Updated: Soul Correction: Revealing The Dark Side, in yourself

screen-shot-2014-01-03-at-12-07-16-amSoul Correction: Revealing the Dark Side

Hopefully you recall, that from the Creator’s point of view the only thing that is considered evil is “desire for the self alone.”

Desire for the self alone is hard to understand by itself. It looks that it is a kind of selfishness, and it even looks as if all selfishness is desire for the self alone.

As if we were all supposed to just give it away, our time, our money, our companionship.

That is not the case.

According to the creator, when you make the most of yourself, the most of what you have, when you enjoy what you have and desire more: is not desire for the self alone. It is a desire for all, including yourself.

Desire for the self alone, like any evil-doing, must have a loser.

There must be someone or someones that what you are desiring belongs to. Belongs to as a birth right, like honor, respect, dignity, life, space, livelihood, property, or friendship. 1

If you desire what belongs to another, what is their inalienable right, then you are engaged in desire-for-the-self-alone.

Envy, for example, always wants someone else’s stuff to belong to you, to come to you, without earning it.

Jealousy, gossiping, hate, the evil eye, raining on someone’s parade, discouraging someone, lying, deception, stealing, competition, all belong to “desire for the self alone.” So do condescending, superiority, fear, and countless other ways of being. Being judgmental also belong here. Lack of compassion.

The person who has this soul correction cannot see that they have it. It is all justified.

They consider themselves a good giving human being. But they pay a price for not noticing the common root to their misery.

Misery, you ask? Yes, misery. I have someone I know well who has this soul correction.

The energy of this desire is very painful when I feel it empathically. It strips them (or is trying to strip them) of all their dignity. There is a hunger and a hunger-pang-like dissatisfaction.

As long as anyone has more, does better, is happier, they are not happy.

They may do little or nothing to “steal” what belongs to another: the problem is the desire. It is dark, and is like a black hole. Everything disappears in it, leaving more hunger that can’t be satisfied.

Remedy: Start hunting for it. Suspect that it’s there, even if you can’t see it. Catch it.

Once it is out in the open, it can be viewed for what it is: an obsession. An addiction. A titillation by the Dark Side. And an unwillingness to earn your light.

If you bring awareness to your life, it will fall away. It cannot continue once you can see the mechanism. You will catch it, you’ll feel disgust, and you’ll design your life to start earning your inner light and thus create harmony between their inner and outer being, between the soul and the person.

You’ll experience shining inside and out. People will become prettier, smarter, easier to get along. Guaranteed.

What keeps the Dark Side in place is you resisting it… allow it to be and it will allow you to be.

If you want to know your own soul correction (great guidance!) follow the instructions on that page.

PS: here is the transcript of the video:
Video transcript: Revealing the Dark Side within, in our actions

The biggest issue for this soul correction is Ego. Ego, as in “look at me, I am good!”

Why would the ego want to prove that you are good, and saintly, and loving, and caring? Because you are not. You want to be, you pretend to be, you know it is the direction you should be going, but…

If YOU are there, goodness isn’t. If YOU are there, then love isn’t. If YOU are there than caring is all about you proving to yourself and the world that you are a good person.

You have your preconceived notions of what is good and what is nice and what is caring… and then you follow those notions.

But the beingness of good, the beingness of loving, the beingness of caring is not able to be there, because in beingness the YOU disappears. The YOU that wants, the YOU that needs, the YOU that is important.

So the main job is for this soul correction is to transcend the YOU.

It feels like death, it feels like the abyss, but it’s an illusion.

When the YOU disappears what is guiding your actions is awareness, consciousness.

So the path to one-ness is to awaken your awareness, notice your motivation to doing anything and everything, without judgment, evaluation, opinion, blame.

In that energy, awareness, YOU can first take a back seat and then see that it’s not in danger, and then it lets go… it surrenders to awareness.

New insights: I don’t know yet if it applies to all people with this soul correction, but the ones I have recently examined: this is what I found: you always want what the other has. Character trait, stuff, experience. You marry for that, you form relationships for that: you dress yourself in feathers that are not yours… benefit from work you didn’t do… and then lie about it.

This craving for what belongs to the other, you open yourself up to be controlled, used, abused.

You need to see this first, and then you need to let go. If there is nothing that is yours, then be it. You’ll have nothing. You can build on nothing, but you cannot build on a lie.

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  1. The Ten Commandments mostly talk about this type of desires.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Updated: Soul Correction: Revealing The Dark Side, in yourself”

  1. I had written a comment here and it vanished in a blink…maybe me, not wanting to hear myself confess anything here?

    When I want something, I can be very hungry in thinking about it, so much so, that the sheepskin slips a little, giving people a peek at the energy of the wolf underneath. I used to think it was an temporary occurance, but am seeing my dark side has been a pretty steady companion as an adult, especially in times when I have been acting and thinking in survival mode…

    It’s partner, more like gray side, keeps me watering down my energy and mired in scrolling the internet and other vapid sources of information until late hours, which is a slow slide into other types of garbage…

    This article sounds like your voice, talking to me in person..with the observations that cut through the excuses and bullshit. I am playing with fire unless I call it what it is…and behave accordingly.

  2. That is the art: calling it what it is.

    And if you look, most shares are dancing around the issue, never actually call it. When you call it: you have power. When you don’t: the power is in what you are not addressing.

    I know what’s missing for you: cranking up the fire of love.

    And though in my experience, that is the hardest job, I’ll do it until it’s a forest fire… Then you won’t surf the internet… it won’t make sense to you.

  3. This soul correction is very similar to Circulation (which is mine). I found it helpful to see what I am doing, what I am not facing. I see that thinking too much about myself and what I want, instead of the common good, has caused me to suffer, to lose my stuff, to contract. I used to be envious and jealous of what others had that I didn’t. Now I am happy for them. I am only envious that they have reached a higher consciousness than me, although I respect that they have earned it.

  4. Sophie, I remember reading this article a year ago and I didn’t get it and didn’t do any work. Now I read it in a totally different light. It’s so refreshing and I can see better now what you are trying to teach me on the call. It’s not easy to catch all those nasty things but I have been able to do it more and more. Now, after reading it again it’ll be a little easier to see all the nasty things I do. Thank you.

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