Muscle Testing Your Own Vibration

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This is an article from five years ago

… Still valid as it was then…

You want to know your vibration. Or if I want to be more precise, your EGO wants to know. It’s a curiosity thing. It doesn’t have anything to do with anything else. Novelty, exciting, fleeting.

And you should want to know. Knowing where you are is mandatory if you want to get anywhere else. No map will do you any good unless you know where to put the big X on the map: here I am. Or sometimes: “Darn… here I am. I thought I was somewhere else…”

let me measure your vibration

I started a weight loss diet yesterday. I stepped on the scale and weighed myself. 142 lbs. My normal weight is around 125, so I am way off… now I know.

alcohol the ultimate deluder, deceiver A number of years ago I was traveling with a friend through Prague to get to then East Germany to visit a friend. We had lunch, and a glass of beer. But a glass of beer in Prague is a quart. That is like 4 cans! I drank it. It was great fresh Pilsner: I like Pilsner beer.

Anyway: when we got back to the car I looked around and could not find our location on the map. I was looking 70 miles further away, and no landmarks matched… of course I was tipsy bordering drunk… lol. No way we could have gotten to Germany with my directions!

Luckily my companion was more used to drinking than I was.

So is the situation with your vibration. You are looking for yourself 70 miles from where you are.

Many people write to me and tell me what their practitioner told them what their vibration was. I measure it and it’s 200-300 off.

Why is that a problem? Because it causes delusional behavior.

I watched the movie, Little Miss Sunshine, the other night. The little girl, Olivia, is shapeless and fat. She doesn’t know it. Her parents keep her in the delusion out of some misinterpreted goodness.

You WANT to know where you are, you want to know where you are going, and you want to draw a map. Then you want to find a vehicle that will take you there. Or vehicles.

Take me, for example. My vibration is now steady at 940. I used three vehicles to get here:

  1. radical self-honesty,
  2. connecting to Source and finding out what’s missing and doing it what was missing, without complaint, and
  3. Source energy transmissions

Let’s look at Mr.Tr.: will that be the perfect vehicle for you if you are at the vibrational level of 150 (anger) where most of his customers are? I have measured, and the Tr. energies do not raise your vibration if you are there. But…

But they raised mine. When I started, back in June, my vibration was around 600, above Mr.Tr.’s. In about 8 transmissions, out of which three were shooting blanks (Tr. couldn’t get it up… sorry for the sexual innuendo, could not resist, lol… he could not master the energy, so he sent none) and three by Master Gopal (he had one blank as well, where Tr. didn’t warn him, and then didn’t allow him time to connect and transmit, the jealous bastard! lol) I had my vibration shoot up to 970. Then I begged Source to lower it: it was too high: I was not feeling my body at all at that level. So it went down to 930, and two weeks ago, with Gopal, it went to a comfortable 940.

Now, had I started with Tr. two years ago, I would be still at the same level. Had I done Tr. and not deal with my ego s-h-i-t that hit the fan, I would be still where I started.

I feel, that even if the energy works, you need to earn your new level by processing the horrible stuff that gets activated from your ego, hate, spite, superiority, envy, hesitation, and other poisonous attitudes that we all have.

I welcomed the onslaught of “negativity” and processed it. One by one, like a pharmacist, no resistance, and also committed to be aware of it in the future.

At a low vibrational level you can’t do it. And you definitely can’t do it alone.

Until you become the observer who observes the venomous feelings that threaten to kill you, and I mean it literally, I am not exaggerating! you will suppress the feelings to save your life. And there goes your increase in vibration. Up in the air… gone.

You cannot, and I repeat, cannot raise your vibration by thinking positive thoughts, avoiding negativity, turning your face to the light, repeating positive affirmations, looking at beautiful pictures, imaginings, meditation, visualization, mind movies, vision boards… all positive influencers, and totally ineffective, because they avoid dealing with what keeps your vibration low, and your life out of balance.

Unless you accept and manage your Dark Side, you remain low vibration.

the shadow side that lowers your vibration like a garden pest lowers your crop Just like your garden needs you to do weeding more than anything, your inner terrain needs you weeding and pruning, picking the pests off your plants, or event the best plants will die.

The next most essential is sunshine and water… and that comes from Source.

So, similarly, the best way to make a beautiful inner world is by having something that jolts you out of your “normal” viewing mode, and suddenly make visible for you as much of your shadow side, dark side, evilness that you can handle.

I can handle a lot, one tenth would send you to the mental hospital. You will only get revealed as much dark side as you can handle. Guaranteed.

