Coherence to incoherence… the path to becoming zombie


Warning: if you like your glass half filled, if you are a positive thinker, if you are optimistic, if you think hope is good, then please don’t read this article: it will attack your world at its core.

A society or a species that can have coherence and maintain that coherence is a species that survives most any calamity.

If you want to destroy a species (or and individual) you need to introduce incoherence.

Incoherence means: stuff is there that doesn’t fit. That doesn’t work well with the rest of the organism. That conflicts with the goals of the organism.

How is incoherence introduced?

  1. For example: when an individual is threatened, most internal processes become secondary, digestion, etc. and all power goes to the organs that allow the individual to escape.

    The muscles, the heart (circulation) and the lung.

    If you introduce emotions, like fear, that instead of helping the escape organs to function, activates the mind, you created incoherence that will destroy the species.

  2. Here is another example: all species survive and maybe even evolve by allowing only the fittest ones to use their biological material to create offspring.

    The choice is in the “hand” of the female. The female is equipped with the capacity to pick only the strongest, smartest, most beautiful specimen to penetrate and impregnate her.

    Introduce female lust, introduce societal pressures, introduce the mind and the female will copulate with anyone who can promise them an orgasm, and you created a species that is going towards extinction.

  3. Here is a third example: In natural self-selection the runt of the litter either claws itself in life, or it is eliminated.

    Introduce false humanitarian values, love-religion, and half of society’s attention is on the runt of the litter, the needy, the groups and individuals that can’t survive without assistance, and your species is surely becomes a species that won’t make it when there is calamity: the weak and the dependent has a lot of time at their hand to reproduce, and society will take care of them instead of becoming a strong species with a good chance for survival.

    Organizations, like police departments, ferret out and get rid of their best… they are individuals, not a team player, must get rid of them.

    This desire of the now sub-standard but organized humanity does what they must do to get rid of the ones that point towards the evolution of the species, towards a strong species.

    Now the society’s self-interest is mediocrity, maintaining, holding onto… not growth.

    Not the survival of the fittest but the survival of the weak and incompetent.

    On an individual level, the person becomes less and less available to do anything meaningful.

zoe-saldana-aussi-belle-en-humaine-que-dansThe crossed wires, the emotional turbulence, the randomly surfacing thoughts all take them off any path that requires coherence, that requires the individual to fire on all pistons.

This destruction of the coherence of an individual has been happening for thousands of years. Maybe tens of thousands of years.

Looking at history, a culture, a society self-destructs in approximately 2,000 years.

The natural moves of the “mind-virus”, the mind-cancer will also destroy the person… first stage: disturbed, conflicted, second stage: zombie, third stage: death.

Everything I do, everything I teach, every product I have created, is to delay, counter, restore an individual to their wholeness.

Most people that come to me are beyond help.

How? Why?

Because they do not see that no help can come from the outside: the individual organism has to fight off the virus, fight off the cancer, and that pretty much only what the person does matters: the help is to make it easier, make it faster, but without the diligent, tireless work of the individual no lasting change can happen.

And if the mind-virus is too far gone, the mind will suggest the individual that a McDonald’s meal is food, that a pill from a doctor is cure, and that going to classes is education.

Irreversible damage has been done, the virus has overpowered the organism’s natural inclination, natural intelligence, natural Life Force.

This is where we are, and it pains me to see a whole species go out like this, but alas I haven’t been able to stop the spread of the virus, neither in an individual, nor on the planet.

People talk about reptilians: you are one.
People talk about zombies: you are one.
People talk about robots: you are one.

Avatar-film-1.1Unless for some strange individual reason someone was largely spared.

I have found some Australians where the virus hasn’t taken all of them and my work with them has a chance.
I have found a few individuals of Slavic origin…
Rare exceptions.

I know that my work probably won’t make a difference on a large scale… but that is not enough reason for me to stop.

Remember, I am interested in making the impossible possible. That is my work. That is what wakes me up in the morning.

So, what can I do for you if I can’t probably help you to reverse the virus? I can help you reduce the effects of the virus on you.

My remedies and my activators work well, proven, and fast.

The Heaven on Earth remedy that has the 40 Bach Energies will dull the emotional roller coaster, and help you breathe better, sleep better, digest better, move better. Heal faster, and have better relationships. It will remove the emotions that render you confused, dull, inattentive, and unsuccessful. The remedy Sleep Rescue is the exact formulation: you sleep better because you feel better.

The Unconditional Love Activator remedy has, in addition to the 40 Bach Energies, has the incorruptible version of the Unconditional Love Activator that neutralizes society’s hold on you, neutralizes the having to, needing to, wanting to, and should that has been jerking you around, allowing you no choice in the matters of your life. Amazing.

The Effortless Abundance Activator has the 40 Bach Energies, the Unconditional Love Activator, and all the second and third phase energies. It’s most significant effect on you is reducing the Desire to receive for the Self Alone, the desire to judge, to control, to with others harm… jealousy, greed, envy, power hunger, all the energies that tighten your jaw, and your chest. The energies of fixing yourself and others. The energy of “Unless I am X, I am nothing.” The energies of “either you or me”

And then there are the Avatar State Audios. Most people should just use the Harmonize Your Vibration, because most people’s vibration is under 200. But even if your vibration is above 200, the Harmonize Your Vibration is the most effective paralyzer of the virus that is reducing you to a zombie.

Even I return to it when I get caught up in anger, or indecision, or fear. It is amazing.

And although none of these are a cure, they delay your descent into zombie, and they allow you feel like a person again.

PS: As I was readying this article to be published, I had a sudden flash of insight: when the first fish came out to dry land… it may have been just one fish, and it died without producing offspring. And hundreds, maybe thousands of years passed before another fish climbed out to dry land… and maybe this time it was a pregnant female. This female’s offspring were born with the new DNA, with the DNA of a new species that could live on dry land.

The Planet of Apes sci-fi is significant, because it shows that there will be a next species, human beings, as soon as a pregnant female crosses over. Unfortunately I am not in a childbearing age… 🙁

And it may be hundreds or thousands of years before another human crosses over to human being… in spite of the viralization that is happening every minute of every day.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Coherence to incoherence… the path to becoming zombie”

  1. Sophie, what a powerful article! Thank you!! It brought tears to my eyes.

    We had a tornado hit the ground 3 miles from where I am staying and as I was sitting in the closet listening to wind and hail I chose not to resist the tornado. Sounds strange but it works.

    It gets stranger when I have to stay in the house with a drunk owner with no water and no electricity but it doesn’t bother me I am at peace in my “own space”. No fear and no worry. I am thankful that I have my cellphone to read your amazing articles.

    I am so grateful for you Sophie! Grateful with tears. Thank you!

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