The cost of believing in the power of mind

people don't think... and thinking is power.You are supposedly the peak of evolution… and you supposedly have a brilliant tool: your thinking brain. But when you only use it to do mind-functions, remembering and recalling, you use only 1-3% of its power… and you are a slave. Unless you have the courage to learn to use your brain correctly… you’ll remain a slave.

A famous physics professor, one day, was shaking his head.

‘I can’t teach them physics the way I learned physics’ he complained.

I interview students for my graduate program, and they are all, almost all, unable to think for themselves.

When they show up for the interview, I ask them: Why are you wearing the suit jacket you are wearing?
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The reason you are miserable… You are on the leash

you are on the leashHave to, need to, want to, and should: you are on the leash 24/7.

I woke up this morning and noticed that I haven’t been very busy. not much to do. I mean I am writing my articles, doing the services I promised, but not busy. I didn’t feel on the leash… delicious.

I wonder what I should do, now that I am not busy.

I came up with the idea to write a book: The empath’s job in a world where people are going numb.

Then I came to my computer and read a client’s email… and I had a flash of insight why humanity is going numb…

This is what this article is about. So you, at your place, in your person, arrest or maybe even reverse this seemingly unstoppable process that has resulted in your misery, carefully hidden, across the world, maybe even China. Who knows?
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Intrapersonal emotional intelligence, the ability and willingness to look within and see accurately

People with intrapersonal emotional intelligence are adept at looking inward and figuring out their own feelings, motivations and goals. They are quintessentially introspective. They analyze themselves and seek understanding. People with intrapersonal intelligence are intuitive and usually introverted.

A year or two ago I saw a rather amateurish but good Singaporean TV show (The Truth Seekers) that shook me to my core… and woke me up.

I may be a conspiracy seeker… but I have a hunch that we, humans, have been trained, for millennia,  by society to look the other way, to deny human nature, and escape into nice-nice, and sugar and spice, instead of confronting head-on what we call human nature. Continue reading “Intrapersonal emotional intelligence, the ability and willingness to look within and see accurately”

Is it too late for you? Is it too late for you to change?

What do I mean too late? I mean this: The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken

This saying sounds like the god honest truth, doesn’t it? But when I muscle test, it is only 20% true…

Why is the truth value of something universally accepted as truth?

It is true, because it takes effort and intention and commitment to break bad habits. And we, humans, are not very motivated to change any habit, let alone a habit that gets us pleasure… in another name, payoffs. But when people can see, when people can own that they pay with their lives, a lot more people are interested and are willing to make efforts…

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How your worldview keeps you hostage in a merry go round that is not enjoyable

Not many understand what worldview is… It is a difficult thing to explain… and thus this article was a difficult birth.

It took me two whole days, and it was not enjoyable. I could not do any other work either. The inability to get the expression was rendering me dead, or dead-ish…

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Playground: it is never too late to have a happy childhood

The playground distinction: A simple distinction really… uncollapse reality and your commentary and you’ll stop marker feelings (emotions) from pulling you out of your well-being. 1

A relatively short sentence… But like with everything that is simple: it is not easy.

It is not easy to see, and it is not easy to not leave the two sides collapsed… the world, religion, society, your rules fight against it.

Morality, societal rules, personal rules, ego

  • If your moral values come from religion, school, they will be hard to break
  • Your ego may have created rules in which you have to be smart, even smarter than others… hard to break
  • Your ancestral history may put you in a victim/abused/exploited mindset, and that is hard to break
  • Your soul correction may work actively against you growing, becoming whole and complete
  • and a lot more (Read the footnotes!)

In a previous article I mentioned that even though I even lead the Playground back in 1988, I got a huge breakdown that I could barely climb through in 1995 when my mother died.

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Generosity, choosing, gratitude

Generosity was one of the distinctions I spent years researching and trying to BE…

It is a tricky way to be, the full meaning of generosity, because almost no one ever is really generous.

We normally equate giving with generosity. Some give stuff, others give praise, some give of themselves.

Most generosity makes the recipient suspicious: what is the ulterior motive?

And rightly so: culturally, human culture, I mean, generosity doesn’t make sense… only trade does. “I give you this, so you’ll give me that.”

And yet, there are a very few people who are actually generous, and they are happy. WTF, right?

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