What is the secret formula of accomplishment? Money, health, loving relationships?

from-little-to-bigSummary: In this article I am attempting to make the impossible possible, the unlikely likely… making great white sharks from minnows… 1 to awaken the spirit dormant within you.

There is a “secret” formula, hiding in plain sight… But you can only see what your societally established filters allow through. Let us see, if I can break through, and show you the secret, so you can, finally, start accomplishing stuff… instead of being a permanent failure.

Warning: don’t miss the footnotes: in this article they are especially important!

To get anything of value accomplished one needs

  1. work and one needs
  2. tools and skills. One also needs an environment (context) where
  3. one’s purpose makes sense, and seems possible, seems doable to the person intending the accomplishment.
  4. it is supported by the environment (context) and doable.
  5. And one needs other people that make it possible to do more than just take care of life, taking care of the basics of life, so one has time for an accomplishment, outside of the basics of life.

As you see, the reason you haven’t accomplished much or as much as you feel you are capable of accomplishing because one of the elements are missing for accomplishment.

  • No accomplishment is possible without an investment of work
  • No accomplishment is possible without commitment to the accomplishment 2
  • No accomplishment is possible without a context that supports it.

The order of priority in the above list is reversed: the real order of priority is

  1. context
  2. commitment both to the context and to the specific action/path
  3. work

Why? Context is a tricky word, it is like the wildcard of card games, it can stand in when the word is missing.

When it comes to accomplishment, the context is 3-fold

1. you must see/feel that it’s possible
2. you must see/feel that it is possible for YOU, i.e. you can make it happen
3. you must see/feel that your innards will pull for it till the end, and won’t shortchange you. You must see/feel that it is worth investing the commitment and the work to bring the accomplishment about.

Without those three types of contexts you will not be willing to commit.

  1. There are lots of things you see possible.
  2. There are even many things that you see possible for you: you say: I could do that…
  3. But in the third criteria you falter. You can’t see that it is worth investing the commitment and the work.

This is an issue we all deal with. Why?


the “world” pulls for no accomplishment

We operate under a default context where we can’t. Our experience shows that we won’t. And what we see is that nothing makes a difference.

The default context of the “world” is resignation and cynicism.

This is the context the “gurus” call “your why.”

They say you need get a big enough why that will help you through difficulties.

And then they proceed to talk about money, talk about getting married, talk about getting well if you are sick.

But, although in principle they are right, what they don’t tell you is that the type of why they suggest is puny, and has no real energy in it.

Any why that can be created with reason, within reason, is reasonable.

When something is reasonable, can be justified with reason, can also be unjustified with reason.

If it makes sense, then it’s a wrong context. 3

Just like belief is just the other side of doubt.

The why, the context must be totally unreasonable, outrageous, and cannot be explained. If it can be explained, if the “world” can get it, it is not a powerful context.

It needs to be outside of reason, it needs to be beyond reason. It may even need to frighten you, because you will be, in no way, a match to the context.

national-geographic-best-award-photograph (39).preview

national-geographic-best-award-photograph (30)

national-geographic-best-award-photograph (13)

The commitment’s job is to grow you to match your context.

When you create your context, when you create your commitment, you should be, in no way, a match to it.

For most of you, almost any size of commitment is unreasonable: you don’t have any experience with commitment: what you call commitment is dutiful, obedient, fear-based, or pride-based.

It’s OK, a fully armed warrior is a thing of myths… like Pallas Athena (Athena) being born from Zeus, the god of the Greek Mythology.

People BECOME heroes. People become someone who can and will. Or die trying

When you read about them, they breeze through that part, but they are doing you a disservice, because unless you see that your heroes were fledglings, weaklings as well, you will not give you permission to be where you are, how you are, who you are.

You will think that you should be different, be at a different stage of life, a different place, somewhere else.

That is what sucks the life out of your commitments the fastest.

The latest hero I read about was Buckminster Fuller… a drunk, a never do well, a complete bum, failure, weakling until he decided on a context that allowed him to grow into the amazing person he became.

It was the context that acted like a vacuum to make him grow into the giant… because only a giant was a match to the context.

Context is like the vacuum that makes you grow to match it

When you allow a context to be senior to you, to your feelings, to your laziness, fears, doubts, skepticism, and resignation, it will do the work. Until you can take over, and carry your own weight.

At this point I work with people, one-on-one, in the two coaching programs, the Elite Circle (Path) and in the new Happiness program.

Whether it is money, health, happiness, relationships that you lack in your life, the coaching programs are a great tool for you.

I barely make any money for my time and efforts there, but that doesn’t make them cheap, only generous.

You pay with your time, effort, commitment, honesty, mainly.

For my dream of a world where Human Being becomes a reality, instead of just a potential

Oh, by the way, the bundle of 168 energies in the Effortless Abundance Activator are a perfect match for Accomplishment

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  1. national-geographic-best-award-photograph (39)from eaten to eating. From being dinner to being the diner. from being powerless to being powerful. from being a victim to being a victor
  2. Commitment quote: “Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.

