The Abundance Mentality Generator

Start On Your Way To Create Real Abundance
By Re-Building Who You Are, Effortlessly

From: Sophie Benshitta Mavensophie benshitta maven
Date: Thursday, October 24, 2019

If you have read my Effortless Abundance booklet: that report was about experiencing abundance without an actual increase in stuff... joy, peace, contentment, but you needed to work really hard for it... Thousands of people bought that report. Not one of them succeeded.

The Abundance Mentality Generator is different in that it actually enables you to take action, to create abundance, to take action in a direction that leads to an actual increase in abundance and prosperity; whether it is abundance of money, abundance of stuff, abundance of knowledge, abundance of joy, of love, of contentment, whatever you consider abundance, the actions will lead to more abundance.

The Abundance Mentality Generator

  1. SHARPENS your intuition so you can hear the whispers of wisdom from within

  2. INCREASES your intelligence, so you can act faster and without having to compare your decisions with the misleading guidance you have been receiving.

  3. AWAKENS your courage so when you are clear about the step, you will actually take it

  4. REDUCES your anxiety and fear, so you spend more time in clarity

  5. ALLOWS you to see the bigger picture, so your steps will build something instead of nothing

How Does The Abundance Mentality Generator Do All That?

Your Starting Point Could Be At Any Of Three Places:

  1. You know that all value comes from your action, but you are in scarcity mindset, about the world, about your abilities, reduced to hoping:
    • You feverishly (and reactively) work towards some goal that isn't happening.
    • You scramble.
    • You do things, but they may not be in the right order or not, or they may not be the right thing to do.
    • There is not much rhyme and reason to your feverish activity: your chances to succeed are slim.

  2. You believe that value received doesn't need to be earned. You've tried to activate the Law of Attraction, to no avail.
    • You are hoping, having your hand out
    • You believe some god, some law, some miracle will give you what you want
    • You continue producing what you've been producing, which could be not much value, or nothing.

  3. You are resigned. You are waiting to die.

The Abundance Mentality Generator
Works From The Ground Up.

  1. The Abundance Mentality Generator restores your role in your life as the source of your wealth and happiness. This is a big deal. Without this principle you are operating on quicksand: sooner or later whatever you'd accomplish would be washed away.

    If you accomplish nothing else, it puts you on the path of winning, and puts you into the small fragment of society that takes responsibility for their lives.

  2. The Abundance Mentality Generator helps you reclaim your right to desire the fruit of your labor, to work for reward and enjoy it. Without this you will get discouraged before you accomplish anything, or alternatively you'll destroy what you earn, because you don't feel your deserve it.

    There are countless of examples I could give you for that, for frittered thousands, money spent on drug user boy friends, money given away... you don't want to be one of these. You want to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

  3. The Abundance Mentality Generator helps you take an honest inventory of your skills and your opportunities.

    Without this you are pissing in the wind... so to say. You are delusional, and your efforts will be misdirected.

  4. The Abundance Mentality Generator helps you see the bigger picture, big enough to actually draw a map of actions that will take you to the desired result, or at least closer.

  5. The Abundance Mentality Generator will awaken your courage that is mandatory to take action on the steps you see, and although going to uncharted territory always involves fear and anxiety, it equips you to deal with it and not allow it to stop you.

  6. You will have the presence of mind to look at new opportunities that are popping up to distract you, and choose the path you have thought through, you have designed, and not get off your path, into the swamp, into the exact same behavior that plagues you now.

This is The Abundance Mentality Generator. Using your unspoiled inner energies to the degree that you have them.

It puts in you nothing that you don't already have, but strips away the lies, the hopes, the wishes, the delusions, so you can actually work with what you have and be impervious to seductive shiny objects that are duping you into taking hasty and wrong actions at present.

What is The Abundance Mentality Generator?

This is an mp3 file. It is made subliminal, it is combined with nature sounds.

It is NOT:

It is not your usual subliminal, your dumb affirmations that your subconscious cringes when it hears it.

It is also not your binaural beats that scrambles your mind so when you are finished listening to the noise, you feel a lot clearer than before.

It is

This is a high-energy Avatar Beam (if you haven't watched the Avatar cartoon movies, they are great. watch them on Netflix...) Pristine energy containing the blueprint of the Universe, and the wisdom and energy of hundreds of previous Avatars of the ages.

Two previous Avatars were Moses and Mozart. Both brought down Avatar Beams to alter the fate of humanity... Mozart used his music as carrier, Moses used the tablets to carry the energy.

The activator will open your blockages, and keep them open, a little bit, so you can see the difference.

Awareness is needed. Without awareness the openings will close fast.

You will be give opportunities to face your "demon", face the "tiger" so you can clear, yourself, the blockages.

The activator is like a catalyst: you need to do the work.

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