The core influence exercise of Frank Kern

This post is a summary of the presentation of Frank Kern about Core Influence.

This is really powerful EXERCISE for everyone. It will definitely change the way of you relate to yourself and your life.

What is your Core Influence?

When you interface with “your crowd” core to core… heart to heart, and this is what you want them to do… interface with you heart to heart… If you do that they will do almost anything.

How to make lots of people do almost anything Continue reading “The core influence exercise of Frank Kern”

Your current core identity. Is it serving you well?

Your current core identity. How to find it, how to build a better one?

I have written in a previous post that I discovered that my hidden identity is ‘worthless piece of junk = unwanted’. I use the word junk, because this expression is a translation from my native Hungarian. In the original the expression is closer to ‘nothing’ than anything, by the way. But in English, I am afraid, that won’t communicate. ‘I am nothing’, does it communicate? It doesn’t seem to have the same emotional impact on me…

From time to time I notice it ‘informing my mood, informing my actions.’

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Power tools: Human Evolution is powered by hate

Power tools: Human Evolution is powered by hate

I searched google to see what others have to say. But every article, every site only talked about the physical evolution, and none talked about the inner evolution: where humans conquer their animal nature and truly become human.

And the sites, books, etc. that talked about spiritual evolution, all touted love as the strongest energy to cause it. But love is only available AFTER a considerable level of spiritual evolution is achieved. Until that point what we call love is craving, lust, urge, but not love.

Whereas hate is readily available. Not hate of another. Not hate of another human, or group. No. Hate of not being enough. Hate of stupidity, bad feelings, misery. Continue reading “Power tools: Human Evolution is powered by hate”

The art of getting what you want. Learn it! And then USE it!

I really want you to come to my Moneyroots workshop. Now you know.

Does it mean you’ll come?

Given that I am begging… probably not.

But what else can I do?

Well, there is a process… a proven, count-on-able process I have learned 35 years ago… and have been neglecting nowadays… So yeah, there is a process to get you to come to a class I consider important… and whether you come or not is really up to me.

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The fraudulent promises to change your core beliefs

Do you think that the words spoken in your head are your beliefs?

What words? you say.

That ‘what words?’ was two of them. The words are spoken in your head.

There is a whole lot of talking that seems to be going on in your head, and if you think it is you, then they accomplished what they intended: you become a puppet on word-strings.

There is no such thing as a belief, and those words are NOT belief.

Don’t believe me? Just add words consciously, and see how much difference they make. None, that’s how much. Continue reading “The fraudulent promises to change your core beliefs”

Power Tools for living a life you love & live it powerfully

yeah, power tools… or power skills?

But beware… these tools are not for everybody. If you are not up to anything, if you have no ambition, nothing to need power tools for, then power tools are not for you. Complacency and power tools don’t go together… OK, I said it.

What is the difference between an article that has ‘ten things to do to have a happy life‘ and another article that has ‘power tools for a powerful life‘?

Tricky question…

In the hand of a MacGyver a paper clip is a power tool to get out of a jam, or to open a handcuff. But it is not a power tool for a powerful life. Continue reading “Power Tools for living a life you love & live it powerfully”

I have wasted so much money over the years!

If I could turn it back into money, all the things I bought that didn’t bring me any benefit, my expenses would be covered for a year, maybe more.

That is a lot of time I wasted, because I work for my money. Every penny of it.

For about a decade I owned a magazine that catered to adult entertainment. So I had a chance to observe. Observe the men who showered money on it, and entertainers who showered the same money on dudes who put it up their noses.

In this week’s Borowitz Report Andy Borowitz says: U.S.A. the Envy of World After Ten Billion Dollars in Campaign Ads Changes Almost Nothing. Continue reading “I have wasted so much money over the years!”

Depending on how you look at something, it has many facets

What you see is what you see. What someone sees when they look at what you are looking at, likely that they will see something else.

Some two decades ago I participated in a two-hour workshop where the leader began with asking the audience what color the notepad she held in her hand was… Obviously it was white. And every moron could see that it was white.

But then she flipped it over, and now we saw her side, and it was brown cardboard… Darn…

I just learned something. I have stopped arguing then and there… Continue reading “Depending on how you look at something, it has many facets”

It’s not in what direction you start but how you take turns

I was reading a Lee Goldberg book, Fast Track, about illegal car racing in Los Angeles. (In the movie it is some German town, not Los Angeles…)

One of the drivers says: it is not how fast the car is… it is the driver that matters.
It is not how fast you can drive, it is the turns that make the winner.

It is a principle…

An object already in motion can change direction. But an object at rest cannot be easily turned into the ‘right’ direction. Continue reading “It’s not in what direction you start but how you take turns”

Is your theory about how life works accurate? Does it work?

When I was really small, I remember my feet didn’t reach to the floor, I remember sitting on the toilet pondering how you slap people.

To my utter surprise, when it came to doing it, I did it quite naturally. Gracefully? Probably not. But I did it. Without thinking.

It taught me something: how you do something starts with actually doing it. And then you can modify, improve, change… but you know how to do it… at least badly. Continue reading “Is your theory about how life works accurate? Does it work?”