Updated: What is Source’s Take on Negativity?

say no to negativity and get stuck with it People talk about positive and negative, positivity, negativity, and other Law of Attraction b.s. but they are completely misdirected, mistaken, shallow and involved in magical thinking.

The only real divisions of “content” when it comes to your mind, your actions, your emotions, your intentions, your context and principles: is it from the Tree of Life or from the Tree of Knowledge, or said in an even simpler way: is it reality or is it unreality, is it a fact or is it a fiction.

As I am working with people, students, clients, they can’t tell the difference. Why? Because they were never told how to recognize fact from fiction, because we have them collapsed. In another article I address this phenomenon of collapsing, but for now I’ll only say that it’s akin like putting two photo negatives over each other: they form one picture where you can’t tell which part comes from which negative: truth or fiction. This is your current state of awareness.

  1. accomplishment, fulfillment, tree of lifeWhen you look at life from the point of view of Tree of Life, or you are looking at the facts without meaning, without interpretation, without drawing conclusions: you are connected to Source. Your guidance comes straight from Source or through your Soul.

    You are actively and consciously supporting the Soul in correcting its ego nature. There is nothing that you have to do, need to do, should do, you are at peace, you are at choice, you are loved, and life is wonderful. You love difficult tasks because they allow you to exercise your mind and your muscles. You like to win for winning’s sake. You like to accomplish stuff. Understand new things, learn stuff it takes a little sweat.

    Easy is OK from time to time, but you definitely prefer hard. There is juice there, excitement, accomplishment, and fulfillment.celebrating accomplishment

    You feel good about yourself. You feel good about your relationships. People like you. And you like them. You know how to say yes, and you know how to say no. You know who you are and who you are is wonderful, capable, always well.

    You love working: working is creating stuff, producing value, and you love that. You also like to play, rest, but more than anything, you like to work.

  2. The results of living disconnected from Source: utter misery Tree of Knowledge: The life of meaning, unreality, conclusions: You live, in this paradigm with a firm “knowledge” that Life is dangerous. People are there only to annoy you, hurt you, delay you, slow you down, or force you to speed up. You only work so you have money to be able to play. Your favorite activities are physical delights, food, a latte from Starbucks, a cigarette, a nap, a walk in the sand.

    You can’t wait for retirement. You need money, you want money, your whole world is about money.giving up, obeying fear, shrinking, fright

    You can’t be happy unless… unless everything is smooth. Unless people agree with you. Unless people like you. Unless you like your job. Unless you make a lot of money. Unless you lose those pounds. Unless nothing hurts. Unless life is easy. Unless what you want just comes to you. Unless, unless, unless.You are OK with your family, but the rest of humanity: garbage. Maybe some exceptions, maybe.

    You are curious about people’s stories. Love to talk about people. Love drama, love gossip, secretly experience glee over people’s misfortune. As long as it’s not you, life is OK.

    You despise anything that is hard, you despise having to do anything, you run for the hills when the least amount of hardship is heading your way.

    You should all have it handed to you. It should be easy, it should be fair.

    Those nasty rich people should just give you what you want: you are just as good as they are, how come they have all the money!? They must be crafty, greedy bastards.

    You dream of a fair world where you can just have fun, be content, be on the phone, an iphone, at least! and feel smart.

Positive and negative? The Tree of Knowledge way of looking at life.

I am part of an internet marketing coaching group where the word “hard” and “failure” are not allowed.

When hard and failure are on the black list, people can’t enjoy their successes, don’t experience real accomplishment, because accomplishment means it was hard… and if it was easy then it wasn’t a big deal, ergo no accomplishment, no fulfillment, empty, hollow.

They can’t fail and learn from their failure: no, here, in this group, it is not allowed. “No negativity allowed,” they say, and they are paying for it dearly.

People paid to be in this group at least six grands, but can’t show a grand thousand dollars worth of results for a year’s worth of tuition, not even a single one of them.

Why? Because life needs to be lived in the direction it’s going. Like a horse… when you try to force it the other way, it stinks. Like getting no return on your six grand investment.

Life goes the way life goes… Life doesn’t know good or bad, success or failure. These are human inventions, the world of Tree of Knowledge, the world of unreality. When you avoid failure, you avoid success. When you avoid pain you avoid life.

Stupid if you ask me.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Updated: What is Source’s Take on Negativity?”

  1. What I take from this now is that I want to continue/expand/deepen my capacity to discern fact from fiction.

    This sounds basic, but I still don’t have it internalised.

    Catching the mind making up stuff is still hit and miss, sometimes instant (hooray!) sometimes takes longer . The next thing is to not to care about those … They are part of the false dichotomy of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and celebrating success/canning failure … the opposite direction of acceptance.

  2. actually Catherine, canning failure (If I understand the weird Australian English in that expression) you are doing the opposite of acceptance.

    Failure, although unpleasant, is an excellent teacher, and hanging out with it is priceless. Also takes the sting out of it.

  3. You are right, I used a confusing term (canning).

    What you said in your comment is what I was attempting to state: that celebrating success and rejecting or dismissing failure is the opposite direction of acceptance.

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