Soul Correction: Trust But Don’t Be Stupid!

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Soul Correction: Trust But Don’t Be Stupid!

The person with this soulcorrection has had a lot of disappointments, betrayals, and let-downs.

The behavior that has led to these experiences is an interesting one: the person with this issue pretends to only see what supports what they project. They pretend not to see the warning signs of setting themselves up to be betrayed.

It’s a game. Their hidden agenda is to prove that no one can be trusted, that they need to be alone, and lick their wounds.

They continue the game even while they are alone: they refuse to do any thinking, they assign their thinking to the person/persons that they want next to betray them, let them down.

What is there to do to stop this nasty machine to use your life? It doesn’t look simple, does it?

The first step to do is to become completely and totally self-driven and internally driven.

Find and catch the word “because,” and turn it around: be cause, become the cause. Learn to get the answers to your questions yourself and stop begging others to do your thinking and do your decision making. You are going to find it near impossible, but that is your work.

The second step is to practice taking responsibility for what you hold true, and speaking it when necessary.

You have a good mind, now use it.

Once you stop needing others, you can create relationships on an ‘equals joining for some purpose’ basis, instead of offering to be used, or using others.

If you want to know your own soulcorrection (great guidance!) follow the instructions on that page.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Soul Correction: Trust But Don’t Be Stupid!”

  1. yow. I think this is one of the songs that has been the soundtrack of life so far. But even when it hurts, it tells the truth. Continuing to keep reminding myself that no one else has the answer for me.. thank you.

  2. Dorothy, I see that you signed up to the Second Phase Activators. Great choice. That will catapult you. I’ll make sure I’ll teach how to see scarcity but not be involved. Be the example, be the inspiration, not the do-it-for-them, charity, keep them down person. Welcome.

  3. I was betrayed a couple years ago, by someone who didn’t even mean to betray me or know he was. Looking back one action on my part might have saved me that whole mess, and created a whole different one. I had no clue at the time that what I really had to do was remove whatever subconscious programs I have that stood (and may still stand) between me and love. I won’t pretend I know what they are or how to do so yet. But I have lost count of how many websites I have looked at trying to find a way to correct the problem. I might not understand my role in every betrayal but it is my responsibility to find a way to remove whatever pesky little subconscious mess is in me and put a stop to it. 2 years ago I didn’t know the true power of the subconscious mind so I would not have said that.

    I never took kindly to others making my choices for me. So when I found out about the biggest way of all that was done I was never going to take it lying down. I was determined and I still am to do something about it.

  4. you never do anything that there is no payoff from it for you. What is your payoff when you don’t look, don’t act, don’t have a foresight and invite disaster, betrayal, or a mess? What is the payoff? Unless you catch that, you’ll never wisen up or change your behavior.

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