How Do You Raise Your Vibration? Why Would It Go Down After You Raised It? How Does It Work?

innovation, growth, not maintenance. must grow to stay on the same level How do you raise your vibration? Why would it go down after you raised it? How does it work?

I had a conversation with a friend of mine, Charlie this afternoon. We were discussing the vibrational frequency of the people in the Training Program I have been running since September 27. (The Daily Connection)

Some people’s vibration has dropped, including his. Others’ have gone up.

He mostly wanted to know why his vibration dropped so dramatically.

There are two components:

  1. 1. you get an advance when you make a promise. Just like in real life, in spiritual life, if you promise to do something, you may get an advance.

    In the spiritual realm every promise of an action that would increase your vibration will advance the matching rise in your vibration.

    You promise to do the homework. You promise to practice. You promise to overcome a character flaw. The light immediately gives you a big advance.

    You promise to make a donation: you get, from the promise, the same immediate result as if you have given it already.

    When you don’t deliver on your promise, you need to pay back the advance and some.

    I have had that experience myself: I changed my mind about a donation, because it didn’t look possible, it didn’t easily come out of my budget… and the end result was I ended up in worse situation that I was before.

    The students that promised did the same way: they stopped generating their spiritual growth, they stopped doing their homework, they got busy and stopped participating, and now their vibration has dropped to a point where it is dangerously low.

  2. he other component is a very 21st century mindset: people and businesses reach a milestone. They say: good. I’ll now just have to maintain it.

    In the spiritual world that works even less than in the business world.

    Your vibration is like a salary that you earned. No work, no salary. You can’t say: but I worked so hard last month! That was paid in last month’s salary. For this month’s salary (vibration) you need to work this month.

    Here is the spiritual rule: anything that stops growing starts dying.

    No exceptions.

    I am dealing with my own soul correction myself. I could say: I have dealt with it! That’s how I got to a vibration of 940! Oh, the Universe doesn’t have favorites. Soul put me in the position, day in and day out, where I can feel superior, where I need to reign in my superiority, my ego, my arrogance, my condescending tendencies.

    Hard work, if you ask me.

    What’s the best response to this? Thanking the Soul to putting myself in the situation where I can earn my vibration this month.

    Do I succeed every month? So far, on a monthly basis, I have. Daily? I fail more days than I succeed. I have been a raving maniac for a few days now. Until this afternoon where I got what it is I am doing.

    Now, the same is the situation with everyone.

    • Christie Marie Sheldon’s vibration dropped.
    • Tr.’s vibration dropped.
    • Brian Ridgway’s vibration dropped.
    • Esther Hicks’ vibration dropped

Maybe it’s the holidays… we all get sloppy, lazy, and feel entitled… maybe.

But whatever it is, please, do your work.

Only when you have tasted the freedom of the higher vibration that you start to feel the bitterness, and slavery of the low one.

Learn from others example: you need to earn your vibration every month. And go light on promises! Unless you are willing to do what it takes to deliver!

PS: Does connecting to Source raise your vibration? No. Only doing the work of the soul raises your vibration. But Source helps you reshape your insides to support you in doing the work. If you know that that is what you are doing.

If you come to connection classes to feel the light, to feel better, to enjoy the connection, but have no growth, no soul correction, no support in mind: the Light will NOT raise your vibration.

I have three students I am particularly proud of: two of them are foreigners, the third I beat up every Sunday.

Is it possible that we, Americans, are spoiled rotten? Or is it possible that the words we use make us act in a particular (losing) way?

I was searching for a picture for this article, and everyone is talking about maintaining leadership… Is that where we learned this self-defeating behavior?

Nothing can be maintained. The number one characteristic of a wave like universe is change. When something stops changing it is dead. I include movement in change here.

Only when you make it a habit to compete with yourself, with your performance of last month, last year, a friendly competition with someone who is willing to keep it friendly… that you can start growing. Growing like a weed. Your vibration will go up and go up and go up… In the face of gravity.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “How Do You Raise Your Vibration? Why Would It Go Down After You Raised It? How Does It Work?”

  1. Sobering but good stuff. I have certainly been sloppy in making promises. It is easy to reduce a promise to an intent, and to justify breaking it with excuses: my intentions were good, but something intervened LOL. Most overlooked are the promises I've made to myself (no “victims”, no witnesses?).

    On doing the work, that's where the rubber hits the road, right? One thing to get it, another to implement it. I am somewhere in between, but “catching” things more and more.

  2. I found this post helpful.

    Helpful or useful, i had to google which word was appropriate.
    Lets hope i got it right. Lol

    I digress… If i promise and received light but then realise I’m not going to fulfil, so i cancel my promise, am i still paying back more than i received?

    This post made me realise i agreed to “live” the greed/throat exercise and I’ve been a wet blanket at best and didn’t expect it to matter.

    To start with i was regular and noticed my voice breaking out, to the extent i felt i was shouting, but was told i was speaking at a normal volume.

    I will continue the exercise.

  3. there is always a cost when you revoke your promise. The faster you notice, the less the cost.

    With that said: when you make a promise to yourself, and the promise was actually going to really benefit you, then revoking the promise will cost you, in a way, double: you won’t get the real benefit you could have gotten, and you need to pay the price of being full of crap.

    As you see, being in integrity isn’t easy. But without integrity nothing works.

    Now, another thing to look at, and in your case this is really important: you can do the right thing but inside a context that is disempowering, like fixing, or greed.

    What was/is the context inside which you are doing the greed/throat exercise? the context is the answer to “why”. Why are you doing it? What do you want from it?

  4. I am doing the exercise to free my throat from the constant strangulating feeling and to release my voice so i am more comfortable speaking, i can see that is a fixing.

    I’m seeing that its all in the wording.

    Could i do it from the context of becoming a confident socialiser?

  5. if the context is all about you, then it is all disempowering, and you will quit, sooner or later.

    An empowering context is always bigger than yourself or your life.

    What would be available for the world if you actually succeeded at releasing greed?

  6. I would be available to the world, either as an example of releasing greed or available to listen and respond?

    I looked for an answer and I’m not sure i got a response, that may have been Mind, but i enjoyed looking, I’m not in the habit of looking for any amount of time.

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