means that there is no thought, no emotion, no stuff hanging out, no unfinished business, nobody’s fault, no blame, no guilt, no shame. Like a circle, no parts missing, no dents, no breaks… perfect.
  2. Then, once there is no emotional response to the statement, say your NEW intention. You can promise to do it now, you can promise to do it later, you can promise to not do it ever. If you feel regret, sadness, etc. about promising to not do it, look and evaluate if you have the time, the skills, the need, the real desire to do it, or if your ego is just guilting you… 90% of the time it is just the ego preferring you feeling guilty than feeling good about yourself. Thank it for caring, nicely, and enjoy freeing yourself up.

If the project would really serve you, then recommit, but this time create a support system, a schedule, etc. to make it real.

Most of your projects are made at a whim, no thought, no real promise… just a quick thought.

One of your most important life-improving acts is to learn completing any project that you have going on, or stopped, and bring some consciousness to them.

Your fleeting thoughts, your whims, your thoughtlessness is killing you.

OK, I am off to finish my Effortless Abundance bottle filling project… lol.

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  1. According to Werner Erhart, Michael Jensen, and Steve Zaffron, “integrity for a person is a matter of that person’s word, nothing more and nothing less.” For Erhart and Jensen, a person’s word extends beyond just what is said. It consists of the following six elements:
    • What you said: Whatever you have said you will do or will not do and in the case of do, doing it on time.
    • What you know: Whatever you know to do or know not to do and in the case of do, doing it as you know it is meant to be done and doing it on time, unless you have explicitly said to the contrary.
    • What is expected: Whatever you are expected to do or not do (even when not explicitly expressed), and in the case of do, doing it on time, unless you have explicitly said to the contrary.
    • What you say is so: Whenever you have given your word to others as to the existence of some thing or some state of the world, your word includes being willing to be held accountable that the others would find your evidence for what you have asserted.
    • What you say you stand for: What you stand for, whether expressed in the form of a declaration made to one or more people, or even to yourself, as well as what you hold yourself out to others as standing for (formally declared or not), is a part of your word.
    • Moral, ethical, and legal standards: The social moral standards, the group ethical standards and the governmental legal standards of right and wrong, good and bad behavior, in the society, groups and state in which one enjoys the benefits of membership are also part of one’s word unless a) one has explicitly and publicly expressed an intention to not keep one or more of these standards, and b) one is willing to bear the cost of refusing to conform to these standards.

    When we violate our “word” in any of these six ways, we not are seen as less trustworthy and having slightly less integrity, but we’re also less productive–according to Erhart, Jensen, and Zaffron. They believe the link between productivity and integrity is not fully appreciated.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Without integrity nothing works…”

  1. Thank you for this article, Sophie. I found myself nodding my head ‘yes’ with each sentence I read.

    I notice fear when I read the steps you provided on how to finish a project I stopped, but there’s also a glimmer of hope and determination.

    You’re right that it is easier to be unhappy and stuck in the mud. I’m guilty of that, but I don’t want the rest of my life to be that way. Here’s to continued growth to becoming an expanded human being.

  2. Dar Anonymous,

    The term is “Expanding Human Being”, not expanded human being. What is the difference?

    The term you use is an “in order to get to some place where you don’t have to do anything any more” type of term, like retirement. It is one of the terms that was coined by the culture that makes humans sheep. It says that there is a place to get, and it is too much work to get there… It is similar to the term: Enlightenment. No such thing, sorry. At the same time: thank god.

    Expanding Human Being is someone who spends their life growing, expanding.

    What would you think about a tree that desires to become three meters tall, and then stop. That is the Enlightenment State for me, the tree would say, and then it would just stop growing, and start dying.

    Or what would you say if the seedling said: it is too much work to become a tree… I just want to stay a baby… and then, of course, it would die.

    Consider that first you need to purge your mind from the notion that one day some day you’ll become something. If in this moment you are not interested, then you are not interested, ever…

    If fear is a good enough reason for you to be dead then be it… RIP. It’s not personal, just a wake up call. Become an Expanding Human Being today.

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