Breaking into a new field… how to do it right… or wrong

breaking into a new careerUpdated on April 17, 2018

It seems that many people have learned a profession they don't like. And many people don't have a profession and are afraid to pick one.

In yesterday's money workshop we had both kinds...

Interestingly there was some commonality in the underlying attitudes.

One attitude was something I could call stingy, but it may not be the right word.

The commonality was: I want certainty BEFORE I'd do anything out of the box. Continue reading "Breaking into a new field… how to do it right… or wrong"

Get Your Brain Unstuck

I love the analogy of the winding mountain pass where an unsuspecting motorist happens on a car wreck in the middle of the two-lane road.

His options are to drive into the solid rock on the left, into the abyss on the right, into the wreck in the middle... or to slow down and drive around the wreck. Slowly.

My numbers show that 99.5% of them will not even consider slowing down and driving around the wreck. It doesn't even occur to them as a possibility.

Because, obviously, testing people on winding mountain roads is not in my budget, I do the next best thing. People's response to bad news.

This article is about the two main ways we deal with life. Where we put our efforts, where we put our attention... they both express our attitude quite precisely... and how can brain plasticity rescue you... from yourself.

When I click "send" the Starting Point Measurements, I admit, I don't know what to expect.

I know what I have been getting, but the past is not a reliable predictor of the future. Continue reading "Get Your Brain Unstuck"

Stoic vs. Epicurean… Will you get unstuck from the desire trap.

Imagining, the desire trap is an Epicurean way of living. You imagine what you want, enjoy the pleasures from it, and never invest in a future where you could actually have, in reality, what you wanted.

I just finished Step 10 of the 67 steps... this is my tenth, maybe eleventh round through the 67 audios. It's given me, so far 26 months of being light on my feet... instead of flat footed.

I have changed a lot in these 26 months. I changed, but more importantly, what I see, what I CAN see has changed. Continue reading "Stoic vs. Epicurean… Will you get unstuck from the desire trap."

My own unstuck myself technique I use as many times as I am stuck, or see a client stuck

...Whether for myself, or for a client, whether in health, wealth, relationships, or spirituality...

The method has been asking a different question.

A different question unstucks your fixed view of the world, the fixed view that gives you what you are struggling with.

If you consider that everything you have now, is the result of what you know/what you see, then if you want to make any change, big or small, you have to turn your eyes away from what you know, and look around.

This is, by the way, why walking is so useful for high achievers: when you go outside your eyes naturally look at more than just what your mind is focusing on... and you have a chance to unstuck your view.
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Your dance card is full… and your life is empty and meaningless. What will you do?

I woke up drenched in sweat from a dream this morning.

I was in a diner. I shared the table with someone... I took out a credit card to pay. I went to the cash register, and I didn't have my card... in fact, all my cards and my cash were gone.

Scary, isn't it? Lots of phone calls... all my accounts were emptied... But eventually I got above the dark cloud, regained my coherence and started thinking: am I doomed forever?

And I saw that I have assets... and I can get back to my computer and write an email, and I have money.

I built my assets for decades... and now they are there.

What about you? What assets have you built? What lasting things have you done?

What can you count to still have value after decades of your life?

One of the most ignored and most useful advice I have ever read comes from Warren Buffet, his 20 slot Rule.

It talks to stock investors, but it can be easily interpreted as an overall advice for a life well lived.

How do you know if you live your life well... is your life is a well lived life? Continue reading "Your dance card is full… and your life is empty and meaningless. What will you do?"

The Dark Side… is there a Dark Side? and if there is… what is it?

In my view, there is no god, there are no angels, entities, and such. There is also no devil, no hell, no heaven, no afterlife.

But, because humans even on this level of evolution where we are, can create stuff with their thoughts... gods and angels and entities and other stuff.

So at this point (it may change in the future if research and experiments reveal stuff I am not seeing now) my theory is that there is Dark Side and it is created by humans. It's all thoughts.

Now, with that said, where does it come from what I say, that the voices you hear in your head are the Dark Side? Or the memes...

Because I say that.

So, what do I consider Dark Side? Continue reading "The Dark Side… is there a Dark Side? and if there is… what is it?"

If fear rules you and your life… Here is a strategy to reclaim your self and your life

flight. the spirit is only interested there be flyingMost people, to one degree or another, are ruled by fear. Most of that fear is fear of nothing-in-particular, just fear. And some of that fear is being afraid of getting hurt, of being laughed at, of looking foolish, of making a mistake, of losing face.

But fear is fear, and on the horizontal plane, for the horizontal self, there is nothing more important than to listen to the fear and avoid doing anything that awakens fear.

Result: your life is stagnant, your self-respect is disappearing, and you shrink, and shrink. It doesn't feel good.

Fear is getting stronger, and you are getting weaker.

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Should you struggle or should you live?

I had an insight last night when I checked my tongue in the mirror.

The insight wasn't about my tongue. It wasn't even about my health. It was about how in spite of all I can laugh, and crack up, and be a total disruption to ... something.

The insight was, that I was always that way. I never realized.

Every time I was the ham, or I was the jokester, or I was the disruption, I looked at it as if I saw it for the first time.

And last night, suddenly I saw a life that was full of clowning, and joking, and back-talking, and just plain being raucous.

Wow, talk about a surprise. Because if this is true, and because this is my nature, and because it is fun... maybe I could commit to it...

OK... the rest of the article may seem discontinuous, but it isn't... trust me.

OK, here we go:
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What you see… is it reality?

The view is different from the foot of the mountain than from the top

One of the weird thing about humans that they are stuck in their limited view of reality.

They don't even suspect that there is a different view from different points.

This is why almost every otherwise worthless therapist or coach can cause temporary results... because all they need to learn is to ask you to look a different way, through a different perspective, and voilà... magic happens.

The problem is that when you are left to your own devices, you rarely if ever think to activate the magic. The magic that is magical, but isn't magic.

Things look different from different perspectives, because that is what perspective means. Duh.

And because your life is given by what you see, if you are stuck, which seems to me is always, all you need to do is change the perspective.

I hardly know anyone who volunteers to do that. Continue reading "What you see… is it reality?"

You are not learning. What does the culture teach you, tell you, so that you end up not learning?

iceberg of your identity: the hidden dimensions

This is a great question, if you have curiosity the capacity turned on. This is an even greater question for you if you have been trying to learn, by signing up to my programs, or buying a capacity from me, and you are failing.

Here is the statement I paid more than 20 thousand dollars for, taken an airplane some 20 times, slept in a hotel 20 times, and got nothing else from the courses and programs I paid for...

But this sentence is worth the 20 grands it cost me to get it.

Here is the magic sentence: "When something isn't working... there is something you don't know."

The sentence is brilliant... and yet it won't work for 99% of the people...
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