Your complaints: What is the source of your misery?

paradise lost your complaintsI have been pondering a student’s email all morning.

Today I was observing as the machine isn’t interested in going through a process to win: it prefers winging it… Go directly to the top, or zig-zag… with no rhyme and reason.

And then… suddenly, uninvited, a series of connected memories surfaced.

The the captivating story of a 13 year old killing his abusive father, becoming a cross-dresser… pondering if homosexuality is genetic, or imprinted (brain plasticity). I think about the Royals’ sexual behavior. I think about the beautiful enchantress becoming pockmarked from smallpox… to yet another movie’s heroine, face marred with smallpox… rejected by many, and accepted by the one she loved.

And at that I cried.

The insight: the crying, came from a ‘wrong’ I experienced as a child. Continue reading “Your complaints: What is the source of your misery?”

If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, does it mean…

dysfunctional familyOK, you… I hope you are waiting with baited breath to read all the things the dysfunctional family did to you… so you finally have an excuse for being the way you are.

A dullard
A never do well
An argumentative little sh!t
A know it all
Sneaky bastard
A User
A Taker
A weakling trying to look strong by throwing your weight around
An abuser (a thing or people)
A follower, a second-hander
A cowardly little sh!t
Entitled slighted angry black hole

Oh, my judgmental (Virgo) self is coming out to have fun here… Continue reading “If you grew up in a dysfunctional family, does it mean…”

Don’t believe your press. good, bad, it will get you stuck

you are god's gift says your press... don't believe itDon’t believe your press… It will get you stuck, or even destroy you.

In my observation most people who go bankrupt, or lose their job, or get demoted, are surprised… they believed their high, the press, will last forever.

Follows my observations of people believing their press.

Please note: I am not judging, I am observing and assessing… Judgment is not what I do… Continue reading “Don’t believe your press. good, bad, it will get you stuck”

Is ego physical? Energetic? Spiritual? Woowoo? WTF is ego?

egoI spent the last two hours working on the page that explains what the starting point measurement numbers mean about you.

And, almost predictably, today’s Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams addresses some of those. No coincidences in the world… if you have a wide enough cone of vision you’ll know that.

Yesterday, Sunday I spent 90 minutes on my Sunday call with Mike, a dude who is about as different from me as a person can get, politically, spiritually, intellectually, in every way.

It got really bad during the Trump administration… and hadn’t I managed to change myself, it would be really bad now.

I am neither liberal nor conservative. I care about everyone… but I am not into giving favors to anyone. Neither the needy nor the greedy. About 10% of the USA population is like me… Caught in the middle. Continue reading “Is ego physical? Energetic? Spiritual? Woowoo? WTF is ego?”

How the hamster method helps you win and makes you a winner

we'll use the who and the what to growDo you want to be a winner or you prefer winning every argument, every task, everything? Both? OK. Use winner and winning like two walls the hamster uses to climb to the top.

With it, in no time you’ll become someone who wins consistently, and a winner

When I was in my last two years in high school, I did all my school work between 11 pm and 4 am. I got up when my parents went to bed, and the house got quiet.

The King David method… by the way. The way King David lived and worked.

My brother had a hamster… Continue reading “How the hamster method helps you win and makes you a winner”

Seeing: a Metaskill that will raise your vibration

new eyes to see...I am reading the  book Metaskills.

I am reading it for you and for me.

This book has given me a big insight… and ultimately a breakthrough, though we shall see… like with everything, on the long run.

OK, let me start at the beginning.

Most books are either easy or difficult to read. Why? I just found out.

This book, the Metaskills was alternating between easy to read and difficult to read.

At some point it felt like thick mud I needed to wade through.

Why? I had no idea how what he was talking about was connecting to what the book was supposedly about.

I am nearly certain that this happens to you too. The thought is “What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?” or some other dismissive thought.

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You don’t see… and you don’t even see that you don’t see

you don't seeYou don’t see… and you don’t even suspect there is anything to see

Almost all the things you want are there, already, but you can’t see… They are not hidden, they are in plain view, but you look straight at them, and to you they are invisible.

What the F… right? Continue reading “You don’t see… and you don’t even see that you don’t see”