Then, once you saw it, you prune, and weed, and pick off the pests and connect to Source to get energy for that, hope, purpose, and nourishment your beautiful aspects need, so then you can outgrow your weeds.

It is simple. Gardening 101. Is it easy? If you have the tools, if you have the CORRECT guidance, if you can deal with unpleasantness and discomfort it is doable. Not easy.

If you can’t handle unpleasant or discomfort… then no, it is not doable.

The problem is the guidance that suggests that you avoid the negative.

Most people I know will ask you to suppress your shadow side… but what you can’t see you can’t catch. What you can’t look in the eye, will conquer you!

So these teachers, themselves miserable wretches, are misleading you. They have low vibration, they are too cowardly to look their shadow side in the eye, and if you follow their guidance, you can see where you are leading. Their life is full of lies and pretenses. And wretchedness.

I am not exaggerating. That is how it is.

Look at the gurus that can’t contain their sexuality and pray on their followers. Look at the gurus that spend more time on their marketing than being true to their word. Look at the gurus that say: do as I say not as I do…

Anyway, that is where the world is. 2012 January. Wolves dressed in sheep’s skin. And you are dumb enough to fall for it. Congratulations. Now you know that your vibration is under 200 for sure.

let me measure your vibration

So when can you measure your own vibration? Well, when you have tamed your ego enough so it is not ego that animates your body, but Source. I would say that you can start measuring others at 299, and yourself at 540.

At 540 the Desire to receive For The Self Alone is weakened enough so your body can tell the truth without interference of the EGO.

Until now I have been measuring people’s vibration for free. But from now, I think, I will ask for money. If you are not willing to pay money for the information you seek, you already answered yourself: your vibration isn’t in harmony with what I teach, where I want to take you. No problem. you got your answer.

If you want me to measure your vibration, you can send me a donation of $15 or more… To make it easier for me to find you… please include your Facebook address, or a picture… If I can’t find you, I’ll can’t measure your vibration, can I?

let me measure your vibration

An even better way to find out where you are is to ask seven questions for $15:

  1. your vibration
  2. your overall IQ including your intelligence
  3. the number of spiritual capacities you have
  4. your soul correction (your machine) I need your date of birth for this. This also helps me to connect to you…
  5. do you have attachments?
  6. the level of your health
  7. the level of your cell hydration

I’ll measure these for you and send the results back to you ASAP, in your paypal email. Please check.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Muscle Testing Your Own Vibration”

  1. It seems that a higher vibration is not like a ladder, a means to an end, but it can be, am
    I right? It seems that vibration is both a means and a measure. But you keep saying it has to be earned, that seems fair. A higher vibration is just another place to stand and be and grow from? You don’t seem to believe in enlightenment. What is the goal? Self-remembering? I can hear you saying Yuck! from here.

    What do I want? Peace, freedom, connection, path, meaning, community, health, love, engagement, a taste of what it is to be human, a glimpse of the divine. To be a little more awake. A way to be creative without processing human misery. Do I jump too far ahead? Do I need to become more human? I don’t feel human. My mind is a swirl of grayscale abstraction. Form over content, shape over color. Sensation over order. I may need to earn my zero and build up again, on a solid foundation. What am I?

  2. you are 100% mind imagining yourself human.

    You are in the paradigm set by mind, and can’t see anything else.

    You missed my analogy that vibration is the height of your view of the world, height as in meters, as in number of floors.

    Where you are at is not even pedestrian level, it is more like the subway. There is an interesting Hungarian movie played entirely in the subway. Very surreal. Kontrol is the title.

    When you look from the street level, everything is too fast, too personal, and too close. When you look from even the second floor, the picture changes very dramatically.

    I don’t use any of those concepts because they are a very very very partial view of reality. Even though self-remembering is missing, if you know the life story of George Gurdjieff, you know that he was trying to get to superconsciousness by getting into accidents… what a crock of bull! And his whole cult was about that.

    Awareness is not necessarily self-remembering, and self-remembering is not awareness. He stayed and identified with his experience, never actually activating the witness consciousness.

    It is a divine state, but people sold you a bill of goods, and what you are expecting is something to get… that is not how the Universe works. To do things in order to have a divine experience is very similar to taking drugs or drinking… just pleasure seeking. nothing divine about it.

  3. Hello.

    You talk about the dark side, and how something is needed to “jolt”your perspective to view how much darkness we contain. What kind of event can allow us to see our evil and acknowledge its presence?

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