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This post is 4 years old… It needs urgent updating…

What is this site about?

It is not the easiest thing to explain because it is not politically correct.

  • This is not a website for profit.
  • This is not a website to inform.
  • This is not a website to entertain.

And it may do some or all the above.

Some time between last Christmas and June of this year, it became clear to me that I have a calling, I have a talent, and I am willing to do Source’s work: be the go-between between Source and Humanity.

As it has unfolded in the past year, Source never had an agreement with humanity to connect to its creator. 1 The souls did, but the humans never have, never thought they could have or should have.

Because of the nature of All-of-It, this arrangement works, but it has its negatives: it doesn’t really serve the souls, and humanity is on the verge of self-destruction.

Now, whether Source cares or not for humanity is not known, but it cares whether this grand experiment, humanity with its incessant appetite for growth and expansion is in harmony with Source, and Source’s desire.

But like any stray, stray cat, stray dog, humanity has been growing like a weed, not rhyme, no reason, not moral compass, no spiritual laws: the only laws that are spoken are spoken rarely and not loudly enough.

This is the case in the beginning of the 21st Century. Global warming, monetary crisis, overwhelment by media, by internet, by electronic communication: the values are getting lost, no culture, no real knowledge, and humans are growing backwards.

The other problem with humanity is that it has this superior equipment fashioned from the same substance Source is made of, thinking substance: a substance that creates what it fixes its though about.

At this point, humanity, unwittingly, creates nasty stuff: worry and fear based thought creates nasty stuff. Much like when I used to cry as a kid and my mom used to say: I’ll give you something to cry about.

There have always been some humans that figured out how to connect to Source and co-create with Source: 7,000 people in the history if humanity.

I am one of them.

Most people that claim to be spiritual teachers do not connect, most of them don’t know how to connect. They, at best, connect to an imaginary, man-made realm, the so called 4th plane: the plane of fairies, goblins, angels, spirits, spirit guides and other entities, eerily like humans. They encompass good and bad. The only common characteristic is that they, like humans, have an ego, and are self-serving.

I have the capability to be guided by Source, I have the humility to be doing Source’s work. It is my honor and privilege to do Source’s work.

I also have a capability to be able to connect to any human being and know where their attention is, what they feel, how they move, what hurts etc. With this capability, which is called empathy, I can guide and teach people to

  1. connect correctly to Source
  2. practice using their equipment correctly
  3. start creating with their thoughts

In order to take humanity from where it is to where it can live and use its innate powers to create, but not destroy, there has to be a major and fundamental transformation.

The main work of transformation is

  1. reveal how it is
  2. activate feeling and knowing capacities that have been dormant but are part of the Original Design
  3. cause humanity to become cause instead of effect
  4. cause responsibility and accountability for All-of-It and the results of one’s actions

My work is to work with a handful of “testers” that are willing to be taught, willing to practice, willing to test activators, etc. so Source, periodically, can create a one-step activator download that implants what there is to know with one command.

There have been hundreds of individual activators tested, and they have been combined into Phase 1,2 and 3 major downloads.

We entered Phase 4 on December 1. This phase is mainly the correct and skillful use of the mind. And in this phase we also experiment with Bach Flower Remedies that has 38 potential activators that we haven’t started.

My thorough knowledge of the human condition, my willingness to live my life as an experiment, and the fact that I have other sources of income, make me a viable person to do this work successfully.

The articles are my way of channeling, working things out for myself, and if possible, teach.

Some of what’s on the site is hard to understand: it’s ok with me. It was written between Source and myself: Source understood it. That is good enough for me.

My personal deadline to get the 1-command activator for any human to become able to use their equipment correctly and to the benefit of all is June 15, 2012.

Everything is going on schedule.


  1. This, actually, is not quite true. According to the Bible, Source made a covenant with Abraham, and according to the covenant Jews were given the right and the obligation to connect to Source and live by higher moral standards than other people. Although this is true, the way I see this, this didn’t quite happen: not all Jews connected and not all the time. Not all Jews held up higher standards and not all the time. But if my feelings are correct, as a people they have been closer to being on the right path than any other people… but almost won’t count. Being close to connecting isn’t connecting either.

16 thoughts on “About 2”

  1. Very interedting, but i still don't quite get it.maybe one of these days it will come to me just what this is all about.

