What causes disease: a lack of ease, feeling bad? Can your health measurements answer that question?

health measurements show the 90%, the invisibleI have a number of people who subscribe to getting their health measurements monthly.

Today I measured four of those. I played Freecell in between to cleanse my system.

Of what? Of the previous person’s energy.

This cleansing serves two purposes: 1. I won’t accidentally remain connected to the person I just measured 2. I steel myself to the experience of being them.


Yeah… When I am connected to you, I am, physically and emotionally merged with you. My brain, luckily isn’t, that’s why I can stay connected to Source, that’s why I can measure stuff about you. Continue reading “What causes disease: a lack of ease, feeling bad? Can your health measurements answer that question?”

What is the lesson that if you learned it your light could shine?

not too old to learn the lessonIt seems that there is a lesson to learn to all of us. The lesson that most of us never learn.

A few years ago, OK, I just looked it up: exactly 10 years ago I bought a bunch of books written by L. Ron Hubbard of Dianetics and Scientology fame.

I ended up reading only one of them halfway, watching a video, and leafing through another book.

I don’t like to be influenced much, and I especially don’t like to speak ‘Tree of Knowledge’ stuff… repeating what others said.

As a young woman, still a student, I lived with a philosophy student whose father was a famous philosopher. They had ‘classes’ every Sunday… he, his two brothers, and his father. My friend, Bundi wasn’t a thinker. His middle brother was. The brother has a Wikipedia entry, my friend is long forgotten. Continue reading “What is the lesson that if you learned it your light could shine?”

I want to explore the state of soaring more… if you don’t mind

naked cleaner and state of soaringThere are authors of books and courses, gurus who seem to walk a foot off the ground. Then they turn around and ‘document’ what they are doing, what they did to accomplish what they did… NOT!

My first experience of this whole idea of not teaching what you did to enter connecting, or soaring, or whatever you want to call it, was with Vianna Stibal…

This woman published two books, has ‘trained’ hundreds of teachers to be theta healers.

I was intrigued. I did his exercises from his books and they worked… except where he teaches how to connect.

Then one time I found a video where she teaches it.

My naked cleaner was there that day, and I called him over. I gave him the headphones to watch the youtube video, and I watched the screen with him. Continue reading “I want to explore the state of soaring more… if you don’t mind”

Integrity: Anything less than all is not good enough. Life is unforgiving…

integrityThe invisible dynamic of integrity

Less than a year after I graduated, I worked in this company, walking distance from my home.

I didn’t know that I was an empath at the time. I only learned it some 30 years later. I only knew that I felt that a building under construction was going to collapse.

It was an office building on the corner of my street and a big street… forgot its name. I haven’t been there almost 39 years.

So one day I walked home to get lunch. On my way back I actually saw  the building collapse. The streets were closed for weeks… No one got hurt: the crew was out to lunch. Continue reading “Integrity: Anything less than all is not good enough. Life is unforgiving…”

Why some cultures honor the soaring eagle as their symbol?

soaring methodAre you in harmony with Life? If you aren’t, you likely cannot soar… And soaring is the key to living a life worth living. This article shows what’s in the way and suggests how to remove what prevents you from soaring.

This article is a meandering journal entry: just walk with me… it will be worth your while. I promise.

The more in tune you are with the Universe, inner or outer, the more what I am going to share here applies to you.

My core group students are going through the grief of what it was like to be a child with a violent father, or a father who didn’t like the way you were, or having been an unplanned unwanted pregnancy…

The deeper you can go into the despair of it, the easier it is going to be to create a new name for you… and to create a new reality around that new person. Continue reading “Why some cultures honor the soaring eagle as their symbol?”

You are the anchor of the world that keeps it fixed. When you soar…

you soar reality changeThe world seems to be fixed… We call reality what everyone agrees about… but is it fixed? It turns out that when you soar reality changes with you. I am talking about real change… both you and reality…

It’s Friday. Friday is my day off… which doesn’t mean I won’t write an article. A day off is a feeling. I can do anything I want… and I’ll do what I’ll do. Probably work more than on a normal day… but I may watch some funny police procedurials… Ask me tomorrow… I have no plans. I never really do plan… Why? Because ‘having to’ is a disempowering context for me, and I shy away from it.

And when I am disempowered, I am listless, testy, don’t wanna… not fun to have around… Ugh… Continue reading “You are the anchor of the world that keeps it fixed. When you soar…”

Psychopathy will prevent you from soaring…

psychopathy will stop you from soaring, will make the world fixedIn this article we’ll look how psychopathy will stop you from soaring by making you, the center of the world fixed, unchangeable. And unless you can change…

Don’t be mistaken: Source’s definition of psychopathy doesn’t quite agree with the common view… I listen to Source, not the common view.

Long time ago clients are suddenly interested in participating again… clients that I hadn’t heard from for many years.

And somehow I managed to talk to their soul… and the soul told them to get off their butt and do something about their life.

Because don’t be mistaken, life is not kind to anyone, and it continues to be unkind if you continue living exactly the way you have always lived. Continue reading “Psychopathy will prevent you from soaring…”