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Update January 19 2016: I didn’t realize I haven’t updated this page for such a long time. And so many things have changed!

One of the new things is that I have discovered that I can activate, turn on DNA spiritual capacities. I had done that, en masse, but turns out that it needs to be done individually. Moreover the recipient needs to do a lot of work to earn it. But, to date, that is the most important contribution I can make to a human…

I have also found it a unique contribution to be able to measure many different elements that contribute to who you are, how much money you have, how happy you are, how healthy you are.

I call these the Starting Point Measurements

Updated October 19, 2012

I am here to help the Creator initiate the first members of the next humanity, the new humanity.

There have been several on this planet, this isn’t happening for the first time.

The time has come to make a leap… on the eve of the events of 2012 and 2013.

A lot of work goes into the new design: an intimate knowledge of what went wrong, and an intimate, tested knowledge of what design changes are needed to make the next level of evolution of human beings really be fulfilling the model of the Creator fully.

A lot of people and companies offer transformational programs.

Context is decisive, and their context is money, fame, and other benefits they gain from it. Then there are the do-gooders: their context is to help others, but the underlying motivation is still selfish.

My job is to be the go-between between humanity and people.

On one hand, To map out what is really there, how did humanity devolve into the state it is, how Dark Side is able to run humanity’s life to further its own selfish purposes.

On the other hand to test different modalities, test their efficacies, to test and test some more.

I work tirelessly to provide the feedback, and to stay in constant contact, so we stay on target. For that end the profit motive has been completely removed from my operation: the only reason we charge people for any of our offerings, because of the current culture where people need to be vested, financially, to take anything seriously.

We came to this conclusion after years of teaching carefully selected people, and produced meager results with them.

When the same people were asked to pay, some of them stayed on and started to produce results.

We have lots of tools, and we invent new tools daily. Some work, some don’t. Different combinations work or don’t work.

The question you probably have at this point, why me. Why am I doing this work and not someone else.

The answer is simple: I have been groomed lifetime after lifetime to do this work, to become capable to do it.

I am fully human. I am not an outsider, not a walk-in. Human. With a human history of trials, failures, abuse, success, life.

I am also given some unique capacities that are useful for doing this work, I could even say mandatory.

I am an empath. Not just an empath, a “true” empath. I feel people’s, animals’, plants’ feelings, emotions, and I even feel some physical sensations, pain, pressure, breathing. I wield energies given to me by Source. I use them to improve the human condition, to keep some people well, heal problems, explore weaknesses, find the cause of things… like behaviors.

I can feel your thoughts, I can locate your self, track your attention, sense your will, your heart, your soul and your ego.

I deliver my “programs” which are always tests, in small group webinar sessions. The size of the group is limited by how many individuals I can feel at any one time without getting confused.

The work I do in these small groups raises people’s vibrational frequency, and makes a profound difference. Turns people slowly and steadily into the new type of human, while Source is watching.

This is what I do, this is what we do here.

End update

My background

Sophie BenShitta Maven. That is my name.

I am a Hungarian born Jew. I have lived in Hungary, Israel and now in the US.

I am an architect by formal training. I practiced architecture in all three countries, I won awards and competitions, but I was a very unhappy architect.

As it seems, I chose architecture because my mother couldn’t become one. I am not visual: I express myself through language and through movements of my face or my body… I felt immensely deprived during the 22 years I was in architecture.

In 1988 I finally left the profession. I started a magazine that I designed, wrote, and distributed myself. It was a ton of fun, finally having to communicate for a living.

In 1998 I got deadly ill, went through an operation that left me with major brain damage: my common sense brain functions were seriously impaired. I started to do massages: I didn’t need to be too smart for that.

In 2000 I was introduced to energies, and was attuned to very strong, very transformative energies. I moved to Syracuse, NY where life is less demanding, and the energies are less veiled. In 2003 I started my “ascension” by first shaking my brain into wholeness, restoring most of the brain functions I lost in 1998, and seeing that there was a path for me. I didn’t know where it would go, but I stepped on it.

Today I have sufficiently raised my vibration to feel confident that I can teach a whole generation of people to follow me in my footstep.

what’s different about me?

  • most teachers talk about transformation
  • others show what it would take to create transformation
  • yet others show you how to transform in the moment, moment by moment, but the effects do not stick
  • many spiritual teachers talk about spirituality
  • other spiritual teachers allow you to connect to the Creator through them
  • spiritual methodologies, like Transcendental Meditation (TM) use an intermediary to connect to the Divine Source: Kabbalah, Judaism, Christianity do that
  • In the Eastern Traditions people create space between their real self and the world, but do not connect, with rare exception, to the Divine Source

I teach you to connect to Source

What does “connecting to source” do?

  • It puts you and your decisions in your life into vibrational harmony with “All-of-it” and allows good things to come to you and bad things to avoid you.
  • It makes you, to the degree that you have raised your vibration, impervious to the bad things in life, especially negativity.
  • Ultimately, directly connecting to Source will assist you in raising your vibrational frequency. That is what Source wants, and that is what you get in that 2-way connection.

What is vibration or vibrational frequency?

Vibration is a measure of your connectedness. It is not a “real” number, it is a relative position indicator. A relative position between not connected and fully connected. It is also a measure to what degree you live, think and teach according to Reality, the Original Design.

The principle of Jesus Christ is considered the most connected (1,000), and you, at your most desperate moment is considered around 25~35.

Being connected to the Source of Life is what lifts you out of depression, desolation, frustration, anger, hostility, prejudice, fear, shame, guilt… just to name a few of the low-vibration states.

How do you measure vibrational frequency?

As I said above, vibrational frequency is not a real number, the real number would be too many digits to comprehend. Instead it is a relative location on the map of consciousness, and that relative location can easily “measured” by muscle testing.

It is not recommended that you muscle test your own vibration, unless it is above 250. Why? Because under 250 your ego will take over the test, and the results will be skewed.

What can I do for you?

I can teach you to connect. I can activate your divine blueprint with you and for you. I can teach you how to get into vibrational harmony with what you want, money, health, intimacy, your life’s purpose.

Watch me to get a sense of who I am

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