  2. love your smile regardless of tim 🙂 i just want to know HOW to connect to SOURCE. was muscle tested a couple months back at 299 but i FEEL like minus 299. regardless of numbers,,, i am STUCK and can't seem to break out of it..

    going to go & read some more of your writings,,

    thanks very much

  3. Hey Bernie, you need tools to break out of a stuck state. I was in one yesterday… felt helpless, cheated, and 5 years old… But didn't last long, I used the tools and got out. Better than before…

    Maybe you should come to some classes. Tuesday night, Monday and Thursday morning, Saturday morning and night… one should work for you.

    OH, and thank you for the compliment. Muah.

  4. Hi Sophie. One of the most interesting sections of your site are Vibrational Reviews. I hope you post about Holosync soon. I have two questions:

    1. What are your thoughts on the Reconnection method by Dr. Eric Pearl

    2. Do you believe people can (or perhaps already do) live on prana alone? What level would that be?

  5. Xenia, I have posted about Holosync before, just search in the sidebar.

    I have been meaning to write about the reconnection method
    I don't know what prana really is, but it seems that prana is a Tree of Knowledge phenomenon, and I don't know the answer. I am not doing stuff in the Tree of Knowledge paradigm

  6. Hi Sophie,

    thank you for your report on the 'healing modalities' from the book “The Healing Codes”.I appreciated your attempt,if it was your true intention & motivation, to try to help me understand the heaing codes from “The Healing Codes” book.But your report still did not help me understand what these healing codes are, or where i can freely find them,or how these codes relate to the book's claim that you can heal by applying certain codes.If possible,I would appreciate,but don't expect, that you could tell me,at no cost, where i can get these 'healing codes', so i can see if they work.All i got from the book was that you could heal by praying to some higher power,or aligning your intentions to some higher source,or by using affrmations you can heal.This is very simplistic stuff to someone like me who has more than a basic understanding of spiritual techniques,& so made me feel that The 'Healing Codes' book was a ripoff & not worth the money i paid for it, & certainly was never deserving of the high ratings it got on Amazon,which prompted me,& unfortunately many other people, to waste their money buying it.The book just seemed to me to be a far too over-hyped con-job, because it gave the name of websites where you were supposed to(but never did,at least not for free ) find access to codes that would heal your life.These codes should have already been included in the price of the book.But in the place of the codes the book was over-padded with unhelpful stories instead. The book was highly endorsed by 'readers' & dubious 'experts' who were probably paid, or probably part of some type of pyramid-selling/'Ponzy-type scheme.This probably required them to give high recommendations on Amazon,or other places,to a book that was,in my opinion, only worthy of very low ratings.I hope that you were not a part of this Sophie, but if you were then i don't think spiritual deception is good karma.Anyway, i choose to believe,as i don't have any evidence to the contrary, that you only have good intentions to help others with your website, because it is a far better,more enlightening read than the unsatisfactory “The Healing Codes” ever was.

    ThankYou.Blessings from John Hall

  7. ok, I have misplaced my book. I wanted to give you the pages… but here is the clue: the ugly drawn pictures of a man holding up his hands… those are the 4 positions of the code. Read that chapter and you will be on your way.

    Oh, and I do recommend my Bach Flower remedies instead. Order form on the right sidebar

  8. Hi Sophie,

    on your site you say “You can get first and second-phase activation on a free webinar, and third phase activations live on the Daily Connection, recorded (works as well as the live) can be purchased here”

    Now that the free webinar is over, where can a person get the first and second-phase activation so they can purchase the third? I did not see the first two available for purchase on your site.

    Many thanks

  9. Erika, you are the first person who asks for it… I don't know. Let me think. When I figure out, I will post it somewhere for all to see. OK? I apologize, I used to do the second and third phase for free on the connection calls, but have stopped since…

  10. Hello dear Sophie,
    It’s the eyes and the great smile and the hutspah …
    I tried to connect to your webinar a few times on iPad and laptop from Cabo San Lucas Mexico very bad connection sometimes, I think one time I did some exercises guided by you, I don’t know if it was right, but anyway I will be on next one and hope I can be your student .
    Yours truly Henry

  11. Benshitta – bullshitter! What a load of crap – zionist lies – jo dunning only one with integrity out of all – you have no talent – you are not special -youn are not even human -hence the great lie!

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