Adventures of an Empath: Bach Flower Remedies to Bach Flower Energies: a 21st Century Miracle

adventures of an empath: sounds to me like a lamed vovnik, but I could be wrong Adventures of an Empath: Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Essences are specially made remedies, aqueous (water based) essences made with fresh water, the sun, and a specific and special flower (for the most part it’s a flower).

Edward Bach, who was a medical doctor, was an empath himself, and a very sensitive man. He correctly intuited that emotional disturbances cause all physical illnesses, blockages, and therefore if the blockages are released, the person will be well.

The blockages are caused by ego-based attitudes: we could call them character flaws. Bach found the 38 flowers in 10 years. Once he completed the set and he was satisfied, his work on Earth done, he died.

I was first relating to his work with distrust and aversion. I think I related to everything that way… but I can’t really remember. But later on I got curious and I got “hooked” by the simplicity and the elegance of his method.

I started study and use Bach Flower Remedies, or Flower Essences, and the 38 flowers are called, some 10 years ago,

Then, I picked what remedy to take or give to my “clients” by thinking about it and understanding it. It was all Tree of Knowledge, and it worked, sometimes. Mostly my opinion blocked me from the correct identification of the needed remedy.

I used to be forceful and headstrong, and it showed in how I used the remedies…

Then I bought a book that explained the transformational aspect of each remedy, and I got better guesses… still Tree of Knowledge, sorry to say.

The third phase was after I learned how to connect. I stopped guessing. I didn’t even look at the label, I just went over the 38, and muscle tested each for myself or for a client. Worked brilliantly.

The fourth phase, that I am the middle of, is quite challenging: I take a little bottle out of the case, I wrap my hand around it, and wait. 5 seconds exactly. If there is no “ding” in my belly, then it is not one of the remedies to put in the mix.

If there is a ding, I have a choice to feel the pain exactly how and where the client feels it or not.

This morning I chose to feel the pain. I cried, and I wailed, and doubled over. It was horrible. And I only did it with 10 remedies! Imagine going over the 38: I surely would die!

I have never had a client who had less than 8 essences in their remedy mix. And I now have two clients that have 23 and 28… Can you imagine what kind of pain these people (you) are dealing with, day in and day out?

Do you now understand why people self-medicate and drink, eat, or sex? I do.

Even though I feel your pain 100 times stronger than you yourself, one hundredth of that pain is still horrible: You cramp, your muscles tighten, your neck gets stuck, you get a headache, you get angry… the symptoms are myriad.

And that is the life of a normal 21st century human being.

Isn’t it time we shift that? And really, in earnest, start the thousand years of peace?

It is up to you. You can do it for yourself, and with that you are doing it for the world.

Source is in the process of turning those individual remedies into activators. As soon as I can correctly identify the particular pain, the energy is right there to eliminate it. I have tested it. Instant. No mixing, no bottles, no shipping. The energy of the flower instantly in your body. Wow.

21st century miracle, if you are asking me.

Sign up to be notified when I am done with this phase. In the meantime I need more people to come to the meditation sessions: Saturdays 9 am and 9 pm, and Tuesday nights at 9 pm.

If it gets overcrowded, I’ll add more times.

At present you get personal attention from me, including the Bach Flower energies.

Send an email to bachenergies @

I will send you invitations to the different webinars you can learn to connect and help me test. OK?

Looking forward to showing you the Bach Flower Energies. I can’t wait…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Adventures of an Empath: Bach Flower Remedies to Bach Flower Energies: a 21st Century Miracle”

  1. I’ve been using Bach Remedies for about 20 years and find them fantastic. I don’t always get the results I expect but I have a greater affinity for them than any other flower essences I have used over that time. I think that’s because I don’t always get the right results when I test – I normally use a pendulum as not so much muscle testing.
    I use them in creams according to the Bach Body map developed by the German therapist and that works better because my mind does not interfere. Is it possible to write to you and get an analysis of the Bach Remedies that would be best for me.
    Thanks Allison

  2. you could, but why don’t you test out the Bach Energy bundle. Order form on the right side. If you order your remedy, add $20 to it and I’ll muscle test your Bach profile for you. If you must, donate through the empath question button… I hope this is clear.

    It is very painful to feel all your pains and emotional anguish, so I am not offering this service any more, but because you have been using them for 20 years, it can be interesting to me what we’ll find. OK?

  3. Hello Sophie,

    Thanks very much for the offer. Can I email you on this. I will happily order and make a donation for the profile, but I may have to make up the remedies myself if you will just give me the mix. I live in Germany and we have always had problems with customs for Bach and many other remedies for years- now it’s even more difficult getting things that come from outside the EU, especially if they come from the US. I still have original Bach Remedies and some replacements from the Five Flower Range so the quality should be high.

    Would this be okay?
    Thanks so much

  4. Allison, I am canceling my offer. You are stuck in your mind, and didn’t even bother to read up on what Bach Energies are, or what I am selling. So, no I will not create a Bach profile for you. Sorry.

    If you change your mind, and read up on what we do here, let me know. search on my site: 1. Bach energies 2. heaven on earth 3. energy bundle, and download and READ a few times the New Modality report offered on the sidebar of my site.

    I know that it doesn’t fit into what you already know… oh well, life didn’t stop when you last understood things.

    Sorry to be so harsh, but you definitely need a knock over the head.


  5. Sorry about this – I really don’t understand what I missed in the articles. I found a few articles – including the ones at the side – and the instructions on how to take them. I didn’t see the Report till you mentioned it. I will read it. Thanks.

    No need to be sorry. I obviously misunderstood something. I will read it all again (including the report this time)
    Thank You

  6. Allison, my hunch is that you read what you expected to be there, remedy/remedies instead of energy/energies

    This indicates to me that you are not present, that you live in your mind… half of all the empaths live there so they don’t have to take notice of the inner storm caused by feelings that are not theirs. The other half go into hiding and suffer…

    I have tried both ways, neither of those work. That is why I train empaths to be well in the world, without hiding, or without living out of their minds.

  7. Sophie,

    I saw your reply just as I was writing to say that I feel really dumb now that I have read the report and realize you meant an energetic download. Knock over the head assimilated- pay more attention. All my ‘head’ picked up in the info on how to take them was the part about taking them physically. I had not even realized that the book at the side was something to be clicked on till I got your reply.

    Seeing this last note from you emphasizes that, especially
    as I have taken homeopathic meds by energetic download using my mp3 player in the past.

    Got it now

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