Who Perpetuates The Culture Of Abuse, The Culture Of Measuring Man And Woman’s Rights Differently? The Men Or The Women Of A Culture?

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the culture of abuse Who Perpetuates The Culture Of Abuse, The Culture Of Measuring Man And Woman’s Rights Differently? The Men Or The Women Of A Culture?

This is a controversial article. People will be offended. Traditions rattled. But unless someone speaks, nothing will change. I am taking on the risk to be that someone… When I see something, I can’t just step over it… ok, kill me… lol

WTF are you talking about Sophie: of course it is the men! If women ran the world there would be peace… There would be love. There would be trust…

Wrong… please think again.

Who are the people we learn everything that we repeat, unconsciously, in life? 80-90% of it we learn from our mother. Or some other woman, a nanny, a wet-nurse, a grandmother.

And then, unconsciously, we play out the life-plan that these women implanted in our subconscious.

If the men of a society are vicious and cruel: you can make sure they were encouraged by their mother. I am not talking about an individual phenomenon: individuals get to be aberrated independent of a society’s or culture’s values. No, I am talking about the standard. The everyman. The norm. The normal.

How does that work?

I have been struggling with this for about five months. And this week I had an insight that finally sets things straight, however crooked they are… lol.

the culture of abuse I have been observing two cultures. I won’t mention names, if you don’t belong to them, you’ll feel ego-pride, if you belong to them you’ll feel ego-anger, self-righteousness, or ego-guilt… that is not my purpose with this article.

In both cultures boys are prized. They are treated by their mother as a prince. Spoiled rotten. And the future wife is treated as a competitor. Both cultures have a reverse Oedipus syndrome: the mother is the one in love. They claim ownership over their sons, and hate, gossip about, undermine their daughters in law. They encourage bodily abuse. They rejoice over it.

What is underneath it? What perpetuates this morbid behavior?

Ego. I didn’t have it any better, why should she? The same attitude towards another that allowed Rabbi Akiva’s 24 thousand students to die during the plague.

In cultures where a wife’s name is “shut up!” a wife will do what a wife can do.

These cultures share: the wife will give all their love to their sons, and will make sure that their son’s wife won’t have it any better than them.

the culture of abuse The commandment: “Love your neighbor as yourself” is designed to circumvent it, and it has not made any difference.

And who perpetuates the “evil” among us is women. Mothers. Who will stop it? Mothers.

Mothers, you are the power of the physical universe.

One of my jobs is to connect you to Source where you get the love you need, want, miss, so you can let go of “loving” your sons. So you can let go of being possessive of them. So you can let go of sending your daughters into torture and abuse, willingly.

If you recognize your culture, work with me. The world won’t be a better place as long as you perpetuate this evil.

The time to begin is now.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Who Perpetuates The Culture Of Abuse, The Culture Of Measuring Man And Woman’s Rights Differently? The Men Or The Women Of A Culture?”

  1. I like this article!!!!!!!! FYI, I asked God not to give me a daughter because of what I went through as a female at a certain point in my life. I have 3 boys and one of my dreams is to teach them to be the best husbands to their wives, and am sure I will make a good mother-in-law. lol

  2. well, i have four daughters, not sons! and two of them are abused, sometimes physically. have to say that i was never abused physically but very much manipulated & humiliated. to be honest i have a hard time trying to piece it all together. i am on my own now and ‘all’ my girls are ‘daddy’s girls’. but the biggest thing i see now is with my grandkids,,, and it’s not a pretty picture, especially the boys but also the girls.

    my heart goes out to all of them and i’ve given up wondering how i can make it better for them. do my best with loving & trying to understand them, but, jeez, it’s hard work! so i just focus on my grand kids and am grateful for the opportunities when i’m with them to let them know that they are loved hugely,,,, and that doesn’t mean that i don’t loose my rag with them either,,, but each & everyone of them are beautiful beings,,, hopefully they can cross that barrier of their environment and soar out of the prison we made for them by the way my husband was one of 11 boys in his family… and one girl!!!! relationship problems with all of them unfortunately,,,
    thanks for you ear 🙂

  3. No human can provide unconditional love. And no human can get that they are loved without connecting to Source and experience it. This is why I made the Unconditional Love Activator and this is why it is the bestseller.

    But as is with everything I teach, mixing a little into your Tree of Knowledge world view will make more harm than good.

    Please, Bernie, if you are a woman, then do not use a pseudonym of a man: you will be banned from commenting on this site if you continue doing so.

  4. sophie, my name is bernadette,,,, bernie for short,,, maybe that’s why i get all those emails in my junk folder trying to sell me enlargment pills:) so,, my name is bernie and i’m female,, no pseudonym

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