Information is like milk. It tends to go bad over time

information is like milk... soured-milkInformation, possibility, attitude, skill, capacity… they are all, in one way or another, are information, and they do behave like milk. They go sour… useless… bad.

You may want to ask the question before you research, buy, ask questions: ‘am I doing this just in case I’ll need it later or am I doing this because I need this to move forward right now.’

The first is probably what you have been doing, wanting to raise your vibration, getting well, finding an activator, getting in shape. And while you are doing it, your life, your relationships, your work are suffering, because what you are doing is not

This is one of the key aspects of being strategic in your business, your job, your relationship, your health, your life. It allows you to do less while getting more. Of focusing on only the things that are absolutely necessary.

In my 26 years in Landmark Education, a great life experience for me, I noticed that the people who came in with the ‘just in time’ attitude, wanting that piece of the puzzle that was missing for them, right then and there… never came back to do more courses.

Instead they went out and did what they needed to do to put that little piece of the puzzle to the area where they needed.
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Children. All become stupid, ugly grown-ups

“Intelligence is the inborn capacity to see, to perceive. Every child is born intelligent, then made stupid by the society. We educate him in stupidity. Sooner or later he graduates in stupidity.
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The ground of your being… The dance floor of your life

the-grounds-of-your-being-unfixableThe ground of your being is the dominant way you be… to which you return, like returning home.

Religion, spiritual teachers have been duping you. They say that the ground of your being is “being a spiritual being, having a human experience.” That is horse shit, and largely the reason no one has been able to carve out an enjoyable life with that principle.

Some issues cannot be fixed. One such issue is your identity, the identity you built and have been polishing. The ground of your being. The dance floor of your life.

When I ask you what you are most proud of about yourself, we get into the neighborhood of your identity.

According to Landmark Education, in distinct and precise moments in your life, when who you were wasn’t enough, wasn’t good enough, you resorted to a way of being that actually got you out of the pickle.
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Updated: Happyness vs happiness, being vs. doing

life is a journey 2Happyness and happiness

I just looked at the cover of the book The Pursuit of Happyness and it hit me that the difference between those two words is:
the first, happyness is the journey, your beingness and
the second, happiness is the destination.

“It is not about the destination, it is about the journey…” you repeat… good boy, but you don’t know what you are talking about. Literally, you can explain it, you can even visualize it, and yet, you have no clue what that means, because it is counter-cultural. And because your beingness is firmly vested in a jumping… no work necessary paradigm.

In a culture of goal setting, in a culture of competition, success is the only thing that matters (to others, in the world, in the culture…) and you ate that b.s., hook, line and sinker. And you are trapped… but you don’t have to stay that way.

Let me explain in this article the art of being on the journey, in beingness, and fully appreciating it, fully enjoying it.
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The importance of being: who you are being, from where it all comes, your actions, your feelings, your results

attitude is a state of being. All actions come from it.It’s obvious to me: I am not succeeding in conveying the importance of being.

And another thing is starting to get clear: everything we think about attitudes is off… sometimes a lot, other times a little.

So I am going to muse here for a bit, a see if I can make more sense of it, for you.

Attitude is a being phenomenon. It is not mental, it is not emotional, it is not intellectual. It is a state of being.

Now, being in a state of being has gotten a misleading interpretation, namely that it’s a good thing. But being in a state of being is neutral. It is natural, you are always in a state of being.

But you can look at the being and tell if it is a high vibration being or a low vibration being.

Your being is invisible to you, like water is for the fish. It is visible to others.

Because it is invisible, you don’t know about it.

So you go to what you know about, your thoughts and your feelings.

But your thoughts and feelings are often very far from where your being is.
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My experiment with increasing my Life Force, Part One

As you may have read, I discovered that my Life Force, the capacity to grow, has nearly diminished.

In this article I will report to you my own experience of trying to increase a capacity through working on it. Essentially the same kind of work I am asking you to do.

What is present, by the way, is fear. Intense fear. Fear of failure, fear of finding out that I am full of crap.

Now, you need to know that I have the detached capacity, so I am observing it and feeling it at the same time. What is there between the Observer and the feeling is an attitude of curiosity: the curiosity of a researcher. And maybe the curiosity of a kid looking at a bug, and enjoying saying: Grooooooss.

I also take the Unconditional Love Activator in my water, all day… allowing me to see and love myself with all my failings, all my faults, all my mistakes.

I can see that fear would hold back anyone who doesn’t have the capacity for being detached, standing in their Observer position, where you don’t have to take all your feelings seriously, from where a feeling is not often relevant.
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They say: you are either growing or you are dying… but how do you go from dying into growing again?

You can plan for survival, or you can plan for growth

The most important difference, from your point of view is this:

When you plan for survival, every setback threatens you with death, or poverty, or lack, or illness.

When you plan for growth, every setback is a new opportunity to use your skills to now grow from this new level.

The natural tendency is to want to shrink when you feel threatened. To withdraw, to cut your losses, to run. every fiber of your being wants to run, or return to the fetal position.

Like in many things, the natural tendency is not what works.

If the natural tendency has always won, there would be no intelligent life on the planet… only maybe bacteria.

All growth, all evolution, all advancement is the result of overcoming the natural tendency.

Shrink until it is comfortable again.

Sabotage, lie, pretend…

Comfortable. The opposite of growth. The first step of living life for survival.

It feels so natural, you don’t even notice until you almost hit bottom.
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