What does religious mean? And what does it have to do with not being happy, fulfilled, etc.


Will you choose the truth or the dogma? Love or “luv”? The personal cost of being religious…

I brought up the issue, my issue, my inability to be OK around religion.

Because I am so practiced activating my “Reticular Activator” and I am so committed to keep on expanding as a human being, my whole world shifted the moment I put my attention to the phenomenon.

All the books suddenly point to something that is related to my “object”, my dreams, articles, everything.

It is not in the foreground all the time, instead it is simmering on the back burner.



zealot_s640x427I am starting to see some loose threads on the ball of yarn that the issue is: pulling on any of those loose threads may unfurl the ball and disappear the issue. Or snipping away the loose threads makes the ball cushy enough so it stops being an issue.

Here is a loose thread I found:

You can’t count on your own kind to love you, to respect you, to honor you, and to believe you.

The “Jesus phenomenon” where someone cannot be a prophet in their own country, because maintaining the prevailing “truth” is more important than love, respect, and honor.

I have distinct past life memories, recollections, where I was burned on the stake, killed, butchered for being on the cutting edge, for rocking the boat. And the burners, killers and butchers were always my own people who said that I was a danger to the status quo and they were happy to get rid of me.

Like I was some kind of pollution… like the Jews were to the Aryans, if there is such a thing.

Being sold out… being betrayed…

Makes life not livable.

But what does this have to do with religion, you ask? Good question. On the surface: it doesn’t seem to have much to do with religion… but…

But: I have a student who has daily fights with everyone in her life because she refuses to be a good Christian, instead she wants to live the life of a thinking and Expanding Human Being: an intelligent life.

She fears for her life and she fears that her children will be taken away from her because she isn’t towing the party line.

Anyone who lives inside the paradigm: “There is a truth and I know what it is” is considered religious

Religion is presenting the world as unchanged, fixed, and knowable. Where all you can do is believe what other people say and then you’ll fit in. Go along to get along. That is religious. And that is what makes you miserable, that is what makes life on the Planet depressing, oppressive, and the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

The real hell

I am still looking for loose threads. Why? Because there is still too much “charge”, too much emotion in me when I think or write about this.

Until there is NO emotion, you still have stuff to clean out. Regardless of the issue, regardless whether it’s about you, or it’s about others.

All charge shows that you are resisting something, and the goal is to get to a place of no resistance.

Of course resisting something for a minute or two is normal… but you are locked into resistance only waiting to manifest itself in sadness, grief, depression, anger, bad dreams, or constant thinking.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be loose, peaceful, serene, and sleep well? I thought so. Me too.

PS: You and your past

When your views about what happened to you are carved in stone, your relationship to them is “religious”. To perpetuate who you consider yourself to be needs you to have a religious fervor in keeping the past fixed, so you can stay fixed… and miserable, sick, broke, and unchanging. Congratulations.

The only thing you are protecting is your misery. And my programs are a threat to that.

When I think about the number of people that buy my stuff, or sign up to my coaching programs and don’t use the stuff, and don’t ever come to the coaching calls… I am clear that “religion” has interfeared with your desire to become all you can be… or at least well.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

3 thoughts on “What does religious mean? And what does it have to do with not being happy, fulfilled, etc.”

  1. You know Sophie, there’s so much space in the realm of “what I don’t know that I don’t know,” and up at the higher levels of vibration, that these seem like wonderful places for me to expand into. There really is no going back to any traditional religion for me.

    Life is growth. No more Get Out of Jail Free cards for me. I am on the hook, but not like a side of beef. I will finish this game of life that I started with such wonder and joy. I am the singer and I will write my own song. If I am not for me, then who is? I need to become much more interested in what works, and how things work. I refuse to suffer any longer. I came to play.

  2. This “you can’t count on your own kind to love you, to respect you, to honor you, and to believe you” got me crying Sophie.. I get it but it’s still very hurtful too.

  3. Yeah, my sentiments exactly. Very painful. Hurtful, by the way, is a way to say: they are doing it to me. You want to practice taking responsibility, and telling the truth. They are not doing it to you, they are just doing it. It’s not personal. You are doing it too, you just don’t even see it. It is just how it is, and if you resist it, i.e. you say it’s hurtful, it hurts 10 times more. f… it I say, and start to count on yourself, love yourself, respect yourself, honor yourself, and believe yourself. If you are not there for you, why do you expect others to be there for you? Just because they should? lol

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