Conversations With Source: Burning Bridges, Tr.’s Cough, 2012 Dividing Line

conversations with Source Conversations With Source

Connecting to Source on the 3rd Level really does feel like going home. Even though there is nothing to see there… but there is definitely a presence, and that presence knows you are there. It knows you personally. It knows you.

Today I had a lot of issues: Tr., associating with people who don’t agree with me, being on the right path, and how I am going to accomplish that people do the work.

Heavy issues. I will share some of the conversations, just to give you a taste of how it goes:

Tr.. I have been a recipient of the Sunday energies of Tr. and Gopal for about six months now. I signed on for six months in June, and the six months have ended. But I decided to stay on for another six months: it is working for me. I have discussed it with Source, and it agreed.

This time a different issue came up: Tr. has a bad cough. Really bad. He needs to clear his throat for a long time before he can even talk. I found it appalling, but then I took a hold of myself and looked at it as a “healer.”

What if the Bach Flower Energies (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) could work for Tr.? I tested myself what remedies Tr. needs, and then went to Source to see if sending those energies is compliant with the “Free Will” rule. It wasn’t. But there was a way: I can pray to Source to give those exact energies to Tr., once a day. In fact I got permission to call them Tr. Energy, meaning Bach Flower Energies (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) specifically meant for Tr. with his bad cough.

My feeling that next time I hear him, two weeks from now, I’ll be able to tell the difference. Great test, don’t you think?

I forgot to say that the conversation goes like this: I ask a question and get a yes of no answer, or no answer. Kinestetically. Source moves my head to nod or the shake my head. I am not doing it, it is happening often in spite of my preferences, darn. lol.

I, for example, would have preferred to just say: “Creator of all that is, I command that you give these energies to Tr….” But I got a no answer to that. The proper attitude is “Creator of all that is, I pray that you give these energies to Tr. so he can get well. Thank you.”

I don’t like to pray. I grew up an atheist and praying wasn’t something we looked well upon. Oh well, I am willing to change.

The second thing I asked is if I should just break ties with people who have a different world view from mine, and the answer I got is no. Bummer. I was really ready to burn bridges.

And the third thing that I’d like to share is the issue I am having with people not wanting to do the work.

People think that connecting is enough. But unless you do the work, the work will not get done.

the seat of the soul, the protector of the soul, human being What is the work, you ask? It is creating yourself as a home and supporter of Soul, so Soul can get its work done.

Why does Soul need your help? Because Soul (and you) have a formidable opponent: the EGO. And without the Human Being’s support the Soul’s purpose, that directly conflicts with the EGO’s purpose, cannot be worked on: it will just be silenced.

Source said that Human Being, in general, won’t do anything, unless there is a threat. Is there going to be a threat? The answer to that was yes. This year will be a dividing line: people that work on their Soul’s purpose will be on one side of the line, the rest on the other.

What does that mean? I got no answer to that. But one thing is sure: I need not worry about people doing the work now: I just need to prepare it, so when they want it, they can have it.

This is consistent with the message I got back in June when I complained: Nobody wants it. Source said: Yet. Next year at this time, it said, they will beat a path to your door, and you’ll need to serve a million people at any one time.

That’s a lot of people. But I’ll be ready.

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