Is the love that you feel a good guidance for your life?

There is a saying I like: you can feel your way through life.

Is that feeling an emotion?

Question: Is the love that you feel a good guidance for your life?

If there are at least 10 comments, YOUR answers to this question, I will tell you what is Source’s take on this…

Now, comment. Let me know what you think so we can see if you and Source are in alignment, OK? Please…

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The answer to this question will sort out your question: why you aren’t living your soul’s purpose… and how you could.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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29 thoughts on “Is the love that you feel a good guidance for your life?”

  1. I really want to give an awesome answer, but there’s no billshitting you, so I’m not sure. I’d like to think one can feel his/her way through life. I just hope you get 10 answers. Geesh!

  2. No. At least not for me as I rarely feel the kind of love that allows me not to want to change or fix that which I ;think’ is unloving or kind and so, I end up with a huge sadness, I don’t think I know what love really is. Mostly it enslaves me on the outside anyway.

  3. No, it’s not emotion, even if we use the language of emotion to describe it. It’s a knowing; it’s something deeper, closer to the level of being. The emotions and passions ride on top of it. It is clarified by experience.

  4. Okay. I did not answer the right question. I didn’t even see the right question. That’s very telling. Maybe I’m answering the wrong question in life.

    If it’s a choice between following love or fear in life, following the love you feel is a good form of guidance. Love, in action, as both being and doing can be a self-correcting pathway through life.

  5. Yes. If/when you follow your heart then you do what you love and you love what you do.

  6. There is a saying I like: you can feel your way through life.
    Is that feeling an emotion?
    Question: Is The Love That You Feel A Good Guidance For Your Life?

    It depends on the sort of love. If the emotion is, (to use your words), coming from a place of love for the self alone, then it is not good guidance. If the emotion is coming from that infinitely expansive place, of love for all that is, it offers perfect guidance. I have found that guidance is often the opposite of what my mind wanted it to be or thought was best. Do I always follow the true guidance? I think you know the answer :). x

  7. My experience has been that physical attraction to the other sex sometimes mascerades as love and that certainly is NOT a good place to be guided from. Any mushy, sentimental feelings that may seem like love can easily lead astray.

    There is an experience though of rightness coupled with a drive to do something, be somewhere or connect with someone that I would describe as love (in action) that is a reliable form of guidance. Rather than feeling good, it is more a peaceful inner knowing of it being right.

  8. In our current state, the answer is no. All emotion is guidance, negative emotion tells us that we are taking on a perspective that is different from and not in alignment with Source. Positive emotion, like love, tells us that we are in alignment with Source. However, what we call love, attached to external conditions, control and needing the object of our love to be different – that isn’t love. We mislabel the emotion and then use it for guidance which leads to unintended outcomes. Most of us cannot feel and interpret our guidance how it was intended.

  9. No, I don’t think the emotion itself is a good guidance… it seems to me like acting on or for it can make one ignore what’s really there, blind him for the possible consequences of his decisions. Based on the moment naivete OR settling for what’s comfortable so that life is bearable, moment to moment.

  10. from my experience, when I allow love (which ultimately, is the only thing that I am outside this realm of duality) to guide my life, then yes, love is trustworthy and faithful guidance. not love as an emotion or feeling, but love that is being.

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