How We Raise Your Vibration: Activators explained… again.

zapping the emotions that kill you Activators explained… again.

Activators are specific type of energy submissions. They don’t add anything, they work with what you have.

There are two types of activators:

  1. positive (adding) downloads: adds something that contributes to your well-being. Similar to adding fertilizer to your garden soil.
  2. elimination or take-away downloads: Similar to pulling weeds, or picking off pests that eat your plants.

Both types of activators have two components:

  1. the words. Unless you know what you know, you can’t use it. If thre are no words, you are free to make up your own stuff: who knows what you’ll make up. Remember that all there is can be divided to several parts if you look at it from the “knowing” perspective.

    A small part: you know. And you know that you know it. It’s like your name, spelling of words, how to make macaroni and cheese… stuff that you know that you know.

    Another small part is stuff that you know that you don’t know. Like another language. Like what the book War and Peace was about. Or who was the first person who was sent to space… And because there are other people who know it, you can research and find the answer.

    Then there is a really big part: about 99% of all there is, and that part you don’t know what’s there. You have no idea it could be there. You don’t know it could be anywhere. That is the part that you don’t know that you don’t know.

    And there is another sliver that no one talks about, and that is the stuff that you know but you don’t know that you know it.

    Why? Because what we, humans, call knowing is all intellectual knowing. And there is stuff that you know on a subconscious level, but not on a conscious level. Deja vue comes from there: you didn’t know you knew it, and suddenly you recognize something you had never known that you saw it before.

    Of in PhotoReading, your subconscious mind has read the whole book, but until you “activate” that knowledge, you have no idea what it says: your conscious mind doesn’t know it, so you can’t use it.

    In the first part of the activator we activate this knowledge. This knowledge also has an emotional part. Knowing is not only intellectual, there is bodily intelligence, and emotional intelligence that we have but don’t talk about it much. But it’s real.

    When I first started to work on activators, I realized that I was very limited and ignorant in the area of emotions. Most of you are… no insult meant, just my experience.

    What does it mean being knowledgeable in the area of emotions? It is simple but not easy.

    Let me give you an example: a normal card deck has 52 cards. Let’s say there are 4 players at the card table, so you have 13 cards in your hand. If you, instead of playing with all the cards you have, you would use only three or four, the ones you recognize, the rest would look the same to you.

    Most people recognize pain, anxiety, anguish, depression, sadness, and maybe guilt, and longing/hunger. That’s it. But there are myriads of shades of colors in a rainbow with, of course, 7 main colors.

    You can’t win in life if you don’t recognize those in-between colors!

    I tested myself, and from a list of 100 emotions I did not recognize 77. Those included: being loved, loving, respect, dignity, freedom, magnificence, trust, trustworthy, elation, exuberance, excitement, etc. etc. etc.

    The first part of the activator activates your knowledge of what it feels like to be loved. To be loving. To be really generous. To be supportive. To have dignity. To be respected. To be free… etc.

    Without that someone can love you but you wouldn’t know. You would think they are clingy, or demanding, or even think that they hate you… I used to be like that.

    It’s impossible to have peace of mind, connectedness, belonging, satisfaction, freedom, without those feelings recognized for what they are.

    That part of the activator downloads those feeling to be recognized on all levels of a human being: conscious, subconscious, history, soul, and cellular.

    For the activator to work you need to be in a receptive state, on the second level of connection to Source. The Tangerine Method of connecting is perfect for that, but you could use any modality that can put you in that state, like deep hypnosis, or theta healing.

  2. The energy. The energy of an activator is very different in the the two types.
    1. 2a: adding activator

      the energy is soft and gentle: its only purpose is to cross the protective barriers of the aspect… subconscious, cells, history… It’s a carrier wave.

    2. 2b: taking away type activator

      this energy is more aggressive. It works like a heat seeking missile. It is tuned to find one specific blockage with a specific energy pattern, and lessen it. It seeks out and nukes a single energy, a character flaw, an aberration from the Original Design.

      Often it takes many repetition of an activator until the negative energy gets low enough to be considered non-dominant. They will be still there but you will need to start to be aware of them and work on them, Source won’t do it for you. You have support but that’s it. It’s weeding at its best.

Human Beings’ reason for being, according to the Original Design, is to assist the Soul in its desire to become like The Creator.

Unless a Human Being does this, the Soul will make their life miserable. A human being and its Soul, operating in perfect harmony, will be the ideal life, love, peace, prosperity, fulfillment. Heaven on Earth.

The Thousand Years of Peace is a period of life like that. The Creator is giving, the Soul is earning its light, and it is just like it was in the Timeless: Immortality. Of course the human being gets a ton of light.

People whose vibration is above 700 (my guess!) live there. At the moment there are two people on the planet who are above 700.

I am testing some of the activators on high energy people… I’ll let you know the result. My experience on myself: there is no end to the pruning, weeding and pest picking. In another word: the workin with the Soul on its correction is not a destination, it’s a process.

Your vibration rises as a result.

Our tools to raise our vibration are awareness, activators, and Connecting To Source with the Tangerine Method of Connecting. That is all the tools you need.

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