What can you learn and take away from longevity studies no matter what age you are?


Ever since I discovered that I can measure numbers about health, the health of different organs, and even biological age, I have been interested in listening to anti-aging, longevity "experts".

I admit, my grasp, my understanding is sketchy at best, and yet some of the health measurement numbers and my knowledge about the person they belong to start making more sense, than not.

So I am going to share with you, here, some of the valid insights I have gained. I say valid because I muscle test and Source says "true" "not true" "truth value" Continue reading "What can you learn and take away from longevity studies no matter what age you are?"

Are you flexible?


Your world view is hidden from your view, hidden from your awareness.

And it is, of course. World view is how the world IS for you, not how it seems.

If you have a fixed world view, than all the King's Horses and All the King's Men Could Not Put a new world view for you... unless you are willing to become flexible.

Cognitive flexibility has been more broadly described as the ability to adjust one's thinking from old situations to new situations as well as the ability to overcome responses or thinking that have become habitual and adapt to new situations. Continue reading "Are you flexible?"

Before a breakthrough you’ll have immense suffering


"There are people who take the heart out of you, and there are people who put it back," wrote author Charles de Lint. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, your heart will encounter far more of the latter than the former types of people in 2020. There may be one wrangler who tries to take the heart out of you, but there will be an array of nurturers who will strive to keep the heart in you — as well as boosters and builders who will add even more heart." my horoscope by Rob Brezsny came in the mail today.

It's been hard to be me. Continue reading "Before a breakthrough you’ll have immense suffering"

Gratitude, appreciation is for you, not for the other


I have students who fake thankfulness, gratitude... you can hear it. And occasionally they confess.

To me, to hear the fakeness, it indicates their wretchedness.

They think that gratitude, appreciation is social grease... and you give it to look good, to fit in, to obey some social rule, or because the other needs it.

Their knowledge about how reality works is completely missing...

Gratitude, what you are getting, all live in language... have no existence in reality. Without expressing gratitude you got nothing... and of course nothing to be grateful for.

But if you get nothing, ever, then you are wretched. You got nothing... and no joy, no being moved,no nice feelings, no connection with the other... you are an empty shell waiting to be filled. Continue reading "Gratitude, appreciation is for you, not for the other"

Collaging to activate Spiritual Capacities


Life works in mysterious ways...

The Law of Process is one of the most important laws of nature, of Life... and one of the laws the least number of people know about, or honors.

People are duped to believe that things just happen... and there is no process behind them happening.

Advertising, testimonials, articles, books, talk about the results, and talk about the path to them in a sketchy way... if ever.

So it is no surprise that any and all my students and clients expect instant results, instant enlightenment, instant happiness, blah blah blah when they deal with me.

Even people who have gone through a process to be as successful, or as unsuccessful as they are, cannot see the process.

I remember when I first began teaching and found out that I cannot teach what I know because Continue reading "Collaging to activate Spiritual Capacities"

Overwhelm, survival mode, resignation, what is the connection? And un-managed, how they lead to becoming dead man walking?


I had an important and eye-opening insight today. A looking back...

Let me tell you the story so you get the fact that the likelihood of me ever discovering this was between none and zero.

It began some 30 years ago when I was a magazine publisher. Every time a magazine was already in the street, I went to my computer and cleaned up the space, I archived everything that was said and done, made room for the new issue. I did the same thing in the office.

I called this time and energy consuming step "cleaning from the root", or alternatively "preparing for a new harvest"...

My life was organized, orderly, I was thin, vibrant, beautiful, and OK.

Then something happened. There is always something that happens before this process begins to really ramp up... but truth be told, it really begins around age 3... hidden for quite a while. Continue reading "Overwhelm, survival mode, resignation, what is the connection? And un-managed, how they lead to becoming dead man walking?"

As a man is, so he sees


The idea that you can get smarter needs to get clarified.

Why? Because people cannot see smart, cannot see how smart shows up, cannot see... anything other than themselves, how THEY are.

I talk to a few people every week. And I can tell that the way they see me is in comparison to themselves. Not as a person on my own right... no, they see me in the same picture as themselves... and they measure... hell, they measure, relentlessly, and guess what? I always come up short... or at best the same as them.

And we are talking about all kinds of aspects, levels of education, smarts, good/bad, etc... and yet in every aspect that is the case. This is how the homo sapiens machine works.

"Einstein? maybe he was lucky, but surely he was not smarter than me!" They say in their heads. Continue reading "As a man is, so he sees"

From the limited perspective of the human mind…


From the limited perspective of the human mind... 1

This has been one of the most valuable phrases I have ever used... (I learned it from Robert Scheinfeld 23 years ago... I have been at this for a long long time)

Currently, as I play the Big Bundle energy straight into my ear, I have been going foggy, dizzy, nauseous, blanked out... with some regularity. Continue reading "From the limited perspective of the human mind…"

I am about to learn the next piece of the puzzle of how to get you unstuck


This article may be short, maybe long... but I am intending it to be an ever growing piece.

I may be different from you, but I don't think so.

I think every person, you, behave like you know everything there is to know to do what you want to do. And what you don't know is ignored as if it didn't exist... until, of course, what you want to do isn't getting done with what you know.

Or if you do manage to do it, it doesn't produce the result you hoped it would, you were told it would... OR the result DOESN'T LAST... The flash in the pan phenomenon I have seen in Landmark Education, or with the stuck students of mine, maybe you.

Lots of examples can be listed from all areas of life, not just success. Continue reading "I am about to learn the next piece of the puzzle of how to get you unstuck"

Could you get smarter with my methods?


... as it turns out, I can answer this question... at least whether your hardware is capable to run better and faster...

For a number of years I marketed a program that promised to make you smarter. Forgot its name... something Genius in the name of it. I don't know if it worked or not... probably not.

When I checked who were the people who clicked over to the page, and every visitor was from outside of the Western world...

I always pondered why that was... Continue reading "Could you get smarter with my methods?"