Source said: activate billions of people by June 14

 Source said: get ready to activate billions of people by June 14.

So, what does it mean “get ready?”

Great question, right? I don’t have an answer.

I am creating answers. Hand-in-hand with Source.

The first answer was the activators that add the capacity to feel love, respect, dignity, gratitude: all gateways to a higher vibration, and happier life.

The second answer is in development: addressing the 38 emotional blocks, precisely, fast, and effectively.

Emotional blocks cause all disease. Emotional or physical.

Some conditions have gone too far and even unblocking the causing emotions won’t heal the person, but any successful unblocking will have a dramatic effect on a person’s well-being, longevity, clarity, decisiveness, outlook on life.

  • Long depression: gone,
  • waffling: gone,
  • anxiety: gone
  • tightness of the chest: gone,
  • feeling like you are carrying a burden: gone.

bach energies bach profileI have turned those 38 emotional blocks into counter-energies from Source. They originate from dr. Edward Bach, British doctor’s research.

I will teach you how to find the blockages, test if your observations are accurate, and finally I can teach you how to release those blocks in a brief meditation. One caveat: you need to learn to connect to Source with the Tangerine Method: on the third (highest) level. For that you probably need to come to a webinar where I’ll personally instruct you and check if you are doing it right.

The method and its efficacy is being tested. So far even common colds weaken or get stopped in their tracks. Arm pain, leg pain, hip pain, bronchitis, stomach troubles, headaches, tiredness, different kinds of fear…

Really, I am not claiming to heal diseases.

Actually, I don’t do anything, Source is doing it. But I promise that the cause, the emotional blockages will disappear like the snow in the spring.

You can become an early bird, a tester. After you learn how to connect you have a choice: Come to calls, or do it all in email. You’ll pay only my cost, nothing for my time, or knowledge. Not you. Not if you are a tester.

You are a partner in this research and testing. This makes you special. so you get what you need, and if I need to send you something, you pay for what it cost me… deal? I hope so.

If you are interested, please hit reply or come to the site and sign up to the notification list. I will need enough testers to start this as a program.

And what if you don’t have any diseases? How about this? You will become more effective in life. Take what comes in stride. Be less frazzled, rattled, put off, confused, bothered, afraid or perturbed… And while others stay that way, you’ll sail ahead.

But just a little warning: I can only give you the guidance. You need to do it for yourself. You need to co-create with Source.

That is the new way… asking anyone, including Source, gimme, gimme… do me, do me… is passe. It never worked, it will never work.

It got you where you are. Like where you are? How did you get to read this then? Gotcha, right?

OK, if you are tester material, willing to do the work, have enough to live for, I want you.

So… Sign up to my email list. There is a form at the end of every article. You will be put on a list… but WARNING! you will need to confirm your subscription.

Then you’ll get an email from me, Sophie Benshitta Maven, the subject line will be: Confirm your subscription.

There is a link in that email. You need to click on that email.

Do you see the logic? Someone who can’t find the email in their spam box, won’t do the effort, won’t click, would not be a good tester… right? Will YOU? We shall see, right?

OK. Your cost will be in the tens of dollars instead of the hundreds… Deal?

OK, go do it.

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