Can you remove the delusions from your view? Get smarter?

069-miscommunicationEvery day thousands of people search for methods to improve their brains, so that they can make more money, do a better job.

They find audios, exercises, videos, Geniuxole System bs., Christie Marie Sheldon blockage removal bs., Pam Ragland’s thought shifting bs., but they are not getting any solution to the fundamental issue why their judgment is off, why what they read doesn’t make a difference, why they make so many mistakes. 1

They think there is something wrong with their brain, but there is nothing wrong with their brains.

So what is the problem, that they don’t know to address, because they don’t know about the problem, they are only dealing with the results of the problem?

Miscommunication-CartoonI have written countless articles about this, and yet, no one is listening. I wonder what people hear when they read the articles that deal with this issue! I bet they are mis-reading it, or discounting it, after all nothing clues them in, that the problem lies in a natural phenomenon: the Mind is a gatekeeper.

The mind is not a monolithic phenomenon either, it has sub-minds, and each is designed to make the world easier to understand.

But your understanding prevents you from actually seeing the complexity of life. And even bigger issue is that your understanding gets fixed by the mind, and from that point on you can only see what agrees with your understanding.



miscommunication1You see A and the mind says it is B.

You hear someone say something, and the mind instantly translates it to something that fits what you already know. It changes the words to fit the puny understanding… and it prevents you to hear what would expand your world.

One of my readers read “Expanding Human Being” and heard “Expanded Human Being”. When I pointed this out, she didn’t believe me, she searched the site: she can’t be wrong, I must have made a mistake! I made sure that I didn’t make a mistake, because who knows, I have my own mind too, and thank god, I didn’t find any articles saying “expanded human being”.

Now, although the difference sounds minute, it isn’t minute at all. It is a huge difference in world view, and if you are like this reader, you won’t do anything to grow, because it is hopeless, it is too hard, it will take forever.

But just like with integrity, your integrity is “in” when you take actions to restore your integrity: the nature of integrity is to be “out”.

The nature of growing, the nature of expanding doesn’t have an end point, you can’t be expanded, you can only be expanding right now, or not expanding right now.

Same is the situation with “Enlightenment” whatever that means. You cannot be an enlightened person, you can be enlightened this moment, and this moment, and this moment… or not.

And, given the persistent nature of the gatekeeper, you cannot become someone who interacts with reality as it is, unless it is on a moment to moment basis: yes, no, yes. no.

This we inherited from our animal phase of evolution, by the way.

Cats rarely interact with reality, they use their memories to make decisions about reality, and consequently refuse perfectly lovely food, or lie down to an area that used to have fleas… Their world is slightly simpler, yet you can find many many ways they are irrational. You can see it, they can’t.

Your cat can see your irrationality: you are ridiculous! Really!

Not less than Don Quixote, the Spanish nobleman who fought the windmills as if they were giants.

You find windmills, you see things that are not there, you read things that are not that.

You can’t wake up alone. You need lots of feedback even for you to believe in the gatekeeper that makes sure your world doesn’t change, makes sure you don’t move forward.

Our coaching programs are the most inexpensive way to find out, regularly, what your delusions are, what your gatekeeper is doing to you.

You need many examples to create enough energy to attack this issue and reclaim your intelligence, reclaim your decision making ability.

Instead of trying to fix your brain, enhance your brain, etc., learn to remove the cataract from your eyes and ears.

The happiness coaching is a beginners’ program: you don’t even have to speak if you don’t want, you can just listen as I work with other people.


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  1. One of the proofs for the ineffectiveness of the programs I mentioned here is the misery of the people who deliver it: it doesn’t work on them, doesn’t work for them, they lose money, declare bankruptcy while teaching you how to make money: ridiculous, isn’t it?

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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1 thought on “Can you remove the delusions from your view? Get smarter?”

  1. The Happiness Program so far … (before anything gets started, breathing!) learning to feel, learning to accept, creating a context, catching your bs (which resurrects in ever more subtle ways), taking responsibility (the paradox of not taking it personally, but taking it personally in order to act meaningfully) … it’s really something. Amazing …

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