You don’t care… then why should I?

Finally, after seven months on the war path, two weeks ago I found the solution to get rid of all three near microscopic biting mites... (including what causes the mysterious Morgellons) and to my surprise, suddenly, at the same time, my whole attitude changed with regards to working.

Suddenly, I went from working bee... to "I did not want to work any more." I just wanted to read, play, watch Netflix. I didn't even want to write any articles any more.

WTF, right?

So yesterday I sat down and had a heart to heart with Source, through questions, of course.
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How to raise your consciousness to the level of guru in 18 months?

How to raise your consciousness to guru level in 18 months?

This article is seven years old...

I had a conversation with a friend of mine. She was the kind of friend who was in and out of my life... she lived a dramatic life and she needed help, technical, health, money, legal... that was the basis of our relationship.

I used to be the kind of person she was, and I have compassion. She didn't bring me down, and I enjoyed her unique view of life... she was a transgendered person, was born a man, and she lived as a woman. She never changed her name... she once got kicked out of an apartment because her name said Jeffrey (not her real name.)

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Intuitive, counter intuitive… what is that? Should you be intuitive?

The title of this post is tricky: what we consider intuitive and counter-intuitive, are most what answer the question: does it make sense?

And if it makes sense, then it is Tree of Knowledge, then it fits in with all the stuff that's stored in your mind, and in society's collective mind, and it is 99% certain to be wrong.

The real intuitive guidance you get needs you to be disconnected from Mind, and be connected to All-of-It... and that, for most people, has been impossible.

Most people would benefit from this story:
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Many of you don’t have a Self… here is how to find your Self

We all have two selves. One is real, the other is made up.

The bigger the distance between the two, the less authentic, the less happy we are.

When you love yourself: you love your life... said in another way: when the two selves are in harmony, you love your life.

The soul's (the real self) job is to cause character, the soul's job is to help you find out who you are. The Self. The person you are...

Many of you have not managed to distinguish a Self from all the ideas of who you should be, who you want to be, who you fancy yourself being... The precious I, the delusional self.

A Self is your "I" that is independent and defensible from other people's opinion, and from even your own opinion of you... when you make mistakes.

I know this is a mouthful, so let me elaborate:
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Three methods of growing yourself over time

I read some new self-growth suggestions, some new methods to grow yourself from the series of books I am reading.

I'll mention three of those in this article.

  • One: as soon as you wake up, look who you are going to help today. And put the question on your reticular activator, the part of you that once it trusts you, will do almost all the work of finding stuff for you... The rule of this spiritual practice is: you need a new person every day.
  • Two: grow 1% every day in health, wealth, love and fulfillment.

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The life of a pinball… or Your expectations and your disappointments

Your expectations and your disappointments reveal to you and to everyone who knows anything about the unconscious world view that makes sure you are miserable.

You learned that the Universe, Reality, your body, other people are like a vending machine. Push a button and outcomes what you wanted.

Or a car, or an electric mixer. Mechanistic, there for your service.

Even the evil people, religion, law of attraction, manifestation people teach that... with one little twist: if you are good, then the machine will turn on and spit out what you wanted.

So these people with their little twist make it your own fault if and when it doesn't work.

But what you think about the world and the way the world works are very different.

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Make your plane go where you want it to go…

Make your plane go where you want it to go...

This is probably the most shocking sentence in the whole 67 step program.

I literally don't know anyone who lives that way.

People try to succeed, try a diet, try this and try that... while their plane crashes in every area.

So what is the difference between who are like that, who are on their way to become that kind of person, and others who never ever land their plane on the landing strip? Continue reading "Make your plane go where you want it to go…"

Everything you ever wanted is available to you, if…

Everything you ever wanted is available to you, if...

... if you are willing to look and see what is so about you and your life.

The truth. Naked. Ugly. Often shameful.

Here is a correspondence I had with a client today:

She said: "I'm interested in changing my context since it's part of what keeps me stuck."

"... answering the questions: what am I doing? Why am I doing it?

Unless you have done the work of identifying what you have been doing, and why you have been doing it, no way you can shift the context. You cannot catch what you can't see. And you cannot change what you can't catch." Continue reading "Everything you ever wanted is available to you, if…"

Reframing: What is your higher power?

Frame: Your higher power? 1

Back in 1988 I had an emotional meltdown. I suddenly remembered things from my childhood.

I was suggested by someone in Landmark that it would be beneficial for me to join an ACOA group. Adult Children of Alcoholics and Dysfunctional Families.

I did. I had clear signals that I belonged. #1 of the identifying features of ACOA people is "I don't know who I am". 2

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