    I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:

    Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

  3. Context is made of words, but a context spoken by me and a context spoken by you, at this point, are very different energies.

    For example, I do breathing/stretching exercises daily. My original context was to lose weight with it: I has worked for me before, it may work for me again.

    But I have changed since the last time I used it, and my life has changed as well.

    Today I am attacked 23/7 by Dark Energies, and other than 30 minutes in the morning, and 12 hours later, 30 minutes in the evening, the attack makes my body brittle, sore, and makes it near impossible to do the exercise.

    I needed to create a context that is larger than me, that doesn’t make sense, that I cannot justify and then unjustify, so I went on to craft one.

    At first I came up with this: I do this as an exercise of commitment. It didn’t quite work, I still missed a day here and there.

    Then I looked and saw that it could be the testament to the indomitable spirit of Human Being that I am, indomitable, cannot be beaten down. They can hurt me, they can would me, they can make it hard for me to live through the days, but they cannot hurt my spirit, they cannot make me give up being a beacon of what a Human Being can be. Expanding, like a tree, all the way to heaven.

    I am weeping as I am writing it. I am moved by this context. This context makes every move, every breath a victory over Dark Side… and it will be enough to keep me going.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “What is the secret formula of accomplishment? Money, health, loving relationships?”

  1. A context that calls for and calls forth an expanding human being. I think you are one of the few teachers who even knows what this really means. I am here to learn.

  2. Since hearing you talk about context recently, something in me lit up. This article today is a gift, perfectly timed. Thank you. Each time I re-read it something else is revealed. I will be studying it for some time to come. I can see the circumstances/context of my life come alive in your words, and the dance of yes/no that I have been doing with my commitments.

    It’s always fear that undercuts long term commitment, and also that I did not have any understanding of context until a few days ago. How much understanding I currently have is debatable { 🙂 }, but I am absolutely committed to expanding, and creating (and where necessary re-creating) contexts for my life, now that I have a direction to go in.

    Before, I was making changes for many years, and while things were shifting and changing in a positive way, there was not so much direction, and accordingly, confusion set in.

    I have learned in the last few days that confusion is tolerable, as long as context and direction are set (and reset as necessary).

  3. Cathrine, is this comment in the context of my blog and blog posts, or is it possible that your one session (so far) in the Happiness coaching allowed to see more of what is possible with context? I am fishing for acknowledgment that I can see is not forthcoming, and that is really disappointing, discouraging, and disheartening for me.

    One of the distinctions I have been struggling to pass onto my students is “acknowledging the source of the result.”

    If you correctly acknowledge the one-on-one coaching in the coaching program, then you’ll be eager to come to class, you will be taking everything that happens there as the answer to your prayers. On the other hand, if you acknowledge the articles on the blog, then you will go back to how you are, how others are, listening mode, non-active participant, reaction mode: who knows if my next article will answer your prayers or not?

    Context is the trickiest of all distinctions, because it is perfectly invisible. There is only on distinction: paradigm, that is trickier.

    If you could get the distinction from my articles, then I’ll cancel my coaching programs, because they are not necessary: after all you got all you needed from my articles… is that it? Or you got the article because or your one session in the coaching program?

    Please look and let me know, publicly… It is OK whatever you answer, I can take blows with the best of them. I don’t have to agree with it, but I can look at it from my paradigm which is obviously different from yours.

  4. The understanding that I currently have would not have been possible without the time spent with you in Happiness coaching. It is most definitely the source of my wider seeing of “what is possible with context.” Without the work we did in the coaching, the article would not have had the same significance. The article felt like a gift only because the coaching first showed me a wider view.

    Because of the incredible opportunity I feel the coaching is giving me, I am eager to come to class, eager to do the work in between classes. No matter that it is only one week in the class, I feel a responsibility to myself, to you, as revered teacher (no, this is not sycophantic, but an acknowledgement of how I feel about the work you do and have done, which you are now sharing, and without reverence for the teacher and the understanding that is being sought, is it possible to really learn in an expanded way?), and to the other class participants.

    As I mentioned, expansion has been happening previously (once the spark of curiosity about what is really happening in this life is lit, it seems impossible to stop it), but the coaching is like taking a stick of dynamite to my preconceptions, reactions and behaviours. I can’t hide from you Sophie, and the lies I tell (even typing that word is hard, as they are unintentional, and my ego immediately wants to be let off the hook), are seen through immediately. Do you have any idea how valuable that is? {lol, obviously you do}. Yes, it’s hard and painful too, but compared with the alternative, stagnation, I choose growth. Yes, “context is the trickiest of all distinctions”… On some level I understood that when you were talking about context in the Happiness coaching, which is why I have not only been reflecting and writing about it during the week, but that I was so glad to receive an article that addressed it further … an article is a powerful thing when it arrives at just the right time, to expand on what was begun in person during the coaching call.

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