Intrapersonal intelligence, the ability and willingness to look within and see accurately

People with intrapersonal intelligence are adept at looking inward and figuring out their own feelings, motivations and goals. They are quintessentially introspective. They analyze themselves and seek understanding. People with intrapersonal intelligence are intuitive and usually introverted.

A year or two ago I saw a rather amateurish but good Singaporean TV show (The Truth Seekers) that shook me to my core... and woke me up.

I may be a conspiracy seeker... but I have a hunch that we, humans, have been trained, for millennia,  by society to look the other way, to deny human nature, and escape into nice-nice, and sugar and spice, instead of confronting head-on what we call human nature. Continue reading "Intrapersonal intelligence, the ability and willingness to look within and see accurately"

Playground: it is never too late to have a happy childhood

The playground distinction: A simple distinction really... uncollapse reality and your commentary and you'll stop marker feelings (emotions) from pulling you out of your well-being. 1

A relatively short sentence... But like with everything that is simple: it is not easy.

It is not easy to see, and it is not easy to not leave the two sides collapsed... the world, religion, society, your rules fight against it.

Morality, societal rules, personal rules, ego

  • If your moral values come from religion, school, they will be hard to break
  • Your ego may have created rules in which you have to be smart, even smarter than others... hard to break
  • Your ancestral history may put you in a victim/abused/exploited mindset, and that is hard to break
  • Your soul correction may work actively against you growing, becoming whole and complete
  • and a lot more (Read the footnotes!)

In a previous article I mentioned that even though I even lead the Playground back in 1988, I got a huge breakdown that I could barely climb through in 1995 when my mother died.

How is that possible? I was already masterful at uncollapsing the two sides of the picture... so why? How? What was missing? Continue reading "Playground: it is never too late to have a happy childhood"

Generosity, choosing, gratitude

Generosity was one of the distinctions I spent years researching and trying to BE...

It is a tricky way to be, the full meaning of generosity, because almost no one ever is really generous.

We normally equate giving with generosity. Some give stuff, others give praise, some give of themselves.

Most generosity makes the recipient suspicious: what is the ulterior motive?

And rightly so: culturally, human culture, I mean, generosity doesn't make sense... only trade does. "I give you this, so you'll give me that."

And yet, there are a very few people who are actually generous, and they are happy. WTF, right?

Here is another important question: just like with love, whose experience matters, the giver or the receiver? Continue reading "Generosity, choosing, gratitude"

Dark side attack, hurry, and how choosing can save the day

What is a Dark Side event? Hard to know... but it is a lot like a locust swarm event... 1 you see the aftermath, the people's vibration dropping, bad behaviors that were already forgotten are revived, the water losing its coherence, inside you and outside you.

My own experience is quite dramatic: hurry has crept back... anger, anxiety, wallowing, and the water.

What is it about hurry that is harmful? All of it. Continue reading "Dark side attack, hurry, and how choosing can save the day"

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation… But why?

You cannot help/change something that you don't know what causes it...

Thoreau thinks misplaced value is the cause: We feel a void in our lives, and we attempt to fill it with things like money, possessions, and accolades.

I think that the truth is deeper than that.

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so
the necessary may speak." - Hans Hoffman

Things are never how the mass of men want them to be. Not the way they want to feel, not what they want to do and not what they want to have.

Money is never enough. Or time... Or fun is never fun enough. Not enough love. Not enough respect. Not enough of anything.

On yesterday's grocery shopping trip (I don't have a car. So I go shopping with the community center's van for old people.) I watched the other people... two days before the next "pay" comes in, they barely had enough money to buy an item or two. One spent those few bucks on wine... One couldn't even come to shop... not until he gets his check.

I talked to an 80 year old and a 95 year old woman. By that age, it seems, you appreciate if you are feeling halfway decent. I am only 71... I'll be next Tuesday... if you want to wish me happy birthday.

But most people aren't that old, and they, you, are dissatisfied. Continue reading "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation… But why?"

Choosing, choosing what is — updated with a live recording

You'll need beginner's mind for this...

Some mornings I have nothing to say. I am likely running on empty.

Two reasons, two causes, two energy leaks:

  • 1. reading something that has no substance to fill me up 1 and
  • 2. talking to someone whose echo empties me... like a black hole.

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How do you pick a life philosophy, how do you pick a guru?

Tons of people come to my site to read my valuation of many gurus' vibration. When they are done, they choose... How they choose, what they choose says everything about them, not about the guru, not about the method, not about the modality... but about them.

It tells ME what life-philosophy they subscribe to, by what ideology they live their lives. And also how happy they are...

Some ideologies are life affirming, others aren't.

I spent some time today looking at certain things through this new concept: the fixed mindset.
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Let’s talk about sexual preference

chose to be straightTwice in my life I had a choice to choose being attracted to women... I mean mainly.

The first time the choice was made for me: when the woman found out that I had no history of being attracted to women, she said: "I won't do that to you." I was about 22.

The second time I found myself turned on by a woman dancing, and I clearly saw a choice. I saw that I could choose to pursue that, but with that I would choose a life of hiding, a life of not fitting in, a hard life. I chose not to go for it.

As a sex therapist, coach, I talk to a lot of people.

I don't buy that you are born gay. You are born normal, but are turned at some point.
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Do you ever wonder how life would have turned out, had you made different decisions? Different choices?

Do you ever wonder how life would have turned out, had you made different decisions? Different choices?

The other day I didn't feel like working at all... so I watched two movies in a row.

Both were interesting, but the one... about choices, made a deep imprint on me, and made me look at this issue: choices.
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Choices: who is making your choices?

choices-3Life is full of choices. We, for the most part, don't see that we are choosing because the chooser is the mind, is habit, is societal right and wrong, and we don't get to experience the fact that every time we choose something we say yes to something and no to everything else.

For example, when you choose to always take the long road, when you choose to move slowly and hesitantly, or alternatively being in a hurry, haste... (your typical life, wouldn't you say?) you choose to fill your life with stuff that doesn't contribute to you... you are just wasting time. 1 Or when you choose to wait till the last minute to do the homework that is observing this or that... you also really choose to not do it... because you can't observe in the last minute... so you chose to stay the same... Can you see that?

I know it is quite futile to strive to wake up everybody, but I am allowed to strive to wake up some people, so that's what I am going to do.
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