From My Correspondence: Aaron, Dr. Z: my vibration is higher, bee bee bee!

kundalini rising is a snake like energy starting from the base of the spine In an email Aaron asked me to measure his roommate’s vibration. He sent me his name. Dr. Z. I measured it and it was 150.

Turns out that both guys work at a clinic and the guy I measured is a champion (?) at manifesting and muscle testing.

So Aaron sent back to me what his roommate, Dr. Z said about me:

Dr. Z checked you out last night and said that your were at 110, so it did make me wonder, he also said that there was blockage in your heart and kidneys… I am not sold completely on muscle testing although he does seem to be pretty accurate with patients in the clinic where we work together…

I muscle tested the blockage in my kidneys and it was a no, but in the kidney meridian (energy pathway) it was a yes.
Same with my heart, no for the organ, yes for the meridian.

I had never asked this question, because I have no clue what to do with it. I know that I have some physical issues, my right hip and my digestion, which is mighty poor.

I am not arguing that someone can be accurate measuring, muscle testing something they have no vested interest in being right about. But in a clinic, to make money, they often do.

I have watched a chiropractor (who I don’t go to any more) muscle testing for supplements, and interestingly he always found the same expensive nutrients missing that he made the most money on.

Often I tested, just under the chiropractic table, for my own amusement, and my results didn’t match his. His vibration was around 155, big ego, small will power.

This connection between ego and vibration is very pronounced when it comes to muscle testing something as “custom made” as vibrational frequency, to fan one’s ego and defleet another’s.

Vibrational frequency wasn’t even a word before Dr. David Hawkins developed the scale of the map of consciousness. Which was just a few years ago.

Raising your vibration wasn’t an expression until about a year, maybe two years ago.

Today it is the hippest thing in town, and everybody wants it.

It used to be IQ, looks, income… but cycle has flipped into the generation of “spirituality” and now it’s hip to raise your vibration and wear your number as a badge.

Or it could be just like it’s in the movie, Defending your Life where the question was: Do you know how big is his brain? Or I use 53 percent of my brain… Everyone not qualified to play that game was called the “little brain people.” Great comedy, watch it if you have a chance.

You see, it’s a fashion, it’s hip. People do all kinds of torturous things to raise their vibration.

I bet this Dr. Z and his friend Aaron have done the same.

But, alas, there is vibration and vibration. Vibration of the moment or vibration that is earned, that is here to stay, as long as you do your work.

In my previous article, about the drop of vibration you can learn how it works, I don’t want to repeat myself.

Dr. Z. has done stuff in his life, and at one time his vibration was as high as 500. I won’t guess at what caused it. Vibration is like the speed of the car: in the moment of the measurement. The speed of the car doesn’t stay high unless you keep pressing the gas pedal… and such is with your vibration.

As they say in Landmark Education: “Yesterday’s transformation is today’s arrogance…” lol. Not funny, but funny… you know what I mean?

You snooze and you lose. Oh well, doing this work, for me, has been the best way to keep my vibration high. You don’t let me relax even for a day.

My visitors and my students keep me on my toes… and my vibration high. Thank you.

PS: Vibrational review of Opposing or conflicting world views

is it real? no
what is the truth value of the world view? (connection to Source) 260
In the Tangerine Method work, the 2nd and 3rd Phase activators given together cause a double kundalini (I experience it every time, both start from the rot chakra, one goes up and one goes down… heavenly) and jump anyone’s vibration 50-100 points. I habitually give it on the Connection sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays, if anyone sends me an email and requests it. Otherwise I like to see the “truth” of the vibration people are causing themselves by doing the work.

are they real? yes
what is the truth value of the world view? 270

more to come…

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. Hello,

    I was about to make a donation to determine my vibrationnal level and almost pushed the Paypal button not realizing that your template is pre-filled with a $1000 donation…..can you fix that please?

  2. Sorry, I am not offering measuring your vibration any longer. I didn’t know how to fix that, because I didn’t know where else I had a paypal button: you found it… lol. Thank you. That’s why I set it to 1,000 dollars… that communicates, right?

    What do you think your vibration is at? (I measured but won’t tell you, sorry)

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